My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

53 – That System,〈Fish〉

The surroundings flooded with a blue magical light.

Within the light, Miloulle’s shadow warped into a grotesque that.

Before long, when the magical light split open and disappeared, there was a single fishwoman.

“……Uh, umm… H-Half-fishwoman…?”

Tatsumi, who was being supported by Calcedonia, saw the figure, and he let out those words.

“T-That’s《Beast Transformation》type magic… So this is the《Fishwoman Transformation》that was just said…?”

Once again, Calcedonia tilted her head from being unable to understand.

“…This system is probably a kind of lower derivation of the〈Water〉system, and it would appear to be the〈Fish〉system, but…”

“I’ve heard of higher derivations, but things like lower derivations also existed… Besides,〈Fish〉…”

Tatsumi, whose upper body woke up, was troubled whether that could really be called a system.

If one looked closely, the wreckage of the clothing that Miloulle was wearing was scattering about near where the fishwoman transformed Miloulle was.

At the time when the transformation to a fishwoman occurred, her clothes and whatever else she was wearing on her body burst off because the size didn’t grow to fit the transformed body.

Perhaps it wouldn’t tear if the size didn’t grow to fit, and it possibly broke because of the mana that got released when she transformed into a fishwoman.

For this reason, Miloulle tossed her stuff away beforehand, and her old comrade’s possessions were given to Calcedonia for safekeeping.

When Tatsumi was thinking such a thing, he turned to look at the fishwoman with no facial expression.

The fishwoman’s misshapen and slightly large head went up and down. She was thanking tatsumi, who prepared for the situation.

When the fishwoman turned to the giant snow lizard for the second time, the fishwoman—no, Miloulle—ran out towards the giant snow lizard like a flying arrow.

Only one chance.

That’s the words that Tatsumi and Calcedonia told her, and Miloulle thought it was going like that.

Here, she failed to bring down the giant snow lizard, and, when the beast let her escape, it would be hard to capture this magic beast the second time.

—So, this was a victory decided in one breath.

Miloulle, who looked determined, kicked the ground fiercely and rushed over to the giant snow lizard.

This was completely like a fish in water. She was using inhuman speeds, which Tatsumi using《Acceleration》couldn’t approach and surpassed the speed of the giant snow lizard.

In the time it takes to say, “ah,” Miloulle killed the distance between her and the opponent. Taking the chance, she jumped in and swung her strong, sharp fins that sprouted from both of her wrists to her elbows. This fin, for sure, was the weapon of the fishwoman-transformed Miloulle.

Even though Tatsumi was slashing at the beast for a long time, he could only inflict scratches on the giant snow lizard’s scales. To those tenacious scales, Miloulle easily ripped them apart.

Dark blood was coming out of the giant snow lizard’s body, dying the remaining snow, in the area, with spots.

In a voice of agony, the giant snow lizard screamed, “Gii!”

And then, Miloulle was making big jumps to behind the beast at the same time. The hind legs of the grown giant snow lizard had to retreat its big body back by around ten meters in a single jump.

However, even with that, the distance between the two remained constant.

As the giant snow lizard fell back, Miloulle chased at even faster speeds.

For the second time, a “Gii!” escaped its mouth.

Was that yell for the chagrin of not being able to open the distance between the two, or the resentment of the opponent that was trying to injure itself?

The Miloulle that closed in upon the giant snow lizard swung her fins for the second time.

Her right fin cut very deeply into the giant snow lizard’s chest, and her left fin injured the magic beast’s right hind leg.


Up until now, the fishwoman’s speed and power were overwhelming.

It certainly didn’t compare to Tatsumi’s《Instant Transition》and《Acceleration》, but the fishwoman-transformed Miloulle’s speed was overwhelming.

And then, about that strength, it even surpassed Jadokh’s, who boasted of his strength, by a margin.

“S-So amazing, yet… why did Miloulle not want to talk about it?”

“Well, of course.”

The one that responded to Tatsumi’s question was Jadokh, who still had his back to them.

