Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

5) Chapter 28.2 ♬

Chapter 28 Part 2:

What about the most handsome boy in the college? Why did it become like this?

Chu Ci sized up Chui Yan several times, only then he said, “Did you lower your appearance adjust when you entered the game?”

“Yes.” Chui Yan answer was very straightforward.

Sure enough, it’s this way. I said how could the aesthetic of the system suddenly drop.

Chui Yan looked at Chu Ci and said calmly, “Is the item still for sale?”

Chu Ci promptly took his hand out from the back and put the seven colored glass on the table, “Sell!”

Chui Yan reached out his hand and took the item, he continued, “Cash or game currency?”

Chu Ci didn’t sell the item to earn money, he immediately waved his hand and said, “I don’t want money!”

Chui Yan looked at the person before his eyes in puzzled, “Then, what do you want?”

Chu Ci raised his chin and said, “I want to be your disciple!”

This idea was learned from the white clothed man just now. If he wanted to help the target, he has to get close to him. In this game, there was no more appropriate way to approach the target than the master-disciple relationship.

Chui Yan’s calm eyes sized up the person in front of him and said calmly, “Chu Ci, fifteen level, swordsman, don’t you think you should enter the sect to upgrade at the moment?”

Chu Ci shook his head and said, “I want to be a game merchant like you and learn life skills. I know that life skills can also be upgraded with experience.”

Chui Yan silently put the seven colored glass into his bag, and then took out a stack of silver banknotes and placed it on the table, he said, “Since you don’t want cash, I will give you the game currency. If you don’t take it within fifteen minutes, it would be reclaim by the game system.”

After speaking, he directly disappeared.

At the same time.

[World] Chui Yan: unlimited, looking for seven colored glass, ten thousand years stone marrow, and spiritual butterfly.

[World] Blizzard: Fu*k, the big shot Chui Yan must be want to make a mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant, right?

[World] Little White: What is the mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant?

[World] Jing Shan: The combination of two seven colored glass beads is a mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant, which not only has butterfly special effect, but also equipment that suitable for all sects, simultaneously the equipment has a special ability. You can bind a player, and use the waist pendant to summon bound player to their side. The holy object between lovers.

[World] Little White: (*@ο@*) Wow~

[World] Butterfly Thousand Lily: Is the big shot Chui Yan have a sweetheart? Actually want to make this waist pendant.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

Chu Ci was still looking at the World’s chat, when Chui Yan directly went offline at this side.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes, just like that?

Why won’t you accept me as a disciple?

Chu Ci angrily looked at the silver banknotes on the table. Accept or not accept? Accept or not accept?

When the countdown began to appear above the silver banknotes, Chu Ci quickly reached out his hand and put it in his bag.

The target and money, it was also good to get one of it.

Chu Ci looked at the time on the game panel. In order to prevent players from ignoring reality because of the game, there were two times in the game, one was the time in the game world and the other was the time in the real world.

The time in the real world was already 11 o’clock, and the target was indeed go offline to sleep.

After Chu Ci got a huge sum of money, he was a little excited, and ready to spend it.

He immediately rushed into the ready-made clothes store. The target was not online, he was temporarily free, it was better to buy some clothes.

Chu Ci felt that he was really earthy now, if he looked a little better, maybe the target would agree to accept him as a disciple.

A few minutes later, Chu Ci walked out of the ready-made clothes store in blue and white splendid garments.

[World] Chu Ci: Where I can find ten thousand years stone marrow and spiritual butterfly? How’s it out?

[World] Peaceful: Isn’t this Ou Emperor, want to earn money on this?

[World] Wen Yu: Ten thousand years stone marrow is in the Everlasting Wonderland, and spiritual butterfly spirit is in the Butterfly Valley. They all digging out treasures, but the chance of dropping is extremely low. If you can dig one of them, I will buy it double of the price!

Chu Ci opened the map and silently noted down the two places.

He was going to try his luck. If his luck was really like what the system said, then he may be able to dig it out. After took a few kinds, he doesn’t believe that Chui Yan would remain aloof.

He wouldn’t go to the Novice Town.

Chu Ci also knew that he was too lucky and people likely be jealous, so he would dig in another place.

Then went to the Butterfly Valley!

His level was too low, Butterfly Valley belonged to a high-level place, he could only walk over.

Half an hour later, Chu Ci arrived to the Butterfly Valley with his little hoe. The monsters here would not attack people.

The people in the Butterfly Valley were not less than those in the Novice Town.

Chu Ci casually found a slightly empty place and raised his hoe, ready to dig.

“Oh, you’re so well-dressed but running here to grab some jobs with us!”

Before his hoe had landed, he was teased by the people on the side.

Chu Ci’s hoe sank in the ground, he pulled up the hoe and just about to speak, when his eyes were almost blinded by the flash of light.

[Game System] Player Chu Ci, congratulations for dig out a butterfly spirit in the Butterfly Valley. Everyone could quickly come over to watch.

After the light, there was only a transparent ball on the ground, inside it was a specter kind of small butterfly.

Chu Ci was shocked, before he quickly picked up the item on the ground and escaped.

He ran away before everyone was able to react.

[World] Peaceful: I don’t believe it!

[World] Blizzard: Blind.

Chu Ci ignored the World’s discussion and secretly rushed to the Everlasting Wonderland. The time to test the system has come!

After an hour.

[Game System] Player Chu Ci, congratulations for dig out a ten thousand years stone marrow that buried in the underground of the Everlasting Wonderland. Everyone could quickly come over to watch.

Chu Ci picked up the item on the ground without expression, and immediately used the prepared scroll to return to the city.

At the same time, all kinds of enmity were constantly flashing in front of him.

[Poor Sledgehammer started an enmity against you]

[Large Eastern River started an enmity against you]

[No Money started an enmity against you]


[World] Blizzard: My suggestion is to immediately looking for Chui Yan.

[World] Wen Yu: Chui Yan is offline. Chu Ci, just sell the item to me and I will help you. You can hide in my territory.

[World] Peaceful: You can go to Bailu building, isn’t Chui Yan’s Bailu building could hide you away?

[World] Wen Yu: Only friends could enter Bailu building when Chui Yan is not online. Do you think this 15-level trumpet is possible his friend?

[Player] Butterfly Thousand Lily: I guess the big shot has no more than ten friends.

At this side, Chu came out of the carriage and immediately rushed into Yangzhou City, then went toward Bailu building’s direction.

Jianghu was really dangerous, all the people at the full-level were actually want to kill him, this fifteen-level swordsman!

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