Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

5) Chapter 49.1 ♬

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Chapter 49: I Became Eunuch (3.3)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci just turned his head and glanced at the door behind him, then sat there silently. He was angry and doesn’t want to pay attention to this person.

Moqi Sui waited in the door for a while before walked lonely into the room when no one answered him.

Chu Ci suddenly became more angry when he heard the leaving footsteps.

The way this person asked him to eat together was too unsincere. He actually just shouted once, and there was no sound again? He originally thought that if the target called a few more times, he might went in reluctantly.

Chu Ci decided to not tell a story or sleep here tonight.

He took a deep breath and persuaded himself to not argue with a child.

He only now discovered how angry it was that the target desperately liked someone who he shouldn’t.

Chu Ci looked up at the garden in front of him, and his mood eased a lot. The weather was good today. He just sat here to bask in the sun.


Chu Ci still thought of forgetting about such a day, when his stomach issued a protest. He then remembered that he didn’t eat. Because he forgot, so he directly rejected the target’s invitation when he was angry. At the moment, he was angry with himself.

He turned his head and looked at the closed door behind him and subconsciously swallowed down when he recalled the scent that he smelled before. He pursed his lips and got up to leave his post. The servant also have a dining room where they could eat, so he would go there to fill his stomach.

Chu Ci walked vigorously on the small road. The surroundings scenery were good, and his mood also followed became good. Thinking of himself had been so emotional and directly got angry with the target just a moment ago, he couldn’t help but somewhat regret it.

He began to silently hope that Moqi Sui would quickly forgot about it just like a child. After all, he still wanted to continue to court him.

To be honest, Moqi Sui may be his only joy in this world.

Chu Ci came to the door of the dining room. This was the gathering place of the eunuchs and the palace maids. It was a lot of lively, his depression and anger was completely eliminated by the lively atmosphere.

His sharp eyes saw Luo Mei in the crowd. This person was politely and flatteringly following another palace maid, whose face was full of pride.

He knew from An Ning’s memory that this palace maid called Ling Long. She was a person in the second prince’s palace.

Luo Mei obviously also saw him, and greeted him with a smile, “Hey, An Ning gonggong, is His Highness over there still well today?”

Seeing Luo Mei, Chu Ci raised his eyebrows, he didn’t have the previous enthusiasm.

Although the target just made him angry, but he was not happy if someone bullied him.

Chu Ci put on a fake smile and said, “Luo Mei, you have not attend to His Highness like this, are you not afraid that His Highness would blame you when he sober?”

“An Ning gonggong, it’s no wonder that you are still just a little ordinary eunuch at this age, you can’t see through it!” Luo Mei clearly doesn’t care about Chu Ci’s threat. She walked to his side and whispered, “It’s not that I don’t remind you. The emperor’s body is now in time lag. I heard that they are already discussing the matter of setting up another prince as the crown prince. I’m afraid that it won’t be long before His Highness the crown prince’s position is abolished. The second prince is the son of the current empress. He has a big potential to become the crown prince. What is the use of guard that fool? It’s better to get acquainted with the people in the second prince’s palace. You just needs to send him food and locked the gate after that every day.”

Chu Ci smiled and said, “Then I also remind you that His Highness is now slowly recovering. So long as His Highness is healthy one day, there are unlimited possibilities. You want to go to other palace and climb relationship is nothing, it’s better to first do your own affairs.”

Luo Mei snorted and no longer paid attention to Chu Ci, she went back to Ling Long’s side.

Moqi Sui was the child of the former empress. The current empress was the younger sister of the former empress. The emperor has a deep affection for the former empress, so he made the younger sister became the current empress.

After all, when mothers have their own children, they started to hope that their children could get the best, such as the throne.

Chu Ci hurriedly finished his food and rushed back to the Bie Courtyard. Although he knew that Moqi Sui would return to normal, he couldn’t help but feel distressed. The anger he had before was completely gone now.

He frowned when he saw the door of the Bie Courtyard was open.

“Who came to see the target again?”

With the last experience, Chu Ci quietly approached the gate and listened to the movement inside first.

“Can Imperial Big Brother be bored here?” The voice was sound familiar, that was precisely the voice of the man who hooked up with Xiang Xiyue behind the rockery. He thought it might be the second prince with the empress backing.

“No, I will be happier if Xiyue can come often.” Moqi Sui’s tone that thought everyone his people made Chu Ci snorted coldly, but he couldn’t care too much with a fool.

“Imperial Big Brother, these are the fruits of the tribute outside a few days ago. You must have never seen it. I think Imperial Father must be forgotten your share, so I bring some for you to taste.”

“Thank you Shan, you are so kind to me. Can you eat with me?”

It was clearly the situation of the elder brother was friendly and the younger brother was respectful in the house, but Chu Ci always felt a strange feeling when he was listening to the second prince’s words.

“Imperial Big Brother, I still have government affairs to deal with, so you can eat it yourself.”

“Okay. Imperial Younger Brother, take care! Come to see me often in the future.”

When Chu Ci heard the second prince was going to come out, he hesitated for a while, before hid in the trees beside him.

It was better to pretend doesn’t know.

Chu Ci looked at the second prince as he walked away and came out of the hidden place. Looking at the distant man, he suddenly thought of the conversation of this man and Xiang Xiyue.

He quickly turned around and rushed into the room, knowing that this person could not have given Moqi Sui something good to eat.

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