My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

42 - His Lover Is a Goblin!


After hearing what he said, both Calcedonia and Tatsumi’s face went totally blank.


“W-Wha, Verse…Y-You, now, just what did you……?”

Somehow, he was only able to utter that much. After he looked at Calcedonia with a sidelong glance, she was still dumbfounded.

That was how shocking Verse’s earlier statements were.

“As I say, ya know? I should probably get married soon too.”

They didn’t hear wrong!

Surely, he said the same thing just a while ago.

The location was the usual temple garden. And as usual, Tatsumi, Verse and Calcedonia were having lunch there. But at his sudden marriage declaration they were at a loss of words.

“E-Erm…You… Did you… have a lover…?”

It was a somewhat rude question to ask in any kind of situation but, the Tatsumi right now did not have the composure to mind that.

And Verse too didn’t act like he minded it much as he continued to talk,

“Huh? I didn’t tell you before? She’s my childhood friend ya see. When I left my village for the capital, she also came with me. While I was barely getting by working as a Junior priest here, she’s been working at a certain bar in Levantes as a waitress.”

There wasn’t anything like sweet fondness in his words. Just simple indifference, as if he was stating a fact.

But what was present was his happiness. Tatsumi, hearing Verse’s way of speaking, completely understood just how much he cared about that childhood friend.

“I became a senior priest like you. And also an official Clerical Knight. I was thinking, it would be okay to start a family now.”

‘So I need a favour’ He continued to speak as he looked at Calcedonia.

“If possible, could you act as the witness for our marriage?”


“Yes. I know, that for a simple priest like me to ask the [Holy Maiden of the temple of Savaiv] to act as our marriage witness is absurd but she, my childhood friend is one of your most devout believers. Recently, she even said that ,’ Her holiness coincidentally came to the bar, and I got to see her up close!’ happily. Asking the <<Holy Maiden>> to be the witness of our marriage has always been her dream.”

Verse suddenly stood up, and with that momentum he bowed down his head.

“I beg you!! Please help me fulfill her… Nanau’s dream!!”

Calcedonia subconsciously looked at Tatsumi who was beside her. Tatsumi was also looking at her.

Smiling, the two nodded simultaneously.

“Understood. If you are okay with me, I’ll be your witness.”


“Of course. But… Is it okay to first meet with Verse’s partner… Miss Nanu?”

But at that moment, Tatsumi certainly noticed it.

That within Calcadonia’s ruby red were burning sparks of curiosity.

As expected, she too was a maiden of that age. Being interested in other’s love affairs is a must.


But when they heard about who his lover was, both Calcedonia and Tatsumi put on troubled expressions.



Unintentionally, Tatsumi gasped like a dunce.

That was how much shocking Verse’s next words were.

“My Childhood friend…. Nanau is… She’s actually… T-That… A goblin.”

Verse said somewhat with a shy expression. But Tatsumi couldn’t help and think of a completely different matter.


No doubt, that’s what Verse had said.

Even Tatsumi knew what a goblin was.

A creature that appears in almost all fantasy genre games and novels. The most standard enemy available. And in most cases they are the weakest of the small fries.

Their skin colour varied from green, grey and even brown. They had goggling big eyes, and a body the size of a child. In most cases they are represented as monsters. Without a doubt the ugliest of them to boot. And they had nasty characters that flatter the strong and bully the weak.

They noisily come in groups and get noisily get beaten in groups, the King of Small fries.

That was what Tatsumi knew about goblins.

And Verse certainly said, that his lover was a goblin.


Just how should he ask him, Tatsumi pondered. And he pondered with all his might.

‘Everyone’s preference is different’. Should he say that, or should he come clean here and say, ‘That’s a peculiar preference you’ve got there.’ to his face?

Tatsumi who was confused looked to Calcedonia for assistance.

As he did that, he saw she too was looking at him with a troubled face.

“E-Excuse me… Mister Verse? I-Is miss Nanau…. Really a goblin…?”

“Yup, that’s right. Close to the rural village I live in there’s a community of goblins who also made a village. Ever since way before our village had ties with them. I met her when I was a kid and before I even knew it we ended up like this.”

Verse must’ve realized that Calcedonia was troubled.

As he once again sat down on the chair, he smiled as if wanted to smooth things over.

“But well, even I know that marriage with another species isn’t really taken well by the people. Still, I… I want to be with Nanau.”

“Is that so… I understand. If you two really do love each other, that Lord Savaiv would surely bless you with his divine protection.”

While tightly holding her holy crest, Calcedonia uttered the words of prayer given to the god Savaiv.

Later Tatsumi found out from Calcedonia that this country wasn’t really that accepting of other races. The reason why she had a troubled face, was that.

Because of the racial difference, they would probably have different lifespan. With it their lifestyle would also be different. And they might also not be able to have any children, problems like these were common.

Specially for royalty and aristocrats, it was a complete taboo. Even if they had demi-human mistresses, she could absolutely never be the main wife.

