Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

42) Chapter 24.2 ♬

Chapter 24 Part 2:

Although he said at home that he wanted to make his relationship with him public, but he merely said that. The cut sleeve status would inevitably have an impact on Xuan Lin’s life. He only hoped that this person could spend the rest of his life happily.

Faced with this problem, Chu Ci forgot his dislike of Yu Shuyao, and subconsciously touched his head and said, “There...there is.”

Yu Shuyao walked to his side and said, “Is your girlfriend good-looking? How about the condition of your relationship? If you are not get along, you can tell me, I don’t mind being a matchmaker. As my grateful for taking care of Xuan Lin for so long.”

Chu Ci seemed to be able to smell the sour scent filled the air instantly, he quickly said, “My girlfriend is very good. Moreover, I’m already engaged to her.”

Xuan Lin was a giant vinegar jar. When he was in the company last time, a female colleague asked him why he wore the same ring as Chief Xuan. He said it was a coincidence, and then this man vinegar jar was overthrown. Afterwards, he had to comfort him for a day, only then the sour smell went down.

Yu Shuyao said in surprise, “Is it even earlier than me? I’m never heard you say anything about it.”

At this moment, Xuan Lin suddenly walked out from the crowd at the same time swaying his body. He stretched his hand to Chu Ci’s direction and said with a weak tone, “Dr. An, I’m feel a little unwell, help me to take a rest?”

Chu Ci quickly reached out to support Xuan Lin. He didn’t know how this person suddenly became unwell, obviously his body was almost healing. Moreover, he was still by his side.

Yu Shuyao looked at Xuan Lin with doubt, “I thought Xuan Lin’s body is completely good.”

Chu Ci said while supported Xuan Lin to a room, “You can’t just look at the surface.”

“Shuyao, come here, I’ll introduce you to my friend.”

Just when Yu Shuyao wanted to follow to see the situation, He Wen’s voice suddenly came from behind.

She looked at the two people who were supporting each other, and suddenly felt that the suit they wore today were like a couple.

When she realized what she was thinking, Yu Shuyao smiled and shook her head. She apparently too anxious that Xuan Lin would snatched away by others, so this illusion appeared.

She originally thought that Xuan Lin was completely healthy. Now it seemed that it was just final radiance of setting sun. How can a serious illness be cured by a small private doctor.

Yu Shuyao heard another call from He Wen, she immediately turned her head and went toward her fiancée’s direction. Sure enough, chose He Wen was the right decision.

Chu Ci just supported Xuan Lin to the sofa in the room, when he was pulled together by the other party to sit down.

Xuan Lin smiled and said, “Sit with me, I’m fine.”

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin who has a smiling expression on his face.

The Little White-flower really merged with the Little Wild-flower, this kind of pretending to be sick, only the Little Wild-flower would play it. Moreover, his face was not red and his heart doesn’t skip over when he was pretend.

Suddenly he missed the Little White-flower a little, but when the Little White-flower came out on the bed at night, even if he was blushing, he also wanted to do the exercise!

Xuan Lin lifted up Chu Ci’s hand and pinched his ring finger and said, “We should come out with a ring.”

Chu Ci was surprise in his heart and said quickly, “I’m worry about the impact of this on you. Even if the two of us let others know, it wouldn’t be happier. It’s best if you can live smoothly.”

Joke! I finally find an excuse to made you take off the ring. You better go home and forget the ring matter, and then I can take advantage of this to take the ring and hide it away.

Chu Ci immediately shifted Xuan Lin’s attention and said, “At the moment, no one here except us. Can you tell me why you said that Yu Shuyao and He Wen won’t be happy?”

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci, he raised his eyebrows and said softly, “I will tell you after you kiss me for a minute.”

Chu Ci opened his eyes wide as he stared at the Little White-flower who play rogue, “You have changed!” It was not the shy Little White-flower anymore!

The merged phase’s Xuan Lin was not able to bear any bad words. As soon as Chu Ci’s words fell, his face immediately hung with a depressed expression, “You don’t like the current me?”

Regardless of whether this person was true or pretend, Chu Ci immediately softened. He held the face of the person before him and kissed down.

However, it didn’t take a minute. He stepped back and seriously declared, “I likes everything you become.” The internet was really a good thing. These words were very useful.

Xuan Lin immediately recovered his smile and said, “The kiss has to be a minute, only then I tell you.”

Chu Ci’s heart was itched by this question. Without a second thought, he lowered his head and took Xuan Lin’s lips again.

At this time, the door of the room suddenly opened.

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