Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

6) Chapter 29.1 ♬

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Chapter 29: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.4)


Translator: Mimi

At this side, Chu came out of the carriage and immediately rushed into Yangzhou City, then went toward Bailu building’s direction.

Jianghu was really dangerous, each one of full-level’s people were actually want to kill him, this fifteen-level swordsman!

“Little Beauty~ Where are you going so anxious?” Chu Ci just stepped on the bridge over the moat, when a familiar voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes and continued to rush into Yangzhou City without looking back.

However, he didn’t run a few steps, before the white clothed man appeared above his head, and then landed in front of Chu Ci.

The same routine and the same dress.

Chu Ci could only stand still, he was impatiently leaning on his waist and waiting for the white clothed man to finish.

Didn’t anyone tell this person that he looks very unattractive?

After the white clothed man stood on the ground with his back to Chu Ci, he blocked half of his face with the fan, and then slowly turned his head in a self-righteous way. When he saw the face of the person standing behind him, he paused, as the expression on his face changed.

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and he immediately brushed past beside his body. He really wanted to teach this man how to flirt.

At this moment a huge picture suddenly appeared in the sky.

Chu Ci couldn’t help but widen his eyes. This picture was exactly the picture when he just dug the seven colored glass, which was obviously taken without his knowledge. But the technique of that person was very good, the whole face was very clear.

[World] Mysterious Person: This person is Chu Ci, seeing from the reported coordinates, the thing is six-four points.

[World] Good Wish: It’s too deranged to openly rob a fifteen-level swordsman.

Chu Ci’s original narcissistic heart suddenly thumped and fell to the bottom in an instant. he absolutely didn’t expect that there was also this kind of operation in this game. He originally still thought that without friends he still could walk sideways after going out, and now it seemed that if Chui Yan doesn’t cover him, it may be impossible.

[Yun Sheng request to add you as a friend, accept or reject?]

[Ninth Heaven request to add you as a friend, accept or reject?]

[Break Up request to add you as a friend, accept or reject?]


As soon as the bounty came out, a row of friend applications popped up before Chu Ci’s eyes, and Chu Ci refused all of them.

Let you know where I’m later? I’ll not allow it!

[World] Peaceful: It’s actually a beauty?

[World] Blizzard: After a look, it’s precisely a little beauty dressed as a man.

[World] Red Moon: Since it’s Little Beauty, I can help you. [Chu Ci] If you want to join me, you can private chat me. I don’t want your stuff, I just help my wife!

[World] Inside Little Farm: Red Moon, don’t you like Yi’s Dream, change heart so fast?

[World] Red Moon: Everyone loves beauty.

[World] White Swordsman: Chu Ci is in Yangzhou City!

The last one made Chu Ci’s eyelids jump. He suddenly turned his head to look behind him, and found that the white clothed man raised his chin and smiled disgustingly at him.

It was really this person.

Chu Ci didn’t have time to chat with this person who was not that great in look and personality, as he quickly ran up to Yangzhou City.

Bailu building, Bailu building, he didn’t ignore their chat in the World just a moment ago. Isn’t he precisely Chui Yan’s friend? He just has it!

Chui Yan, Chui Yan, I have been chased for you. If you didn’t accept me as a disciple then it would be too excessive ah.

After rushing into Yangzhou City, Chu Ci immediately ran towards Bailu building. Someone constantly running in behind him. He didn’t know if they had come to kill him, and just bowed his head and rushed in a direction.

[Red Moon request to add you as a friend, accept or reject?]

Suddenly another message popped out on the screen.

Chu Ci snorted in his heart and directly refused. I have Bailu building, your guild by no means rare.

Chu Ci had just entered Bailu building, before a group of masked man that chased behind his back came over, but when they wanted to enter Bailu building, they all seemed to hit transparent wall.

[World] Mysterious Person: What? Chu Ci actually Chui Yan’s game friend.

[World] Butterfly Thousand Lily: ???

[World] Blizzard: Worshipping Ou Emperor, he actually won over even the big shot?

[World] Wen Yu: Could it be that she is Chui Yan’s girlfriend?

[World] Yi’s Dream: You’re think too much, how could Chui Yan let his girlfriend be hunted down in the game alone?

After Chu Ci determined that he was safe, he was too lazy to care about that group of people in black clothes which face couldn’t be see. He was leisurely sitting on the chair in Bailu building, as he looked at the people’s discussing in the World. He was not high enough to make statement in the world, so he could only watch in silence.

Yi’s Dream’s words made him nodded his head, and then sighed faintly. The real girlfriend doesn’t dare to admit it. Truly a strange world. Is that Intoxicated Heart so good?

As he went into hiding, the World channel returned to calm.

Chu Ci was reclining boringly on a chair to study various items. Chu Ci’s body has not been repaired, so he couldn’t go offline, nor he could leave Bailu building. Although the pursuit was blocked by a ** at the back door and regained the tranquil, but who knew whether there will be someone ambushed there.

Anyway, all the items has been dug, it was better to sit here and waiting for the target to go online.

As time slowly passed, Chu Ci found that one could enter a forum dedicated to the players of Dream Back, where players were discussing gossip posts and various guides of the game.

Chu Ci realized that there was something like Yirong Pellet in the game. It allowed players to temporarily change to another gender, but it couldn’t change the appearance, which increased the fun of the game.

No wonder those people think he was a woman.

Chu Ci felt proud, this showed that his current appearance was good-looking, and he has always been confident in his own aesthetic.

There were a lot of gossip about Chui Yan on the forum. Chu Ci turned over one by one. If he wanted to settle this person, he has to understand him first. However, Chui Yan apparently quite mysterious. A lot of things just other people’s guesses, the real thing was very few, only knew that his business mind was very good, from being a nobody, slowly becoming the richest man in Dream Back. In contrast, Yi’s Dream has more gossip. She mixed in the game was good and quite high-profile, there were many people who like her. Although she was still together with Intoxicated Heart, but guild master of second-ranked guild in Dream Back, Red Moon, has been pursuing her constantly. But Intoxicated Heart doesn’t mind it, instead he cherished Yi’s Dream more.

Just as he was about to read more, a figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of Bailu building.

Chu Ci lightly glanced back before quickly withdrew his line of sight. That person must be come to kill him.

Anyway no one can get in when Chui Yan was still not online.

That person stopped at the entrance for a while, before walked in.

“Are you Chu Ci?”

Chu Ci frozen, and then put the forum away. He found that the person who had just stood at the entrance was actually entered the room.

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