Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

40) Chapter 23.2 ♬

Chapter 23 Part 2:

This was Chu Ci’s second time visited this mall. His aim was all kinds of stuffs that An Hong’s net worth couldn’t afford. Chu Ci thought about what was the most expensive and best to keep in his mind. He wanted to hide it up.

Of course, he disturbed the system this time.

“System, what’s the best item to keep?”

System: “Diamond, diamond is long-lasting and forever valuable. You, this is certainly not within my job!”

Chu Ci: “This is compensation!”

Chu Ci searched in An Hong’s memory for a circle, and indeed the diamond was very valuable because of its rarity, so he decided at this!

Chu Ci raised his head and pretended to look around curiously. He was waiting for Xuan Lin to say that he could take a look at what he want to buy.

However, instead of waiting, his hand was pulled by Xuan Lin as they went to the elevator.

Chu Ci watched as the floor where diamonds were available fell under his feet, he shouted in his heart, but it was useless, the Little White-flower couldn’t hear it.

When the Little White-flower pulled him down the elevator, what appeared before his eyes were all kinds of clothing that he was not interested in. This stuff was the most difficult to preserve.

Chu Ci could only let the Little White-flower led him into the store, picked and tried the clothes on.

After an hour, Chu Ci felt more tired than two hours of bed exercise.

Finally he was get free when the Little White-flower nodded.

After spending two hours, the Little White-flower at last bought a suit with Chu Ci. When the clothes were packed, the Little White-flower looked around and said, “Go and see what you like.”

Chu Ci shook his head. After Xuan Lin finished paid, he pulled him to the elevator, “It’s too expensive, I have quite a lot of that clothes!”

The Little White-flower’s mood was pretty good, the ten fingers of their holding hands were clasped together as they entered the elevator.

“I have enough money to use, no need to save money for me.”

Chu Ci said honestly, “It’s not to save money, but to wear such an expensive thing, I will usually be reluctant to wear it.”

Xuan Lin sighed: “You ah!”

Soon the elevator reached the floor where Chu Ci’s mind thinking.

This time Chu Ci took the initiative to pull Xuan Lin out.

He walked to the jewelry counter with a clear aim and looked at the dazzling diamond jewelry inside. After considered over, he thought that only the ring was the most suitable. If he bought necklace and earrings, the sensitive target may suspect that he was cheating.

The Little White-flower followed Chu Ci’s gaze and seemed to understand his meaning as his face blushed again. He grasped Chu Ci’s hand tightly and said, “Do you want to buy the ring?”

Chu Ci looked at the Little White-flower and nodded seriously.

The Little White-flower quickly followed him to look at the ring together.

“This is more suitable for you.” The Little White-flower said in a low voice while pointed to somewhere.

Chu Ci looked at it, the diamond was a bit small, but there were two pieces packed together, it seemed that they were bought together.

He remembered that Yu Shuyao’s earrings were all bought in pair, he also should not get less than two. He decisively pointed to the Little White-flower selection and said, “Then this!”

The clerk took the ring out and said, “Do you want to try it on?”

The Little White-flower held that pair of rings in his hand.

Chu Ci saw the Little White-flower took a ring and immediately put it on him. Then he went to pick the second one, but the Little White-flower put it on his own finger this time.

Chu Ci opened his mouth to say something, but swallowed it back. Is this silly boy misunderstand something? However, the other party didn’t notice it, as he looked at the ring on his hand excitedly.

Chu Ci turned his head to look at the clerk, and saw the other person showed the expression of clear understanding on her face.

Two small diamonds instantly became a small diamond, which was a big loss! No matter what, he would secretly take it back and then hide it away.

Chu Ci deliberately took off the ring on his hand and placed it down, “Then pack this for us.”

The Little White-flower was obviously unwilling. He hid his hand and said, “Just wear it. Isn’t the ring bought to be wearing?” After speaking, he even whispered to Chu Ci’s ear, “I’m not going to take it off.”

Chu Ci looked at the Little White-flower who paid the ring in the front, the tears in his heart had flowing into river. His start-up funds suddenly dropped by half!

One day he would steal another one back!


In a blink of an eye, it was the day of Yu Shuyao’s engagement.

Chu Ci understood that the reason Xuan Lin asked him to buy clothes was actually in order to participate in this engagement party.

But looked at his handsome self in the mirror, Chu Ci felt that he really needed to dress up well, so that he would be worthy of the great beauty beside him.

Xuan Lin showed some lack of interest at Yu Shuyao’s engagement, and he had to finish his work before going.

When Chu Ci and Xuan Lin stepped into the hotel, the engagement ceremony was about to begin, and it looked somewhat grand.

Yu Shuyao was wearing a pink long dress. When she saw Xuan Lin appeared, her eyes were brightened up and quickly approached to greet him.

Yu Shuyao directly walked to the front of Xuan Lin and said happily, “Thank you for coming. Is your body okay?” She said this with inexplicable expression on her face. Then she held Xuan Lin’s hand and said, “I have been reflecting for very long during this time. Thank you for forgiving me. Although I can’t be Big Brother Xuan Lin’s wife, but we can still become relatives, right? After lived together for so many years, I actually had long been regarded the Xuan family as my own family.”

Xuan Lin pulled back his hand and said coldly, “Xuan family has stopped welcome you.”

Yu Shuyao looked at Xuan Lin in disbelief, and suddenly said in a low voice, “Are you still angry with me?”

Xuan Lin calmly looked at Yu Shuyao, and said, “No, I’m very good now, and I will not be angry with boring people.”

Chu Ci looked at the man beside him with some surprise. He didn’t expect such cold and indifference words to be said by the Little White-flower.

At this time, He Wen, another main character of this engagement, was also came over and said while smiled, “Thank you for willing to let me together with Shuyao, I will make her happy.”

Xuan Lin frowned, he looked at the guests around him and said, “Whether the two of you will be happy or not in the future, only you knows it clearly in your heart.”

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