Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

44) Chapter 25.2 ♬

Chapter 25 Part 2:

Xuan Lin immediately said, “I’m fall in love with Dr. An and we are now in relationship.”

Chu Ci felt goosebumps rose on his whole body. He looked at the housekeeper and then Xuan Lin. He was most afraid that the housekeeper would know.

The first reason was because of the housekeeper’s old age, he maybe unable to accept it. The second was that he thought the housekeeper was a good person, if he was hated by the housekeeper because of it, he would be a little sad.

However, the housekeeper unexpectedly didn’t show a surprised expression, he merely smiled and nodded his head, “Young Master really think I’m muddled, how can I unaware of it after such long time? Rest assured, I’m not an inflexible person. As long as the young master likes, I will support it as long as he is good to Young Master.”

“Thank you Housekeeper~” Chu Ci thanked him sincerely and he felt relieved in his heart. He never thought that his thousand-year-old thick radish skin would be so nervous for such a small thing.

The housekeeper looked at the two of them and smiled, “You come back so early and must haven’t eaten anything, right? I’ll prepare the food for you.”

As he looked at the figure of the housekeeper walking towards the kitchen, Chu Ci inexplicably felt his nose sour. He turned his head to look at Xuan Lin and suddenly reached out to hug the person in front of him.

After together for a long time, although not fell in love, but there was also a little amount affection, especially in the case where the other party treated him earnestly.

Xuan Lin raised his hand and patted his back, “Let’s go upstairs to change the clothes?”

Chu Ci released his hands and nodded. A suit was really a bit unsuitable. He should wear a little simple at home, only then it was comfortable.

The two men went upstairs together. As soon as Chu Ci entered the room, he immediately saw the two rings on the bedside table.

He asked Xuan Lin to remove the ring before they went out today, and he had to hide it away before this man found it.

However, Xuan Lin didn’t forget the ring as he wished. Xuan Lin walked directly in the direction of the bedside table and seemed to be about to wear the ring.

He absolutely couldn’t let him put it on again, otherwise he doesn’t know when the ring would be taken off next time.

A bright idea suddenly flashed in his mind, Chu Ci pulled Xuan Lin’s hand and pressed him on the bed, then he said while blinked his eyes, “The housekeeper would take some time to prepare dinner~”

After speaking, he enthusiastically began to pull his clothes.

In this respect, Xuan Lin was very easy to take the bait, as he directly turn over and press the person down.

The two people’s fire couldn’t be extinguished as soon as it ignited.

Chu Ci was eaten dry by two constantly changing personalities and exhausted on the bed.

Of course, he still didn’t forget what he paid for. Before going to sleep, he opened his eyes and hid the two rings under the pillow.

Tomorrow...he would go to bury it tomorrow.

As there was something the matter in his heart, Chu Ci couldn’t sleep comfortably. When sky outside just had the first glimmer of light, Chu Ci quietly climbed down from the bed. He casually dressed up and sneaked out of the room.

There were still dishes that they didn’t have time to eat last night on the dining table.

Chu Ci bowed in front of the table, silently said sorry to the wasted food on the table, and then picked up a piece of meat and threw it into his mouth. While filling his stomach he secretly looking for a hoe, and then walked to the garden.

This kind of sneaky thing could only be done sneakily nearby.

Chu Ci wandered around the garden a circle and finally squatted in a corner and dug up.

He dug deeper to avoid others found and took it away.

Plastic bag was the least corrosive thing in this world.

Chu Ci wrapped the two rings in a fresh-keeping bag, and then put it in an iron box. He added a few layers of safety bags on the outside before threw it into the hole that he dug, and then filled back the hole with soil. After covered the top with weeds, he made sure that he couldn’t see any traces, before returned to the house as if nothing had happened.

This thing was his now.

Thinking of the sums of money that waiting for him, his motivation to survive was even more powerful.

Chu Ci swayed back to the room, and the person who had laid down beside him just a moment ago seemed to be woken up by the noise. He reached out his hands and hugged Chu Ci into his arms and said, “What are you doing?”

Chu Ci hugged back and said, “I’m hungry, and go downstairs to find food.”


Another two months passed.

In the morning, Chu Ci had breakfast with Xuan Lin as always. At this time, the housekeeper came in from the outside, while held a red invitation card in his hand.

“Young Master, this is a wedding invitation sent by the He family, saying that it’s the first young master of the He family who is married.”

Since the engagement ceremony, Chu Ci has been expect something matter happened to the two people, but he didn’t expect that the wedding invitations were actually sent now. He was a little doubtful whether Xuan Lin’s speculation was correct.

He couldn’t find the system recently, otherwise he would ask him about it.

Chu Ci took the wedding invitation and placed it in front of Xuan Lin, he said angrily, “Your guess is wrong. Even the He family wedding invitation had sent out.”

Xuan Lin raised his eyebrows, he opened the wedding invitation and put it in front of Chu Ci, then tapped the newcomer’s name with his finger.

The groom was He Wen, but the bride name was written Xue Yin.

Chu Ci remembered heard He Wen mention this name. It was the Miss of Xue family. At that time, he came to stay at the Xuan family because he didn’t want to deal with this woman.

“This? The marriage is decided, but the bride is actually replaced?”

Xuan Lin told Chu Ci, “He Wen really likes Shuyao, so he do a fake engagement ceremony. But he really didn’t have the right to marry freely, he had to compromise as a member of He family.”

Chu Ci shook his head and said, “That Yu Shuyao might come to find you again.”

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