But still, though rare there have been cases of people from different races marrying within commoners.

Of course in most cases they weren’t accepted by the society but, even so they would probably still strongly love each other.

“I see. Then, I’ll also root for Verse and Miss Nanau!”

Tatsumi said as if he wanted to convince himself.

But, out of all things, to actually want to marry a goblin, Tatsumi inwardly sent of Verse with the title of a <<Hero>>.


When they reached that place, Tatsumi and Calcedonia both looked as if they were smacked in the head.


Without delay, Verse took Tatsumi and Calcedonia to meet the goblin named Nanau.

Tatsumi who was curious about the existence of this goblin, and Calcedonia who was giddy to meet Verse’s lover, headed towards the center of the capital with Verse.

But after they reached the Bar where Nanau worked in, both Tatsumi and Calcedonia were flabbergasted as they looked at the signboard.

“Ehh… So the bar where that Miss Nanau worked was this place… Wait, are you sure?”

Looking at the signboard, Tatsumi asked Verse for confirmation.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Why? Didn’t I mention it before?”

The signboard Calcedonia and Tatsumi were looking at, without doubt, the words written there spelled [Elven Resthouse].

Opening the doors like he was used to it, Verse entered with Tatsumi and Calcedonia following behind.

Recently, Tatsumi had completely gotten used to the feel of this bar. Though he’s not gone up to the inns in the 2nd and 3rd floor as of yet, he’s been coming here along with Calcedonia quite a lot lately.

Eru who was behind the counter smiled after seeing Tatsumi and the lot.

“Tatsumi, Calcedonia, welcome. I see even Verse’s with you today.”

Seems like she already knew Verse was acquainted with Tatsumi and Calcedonia. Maybe, the goblin Nanau who worked here was the one who told Eru about it.

But this gave rise to another question in his mind.

He’s been to the [Elven Resthouse] quite a number of times, but he has never seen a goblin.

Maybe it was because Eru was the master here but, there were a few demi-humans working here. But he has no recollection of seeing a Goblin among them.

As he was pondering that with his head tilted, an energetic voice sounded from the corner of the bar.

“Ah, Verse!! Y-You really brought the <<Holy Maiden>> here!?”

“Yo Nanau! I said so before right, Lady Calcedonia was my mate’s wife.”

A short statured humanoid figure energetically jumped into Verse’s embrace, and Verse happily hugged her to a stop.

Tatsumi witnessed all of that with a blank expression. And Calcedonia who was beside him was smiling happily.

The reason why she was happy was because Verse introduced her as [His mate’s wife].

She was nonchalantly brushing up her hair again and again to show off the engagement earrings which were proof of her relationship with Tatsumi.

But Tatsumi didn’t have the composure to look at that Calcedonia as he was staring at the little creature in Verse’s embrace.

It’s height was about Verse’s chest. She had brown toned skin and a shoulder length silver hair.

Her sparkling big eyes were mysterious, golden in colour. And from her forehead there was two small horns poking out.

At first glance she looked like a 13 or 15 year old human kid. The same age as middle school kids from Tatsumi’s previous world.

But it was apparent even though she was wearing a waitress’s uniform that, she had the proportions of a mature lady.

Different from Calcedonia and Eru, she looked like an energetic beautiful young lady.

Certainly, he saw this lady numerous times in the shop. And from her appearance he guessed that she was some sort of demi-human.

But he could’ve never guessed that her racial tribe was ‘that’, the most standard small fry of the fantasy genre.

“T-This, is this world’s, goblin…?”

Tatsumi muttered in complete shock. Seeing him like that, Eru nodded multiple times and said,

“I understand. I really, really understand what Tatsumi is feeling right now. Me too, when I first saw the goblins of this world, I was shocked. Specially because back in my homeworld goblins are exactly the same as the ones described in Japan.”

Furthermore according to Eru, Nanau was already a fine adult in goblin standards.

This world’s goblins all had similar outer appearance as Nanau. Among them, some of them had horns, some didn’t. Among those who did some had one horn and some had two. Their individual characteristics varied.

“Speaking of goblins, they’re a race of beautiful men and women. Because of that, some countries even treat them as mere slaves.”

Calcedonia’s voice contained a hint of sadness. Certainly with men and women this pretty in their race, for people of certain hobbies it was quite covetous.

Tatsumi could easily imagine goblin slaves going around as [High class goods].

Largofiely kingdom also had slaves. But the slaves here were all criminals who committed atrocities, people who fell into debt, people who couldn’t even afford a meal to eat so they sold themselves as slave and folks like that. There weren’t any who were abducted forcefully to be sold.

Of course, there could be slaves like that who were sold in the dark of the kingdom by slave merchants, and it might even be common in other countries.

Before his eyes was the goblin girl Nanau who looked happy with Verse.

Tatsumi wished from the bottom of his heart that this sweet girl would never have to face such a cruel fate and that she lived happily, forever with Verse.


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