Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 47.2 ♬

Chapter 47 Part 2:

There were two osmanthus trees planted in the courtyard. At the moment, it was autumn, and there were golden little flowers on the trees, which especially fragrant.

Chu Ci looked at the direction of the house in Bie Courtyard. The door was open, and the room seemed quiet as if no one was there.

However, when he glanced at the courtyard again, he finally saw a dark figure squatting under the tree. The clothes and hair decoration showed that he should be His Highness the crown prince Moqi Sui who imprisoned here.

The man was facing away from the gate and he couldn’t see what he was doing.

It seemed that he heard the opening of the gate, Moqi Sui’s body was obviously paused, and then he quickly turned his head.

Chu Ci looked at the person who suddenly turned around and stared blankly.

The target…turned out to be…a great beauty again. Moreover, this was the face that he liked the most that he was ever seen in his life!

What was to be done, he very liked it!

After seeing this face, he suddenly felt that the ancient times had become less annoying, he was even a little rejoice.

Moqi Sui’s original smile suddenly disappeared when he saw the person who was coming.

“Who are you? Is Xiyue not coming today?”

The target’s childish way of speaking reminded Chu Ci that this beauty was definitely problematic, but it was different from what he imagined.

Chu Ci bowed to Moqi Sui and said, “His Highness, I’m the newcomer An Ning. I’m bring your dinner, ask His Highness to enter the house.”

For some reason, Chu Ci coughed up just after he was speaking, and his chest was a little hurt.

“Are you sick?” Moqi Sui asked as he got close to Chu Ci and sized him up, his eyes were clear.

The beauty close at hand made Chu Ci’s face couldn’t help but blush.

Moqi Sui seemed to see it, he reached out his hand and touched his face, before pulled Chu Ci’s hand and walked into the room.

“You need to take medicine when you are sick.”

After entering the room, Moqi Sui pressed Chu Ci into the chair and then he trotted into the bedroom.

“You wait a moment, I’ll find medicine for you.”

Chu Ci looked at the target’s disappeared back and secretly sighed, he finally calming down some of his little thoughts just a moment ago.

From his observation, the crown prince was not as foolish as rumored, and he maybe gradually improved. At the moment, his wisdom has become a child, it was not difficult to get along, and it could even be said to be very easy.

Cough cough—

Chu Ci coughed a few more times, but in fact it was nothing serious. This kind of minor illness was not worth mentioning in front of his primordial spirit.

Thinking about the capability of his primordial spirit, he doesn’t know whether it could help the target.

“Found it!” Moqi Sui quickly rushed out of the room while holding a small porcelain bottle in his hand, and then passed it to Chu Ci, “You take one, the imperial physician gives this medicine to me, it’s very useful.”

Although Chu Ci doesn’t need these medicines, but he still took it to give the target a face, and put one into his mouth in front of the target.

Child, so long as you follow his wish, he was very coaxing.

After taking the pill, Chu Ci prepared to kneel down and thank him.

Moqi Sui suddenly said angrily, “Why are you so unfun, I don’t like you kneeling, sit properly, sit on the chair!”

Chu Ci originally doesn’t like kneeling, hearing the target said this, he pretended to stand up reluctantly.

Seeing Chu Ci no longer kneel, Moqi Sui immediately smiled again, and looked at the stunned Chu Ci.

Chu Ci stared at the target, he suddenly has a bold thought in his heart.

“System system system! I take back my previous words that I break off relations.”


“Do you think that I have a big chance of bend the target?”

“You like him?”

“Very like.”

“You like his appearance, right?”

“I like it too!”

“The probability is not too high. He like Xiang Xiyue.”

“Shouldn’t you encourage me as my employer?”

The system was silent.

“An Ning, I want to sleep.”

When Chu Ci was about to continue disturb the system, the target suddenly spoke.

Chu Ci looked at the clean dishes on the table and nodded his head, “Then I’ll change His Highness clothes.”

After Chu Ci served the target went to bed, he was ready to leave.

“Xiyue didn’t come to see me today. Is she busy?”

Suddenly, Chu Ci felt his heart broke.

He was so mad, the target was thinking about that Xiang Xiyue!”

He secretly snorted and turned his head away.

“A-Ning, can you tell me a story?”

Chu Ci immediately stopped his footsteps. He turned his head proudly and looked at the great beauty on the bed, he said, “Yes.” As the thousand-year-old demon, he was not lacking of stories.

“Then will you tell me, please?”

Chu Ci smiled slyly and said, “I can, but if I tell you a story, how about you let me sleep in bed for one night?”

“Then I decided to let you sleep in bed every day, so you have to tell me a story every day.” Moqi Sui said while showing little excitement.

Chu Ci obviously wanted to take small advantage of the target, but why did he feel the other way round?

At this moment, the system faintly said, “You have learned bad.”

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