Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

41) Chapter 24.1 ♬

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Chapter 24: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.24)


Translator: Mimi

He Wen didn’t care about the meaning of Xuan Lin’s words, he just smiled and said, “Sorry, I really likes Shuyao, I will treat her well. Please help the He family a lot in the future.”

Xuan Lin just bent the corner of his mouth and said nothing. He believed that the Xuan family wouldn’t help the He family, this man would soon know.

When Yu Shuyao at the side saw Xuan Lin didn’t refuse He Wen like the last time, the worry in her heart disappeared in an instant.

Xuan Lin was still love her as before, so he tended to felt jealous, otherwise he wouldn’t become so strange.

Chu Ci couldn’t play these people’s politeness, he stood at the side to watch them talking, but the Little White-flower’s reaction made him a lot relieved. As long as he was not obsessed with this woman, his sacrifice was worth it.

Suddenly he saw Yu Shuyao who had been completely rejected by Xuan Lin looked as if she was understand something as she let go of He Wen’s hand and then moved forward a step and opened her hands, seemed to want to hug Xuan Lin.

Chu Ci subconsciously moved forward and stood in front of Yu Shuyao.

Yu Shuyao’s attention was focused on Xuan Lin, and Chu Ci’s sudden appearance, actually made her paused. After she saw clearly who was block her, Yu Shuyao gently smiled and said, “Dr. An is also come. Thank you for taking care of Xuan Lin for me these days, and I’m a little surprised when see him today, he was taken care of so well by you.”

Chu Ci put on a fake smile and said, “I did what I was supposed to do. Xuan Lin has taken care of me, and I must be thankful.”

Yu Shuyao still smiled as if she couldn’t understand the sarcasm in Chu Ci’s words. She looked at Xuan Lin and said, “Xuan Lin, please give me a hug in order to clarify our relationship. Just treat it as a family blessing to me, okay?”

Xuan Lin who was remain unmoved before, lifted his hand and put his palm on Chu Ci’s shoulder to lightly patted without traces, as if comforting him, and then said to Yu Shuyao, “You are the Second Miss of Xuan family, this identity is law efficient, no need to do these useless things. I think nobody present will care about such small details.”

At this time, the more indifferent Xuan Lin showed to Yu Shuyao, the happier he was.

He Wen doesn’t mind this and held his future bride’s waist, “The engagement ceremony is about to start, so please sit down on your seat first.”

Xuan Lin bent the corner of his mouth, and pulled Chu Ci to walk to the first row’s seats, he didn’t even want to give Yu Shuyao a look.

When Yu Shuyao saw An Hong also went to the first row, she quickly said, “An Hong, I’m sorry, you should sit in the last row.”

“He is my people, so he has to sit with me.”

Xuan Lin didn’t turn his head while announced the status of the person next to him, then directly pulled Chu Ci to the seat.

This engagement ceremony looked grand like the wedding ceremony. There was exchange rings, and even an event of throw bouquet has been added.

Chu Ci was also regarded as a radish who hate evil as one’s enemy during that time, looked at the bad person and the bad person lived a happy life, he suddenly very upset, especially when he thought the fate of Xuan Lin that would be death in time, his chest felt stuffy from anger.

He secretly pulled Xuan Lin’s hand and said angrily, “Can people like them really be happy together? I’m unwilling!”

Xuan Lin lowered his head and patted the back of his hand, he said softly, “No, rest assured.”

Chu Ci’s eyes brightened in an instant, he turned his head and looked at Xuan Lin, then asked curiously, “Are you certain?”

Xuan Lin bent the corner of his mouth, he nodded and said, “Yes, I’ll tell you when we go back.”

When he saw the confident look in Xuan Lin’s face, Chu Ci instantly abandoned his accumulated anger and looked at the two people who happily kissing each other in front of him. In his mind, Chu Ci began to imagine what kind of misfortune could separate this pair of ‘in love’ villains.

The ceremony ended quickly, and the next step was for guests to send blessings and to get acquainted with the other guests and increase their circle of friends.

Chu Ci looked at a few waves of young girls who went to Xuan Lin to climb the relationship, and he suddenly found that the people in engagement ceremony were all young men and women. This was different from what he saw on TV. Shouldn’t there be parents?

Forget it, Yu Shuyao’s business has nothing to do with him, he doesn’t need to bother. Thinking of the nature of Xuan Lin who was originally straight, Chu Ci suddenly observed it in schadenfreude.

As he watched Xuan Lin was chatting patiently with the young girls around him, Chu Ci suddenly let out a snort in his heart and began to disturb the system again.

Chu Ci: “System, I feel that the Little White-flower has changed a lot recently, and there is often the smell of the Little Wild-flower. Moreover, the Little Wild-flower doesn’t seem to appear much during the day. He should not think I’m cheating, right?”

System: “Why are you so unconfident! This is because the two personalities are slowly merging.”

Chu Ci: “Is it? Why do I feel that the two personalities are divided clearly at night.”

System: “This kind of sovereignty problem should be slower to merge. I think both personalities are quite stubborn, and perhaps it’s possible to integrate in this respect or maybe it’s not.”

Chu Ci: “Sigh~ Anyway it should not be worse than now.”

“Xuan Lin~” Yu Shuyao called with casual voice as if nothing had happened.

Chu Ci subconsciously raised his head and looked at Xuan Lin’s direction. The man was still surrounded by a group of girls. He seemed completely didn’t hear Yu Shuyao’s voice. At the same time, those girls also apparently didn’t take Yu Shuyao seriously, otherwise the girl closest to her would look back at today’s main character.

Yu Shuyao was obviously not very happy, but because of her identity, it was no good to flare up. After being silent for a while, she suddenly cast her line of sight on Chu Ci.

She said warmly, “Is Dr. An have a girlfriend?”

Chu Ci was quivered and quickly glanced at Xuan Lin.

Xuan Lin who had been pretended to be deaf, actually looked up in his direction after this sentence.

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