“Do you think that other people would want to see a girl in that appearance?”

“Uh, uhhh, I guess not…“

Saying that, Tatsumi agreed again.

A short and stout body, thin limbs, an expressionless fish-face, and scales that covered her entire body.

That figure was certainly far off from being called “cool” or “beautiful.” If one was to choose words to say to this, “queer” and “strange” are things that could be said.

A girl wouldn’t voluntarily expose such a figure to other people.

Furthermore, whenever this magic is used, she’ll become nude. As for that, there’s no mistake that’s the number one reason she won’t say it.

But, the fishwoman-transformed Miloulle is truly amazing.

Though the bad footing of the fallen snow was relieved, she had the agility to easily follow the giant snow lizard and the overwhelming power to rip apart the tenacious scales.

A dreadful soldier, who entirely has both speed and power. That is the current Miloulle.

“Now, Tatsumi-chan. You can’t also lose to Miloulle-chan, can you?”

Saying that, Jadokh presented the sword that Tatsumi dropped some time ago.

“Isn’t there one last task remaining?”

“…Yeah. Isn’t there.”

Tatsumi nodded to Jadokh. And then, he left his sweetheart, who was supporting him.

“Calsey. Just this much is okay. My strength recovered. In the end… my strength is the only thing that can annihilate the〈Devil〉.”

“Acknowledged, Husband.”

In response to Tatsumi’s request, Calcedonia started chanting an aria.

And then, when the aria was finished, Tatsumi’s strength was only a little, but it recovered.

The giant snow lizard’s anguished yell echoed in the surroundings.

The magic beast that had its right hind leg injured, drastically losing its mobility, was already not an opponent for Miloulle.

A whip-like strong tail was swung at her, but Miloulle easily cut that tail.

While waterfalls of blood spilled out from the cross-section of the tail, the giant snow lizard bared its sharp fangs and bit at the fishwoman’s body.

But, the pointed mouth that looked like a beak with fangs growing from it got ripped apart by the fishwoman’s back fin.

Against the giant snow lizard’s biting, Miloulle attacked it wholeheartedly with her back fin. In the end, the magic beast’s fang lost to the fishwoman’s back fin, and that beak-like mouth was torn.

Chest, right hind leg, tail, and then mouth. The giant snow lizard, who was being forced into bleeding a lot from various places on its body, shook violently.

At that time, the eyes on the fishwoman’s expressionless face shined momentarily.

When Miloulle lowered her posture and crawled under the giant snow lizard’s huge body, she swung her two hands in a way that it looked as if they were crossed.

Along with a slicing sound, the giant snow lizard’s right hind leg was cut and flew off.

Even if it was the giant snow lizard, it couldn’t stand with a leg gone.

A dou sound came from the ground where the giant snow lizard collapsed. The magic beast raised only its head, and when it saw how the surroundings looked, red reflected to its eyes from the scenery.

A fishwoman’s body that danced in midair. When the fishwoman curled up her body in the air, she started spinning forwards with a lot of force.

The erect back fin became completely like a chainsaw and aimed and fell down on the collapsed giant snow lizard’s body.

A “dosun” sound couldn’t be heard from the fall. Instead, a “gyariririn” strange sound that sounded like something was cut resounded throughout the area.

And then, a little later, a “sari” sound came from Miloulle descending lightly. And that sound’s true form was the small sound of the cut-off head of the giant snow lizard dropping on top of the snow.

“Tatsumi!!! I’ll entrust the finishing touches to you!!!”

Miloulle, who had her mana used up and her human body coming back, shouted. Naturally, she was currently nude, but there wasn’t spare time to cover up and feel embarrassed.

Responding to Miloulle’s voice, Tatsumi’s figure that was being propped up by Calcedonia disappeared.

It was clearly seen in his eyes—the eyes of the perceiver Tatsumi. A grotesque devil separating from the cut-off head of the giant snow lizard.

That appearance didn’t resemble the hungry demon from before; it was a demon’s figure of less than 30 centimeters for its whole body.

