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Chapter 3: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.3)


Translator: Mimi

Bathing was not a matter of one or two minute, and Xuan Lin couldn’t hold back for a long time after he entered without Chu Ci. He walked back and forth in the bathroom door a few steps, before walked over to the direction of the door.

“An Hong, are you still there?”

Chu Ci just took a few steps away, while a weak and dissatisfied voice came from the bathroom.

Chu Ci was stunned, and then immediately ran back into the bathroom.

To prevent accidents, this person’s bathroom was unlocked.

In the steamy bathroom, Chu Ci met a pair of spirited eyes.

The target was all right? Could it be that what he hear just illusion?

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci with some doubt, “Did you just walk away?”

Chu Ci surprised, “You can hear all this?”

Xuan Lin felt somewhat embarrassed, “I guess.”

Chu Ci withdrew from the bathroom in contemplation, he completely didn’t believe that this was a guess.

If he guessed right, when Xuan Lin within the range of his primordial spirit and received its influence, not only his body was slowly repaired but also felt a lot more comfortable. Just as he walked away, Xuan Lin was out the range of his primordial spirit’s influence, so he was immediately found.

This ability couldn’t be more useful to him! Xuan Lin would certainly want to stay with him all the time in order to be comfortable, at that time their relationship will naturally improve, and then he can care about the target’s emotional life.

Thinking of his mission, Chu Ci once again read the target and Yu Shuyao’s information. The best way to complete the mission was to let the target not know about the female lead and He Wen’s relationship. The time of one year was quite short, and the female lead was often not at home, it was easy to hide. Otherwise, with his degree of infatuation, it was unlikely that Xuan Lin would fall in love with other person in such a short time.

An Hong was an old-fashioned doctor. His daily routine was comparable to that of the elderly. At this time, his body has automatically started to get sleepy. When Chu Ci was almost fall asleep, the bathroom door behind him was finally opened.

Xuan Lin was dressed in a bathrobe, his footsteps was light and quick as he walked out of the bathroom. It was no surprise to Chu Ci who had just understood the effect of his primordial spirit to other.

Despite being sleepy, Chu Ci still has one thing left to do. He has to strive for personal care at night to sleep in one room.

Chu Ci raised his spirits up, and followed behind Xuan Lin as he smell the shower gel on his body, before said: “Are you going to rest? If you are going to sleep, I will go back to my room and wash up.”

Although Xuan Lin was not clear, he should also be aware of his effect, so he would certainly let him stay behind, and he would make this person’s body became healthy as soon as possible. Xuan Lin who was walking in front, paused, before slowly said, “I’m going to sleep, you can go back to your room.”

Chu Ci was stunned, and it took a while for him to realize that he was turned down, he shouted in his heart: Why don’t you let me stay! You made me stay at the doorway when you take a shower. Why don’t you need me to sleep?

Although he was unwilling in his heart, but Chu Ci can’t be too obvious, and he had no choice but to leave the room.

Just after Chu Ci walked out of the room, Xuan Lin’s body was once again swept up by discomfort that he had endure for more than twenty years. The effect of painkiller seemed to get away with An Hong’s departure, as everything returned to its original state. Xuan Lin frowned slightly, he was holding onto the bedside with some difficult.

Chu Ci returned to his room, and after he finished wash up, he narcissistically stood in front of the mirror to looked at his current body.

His appearance was medium and slightly lean, the hairstyle was upright. The flesh between his legs was not good-looking as Xuan Lin’s, has no reference value.

After evaluated himself, Chu Ci lay straight on the bed without wearing anything. The soft mattress made the already sleepy him comfortably squinted his eyes. He thought in his head, why Xuan Lin wouldn’t let him stay, he didn’t understand, could it be that his guess was wrong?

It was his first time to sleep in such a comfortable bed, Chu Ci’s head had not turned a few times before he consciousness sink and fell asleep.

In his dream, he was still a radish. A kitchen knife was placed on his waist to cut him in half. The coolness of the knife on his body became more and more clear.

Chu Ci opened his eyes abruptly, and saw Xuan Lin who just said he going to sleep was standing beside his bed while held a knife in his hand, and the knife was pressed above his neck.

“Who are you?”

Xuan Lin’s voice was cold, just like his eyes.

Chu Ci didn’t know how the gentle Xuan Lin just a moment ago suddenly changed. He swallowed his saliva and said, “I’m An Hong, what’s wrong with you?”

Is the target has too many illness and sleepwalking?

“You’re not An Hong, speak the truth.” Xuan Lin said without a trace of emotion as he tightened the knife on Chu Ci’s neck a little, “This is your only choice.”

Doesn’t look like sleepwalking?

The pain that came from his neck made Chu Ci wrinkled his eyebrows, at the same time, his heartbeat was speed up because of fear. As a fragile radish, he want to stay as far away as possible from this kind of thing as knife.

Chu Ci didn’t understand how could a person who was just like the Little White-flower in the daytime was suddenly changed.

Feeling the knife on his neck was getting tighter, after fighting internally in his mind, Chu Ci can only used his remain stubbornness to say, “You...what are you going to do?”

His line of sight met Xuan Lin’s eyes, as his hands gripped the bed sheet tightly.


When Chu Ci intended to directly confess and give up resistance, Xuan Lin suddenly put away the knife in his hand.

Xuan Lin looked down at the naked man on the bed, and then calmly said, “Go to my room to sleep, and you will sleep there in the future.”

The change was too fast that Chu Ci directly frozen there.

Where was this play going?

“Hurry up!” Xuan Lin urged when he saw Chu Ci was motionless. He obviously didn’t intend to return to the room first.

Chu Ci jumped out of bed. While put on his clothes, he pretend to be embarrassed, “Wouldn’t this way too close?”

“I’ve asked the housekeeper to lay mattress on the ground for you.” Xuan Lin said, then shoot a glance at the man who bowed his body to look for his shoes, “If you want to go to my bed, it’s also not impossible.”

What? Chu Ci stopped his movement, pondered over Xuan Lin’s words.

After going back to Xuan Lin’s room, Chu Ci looked at the mattress on the ground, and with resigned look he lay down. He twisted his body. This thing was not as soft as the bed.

He looked sideways at the bulge in the bed and felt that the delicate Little White-flower in his heart were withered tonight. One moment gentle, one moment two-faced, this was clearly the split personality’s Little Wild-flower!

“System! Are you there?”

Chu Ci shouted in his mind. He wanted to complain, the information was too incomplete.

But as he expected, he didn’t get a response.

The split personality was not light disease ah. He don’t know if his primordial spirit can save Xuan Lin.