Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Arc 3: ‘I Became Eunuch’ 1) Chapter 47.1 ♬

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Chapter 47: I Became Eunuch (3.1)


Translator: Mimi

Although the system was correct, but Chu Ci was not happy.

A man without that part was not a man in his eyes. Moreover, this means that he couldn’t enjoy the rest of his life properly if the mission of this world failed.

Thinking of this, Chu Ci angrily got out of bed.

This body was drowning to death, and inevitably has some after-effects.

Chu Ci felt a little pain in his chest. It may take a while to fix it.

The little eunuch quickly called when he was about to go out.

“An Ning, you forgot to organize your clothes. It’s alright if there only the crown prince. But if you happen to meet the emperor who come to see the crown prince, then your little life would certainly be gone.”

Chu Ci lowered his head and looked at his clothes in confusion, only to find that he was only wearing an inner garment.

The little eunuch pulled a dark purple robe from under the quilt he had just got up and threw it at him, “Here!”

Chu Ci wore the clothes and quickly went outside.

Ancient times were troublesome, all kinds of troublesome.

While thinking, Chu Ci hurriedly went to Bie Courtyard where the target was living.

It was already evening outside.

He learned from An Ning’s memory that although the target was still the crown prince, he was not qualified to live in the crown prince palace. Because the emperor doted on him, so he was very sad and anxiety to see his current foolish look. At the persuasion of imperial physician and the empress, he had to choose no longer came to see the target, but let his current empress to take care of him. In order to prevent the crown prince from running around, the empress locked him in a remote part of the palace, Bie Courtyard. An Ning was the gatekeeper of Bie Courtyard and take care of the crown prince in passing. However, he just took up the post. The original owner fell into the water and drowned when passing by the pond at night. He still didn’t meet this crown prince before almost drowned.

Just as he thought about drowning’s matter, Chu Ci saw the pond. He looked at it with a probe. The water in the pond was very clear and reflected his shadow. He carefully looked at his body.

When he saw his own appearance, the memory of An Ning also emerged one after another to Chu Ci’s mind. An Ning was already in his thirties, but when he looked at this face, he was look like in his early 20s. He also doesn’t insist on the appearance, his experience told him that ordinary people could live long in the imperial palace. When he doesn’t smile, he looked quite steady. But to be only a gatekeeper at his thirties, was because this person’s character was wooden and slow of speech, doesn’t provoke like.

Chu Ci bent the corner of his mouth and said to himself, “Look like this is comfortable.”

He continued to walk toward Bie Courtyard with large strides.

Sigh, it was better to be a radish than a slave.

Every time Chu Ci saw something, the memory of this thing would quickly emerge in his mind. His head was slowly receiving An Ning’s memory. This memory could tell him how to be a servant.

Although he was come to do the mission, but the rules here must be followed, otherwise he may die before completing his mission.

“System, if I was killed because accidentally doing something wrong, can you find me another body?”

There was silence in his mind, but Chu Ci knew that the system must be there. He tried it in the previous world, the system could actually hear his call, but it depended on the priority of the matter whether he chose to respond quickly or delayed.

“System?” Chu Ci called out again.

“Didn’t you said break off relations for a day?”

“Okay, then I’ll ask you again tomorrow.” Chu Ci felt that himself was also a man of unyielding character. Anyway, this matter was not urgent.

Chu Ci was walking to the remote Bie Courtyard. The surroundings was quiet, he only heard the sound of his footsteps.

Chu Ci felt uncomfortable as soon as he arrived at this kind of place. He liked lively and wanted to find someone to chat.

The Heaven seemed to hear his request, as a little palace maid dressed in green clothes came out from the intersection ahead, while holding something in her hand.

An Ning’s memory of this palace maid appeared in Chu Ci’s mind. She also took care of the crown prince, called Luo Mei. Her duty was to comb the hair and deliver the meal of the crown prince.

Since she was on their side, Chu Ci enthusiastically greeted her, “Luo Mei, are you deliver His Highness’ dinner?”

When Luo Mei saw An Ning suddenly became enthusiastic, she was stunned, before sized up the person in front of her and said with a smile, “After fall to the water, why do I feel you are a little different?”

“It’s probably an enlightenment.”

Luo Mei said with a smile: “His Highness lost his wisdom after fall into water, but you get enlightenment? Since you are well, please send dinner to His Highness. This is your job.”

Without waiting for Chu Ci to nod his head, Luo Mei put the things in his hand and walked away cheerfully.

Chu Ci curled his lips and walked to Bie Courtyard while held the food with both hands. He didn’t looking for someone to chat again.

Very soon, a clean and simple wall courtyard appeared before his eyes. This place was cold and quiet.

At the end of the little road was the entrance, and behind the gate was the target of his world that he has to settle.

Chu Ci walked to the front of the gate and removed the wooden stick on the door, then gently pushed the door open.

The information from the system only said that the target was foolish, but didn’t describe how foolish he was. An Ning never in contact with the crown prince, so he couldn’t find anything in his memory. Therefore, he had to be careful.

The different degree of stupidity, the lethality would also be different to some extent. Chu Ci still remember that he was almost chop into two by a fool long ago.

At the moment, he has to confirm the degree of the target foolishness and then consider how to settle a fool.

But he was a little curious, could a fool like someone?

Fortunately, the target would be sober in the future, so if he was very foolish, he could only wait for him to wake up and then talk again.

The wooden door opened with a creak.

The scenery in the courtyard slowly revealed before Chu Ci’s eyes.

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