It didn’t have a horn on its large head, and its body and limbs were extremely small compared to its head.

Because that small demon saw Tatsumi suddenly appearing right before it’s eyes, it revealed a facial expression that looked like it was spasming. Most likely, compared to the〈Devil〉that fought Tatsumi before, the〈Devil〉of now’s level was low.

Taking advantage of the fact that it can’t be seen to humans, the〈Devil〉wanted to escape. But, the human who suddenly appeared right before it’s eyes was definitely staring fixedly at itself. There was no mistake that he was staring at itself. The tiny demon, in a hurry, noisily moved its small limbs. However, that movement speed was not fast enough.


Tatsumi, in silence, swung his sword that shined with a golden light. That golden sword easily tore apart the tiny demon’s small body without feeling any resistance.

Leaving behind a scream that only Tatsumi could hear, the tiny demon disappeared, looking as if it was dissolving into the air.

Tatsumi, who confirmed it earlier, put his sword back into the scabbard and looked back at his comrades.

They had an uneasy expression on their faces and were staring at Tatsumi fixedly.

At the same time that he was making a huge grin to his uneased comrades, he gave a thumbs up with his right hand.

And then, seeing that, they sighed in relief. The〈Devil〉got killed by Tatsumi.

Just after confirming confirming that his comrades’ facial expression brightened, Tatsumi’s body shook violently.

His mana and his physical strength were used until its utmost limits, and he already didn’t have the surplus to stand.

Tatsumi collapsed towards the ground. But, he never exchanged a deep embrace with the ground.

A certain person quickly rushed over to him and supported up his body.

That person was, of course, the girl that he loves────not.

Simply, that person, who was in a place closer to Tatsumi than Calcedonia, saw, hurriedly rushed up to, and supported the collapsing Tatsumi.

“────Thank you, Tatsumi. Thanks to you, I was able to take revenge for my comrades. Besides… I think you’re a little cool.”
Directly to Tatsumi’s ears, that person—Miloulle softly whispered so that only Tatsumi could hear.

To Tatsumi, who mastered〈Sky〉Magic that’s said to be a legend and fought against the giant snow lizard, Miloulle unintentionally felt an attraction.

However, whether or not those words reached Tatsumi was uncertain. Because, he lost his consciousness at that time since all his body strength dissipated.


From behind the two of them, a wordless scream sounded.

When Miloulle looked behind while supporting the Tatsumi who lost all feeling, Calcedonia was smiling hugely.

But, when she saw that smile, she felt like something cold was dripping down her back. Somehow.

Smiling, Calcedonia, without changing her expression, walked briskly up to Tatsumi and Miloulle, who was still supporting the unconscious Tatsumi.

And, when she went to Tatsumi and Miloulle’s side, she gently took Tatsumi from Miloulle.

“…A woman of marriageable age hugging a man in such an appearance? Ufufu.”

Calcedonia informed while smiling. But, Miloulle felt an indescribable force drifting around Calcedonia.

“S-Such an appearance? …Ha! N-Now that you say it…!!!”

While cold sweat came out because of the mysterious pressure, Miloulle repeated Calcedonia’s words and remembered her current appearance.

Under the effect of her magic, she was currently completely nude. With such an appearance, she was sharing a hug with a man of around the same age—it was truly just to support him, but—

Remembering her current state, Miloulle’s face turned a bright red.

“T-That’s it…!!! I’m nude right now…!!!”

When she hurriedly looked around, Eru was making a troubled expression while leaning against a tree, and Jadokh was shrugging as if he was amazed.

Keeping her flushed face, forgetting to cover her body, she hastily looked around.

“C-C-C-C-C-Clothes!!! M-My cloooooooothes!!!”

Miloulle noisily ran out on the snow. Her destination was the place back where she entrusted Calcedonia with her baggage.

“────Even if it’s hugging Husband, even if it’s getting hugged by Husband, it can only be me…!!!”

So, with puffed cheeks, Calcedonia whispered that in a voice that reached nobody’s ears.

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