Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 48.2 ♬

Chapter 48 Part 2:

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that the person in his dream stood alive in front of him, and his temper suddenly gone.

“A-Ning, I’m hungry. You slept for a long time.”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes blankly, then wiped his face to make himself fully awake and sat up from the bed. The sun outside had already risen above three pole time. He slept very late yesterday and no one called him to get up in the morning.

It was reasonable to say that Luo Mei would come to serve the crown prince in the morning. This person may be lazy again.

He jumped off the bed, while putting on his clothes he said, “His Highness, wait for a while, I’ll immediately get you something to eat.”

When he was about turned around to go out, his eyes swept Moqi Sui’s neat hair and said strangely, “Is Luo Mei come over?”

Moqi Sui shook his head and said, “No.”

Chu Ci said strangely, “Then, who do your hair and clothes?”

“I did it myself.” Moqi Sui said while looking at Chu Ci with a look of want to be praise, “Luo Mei told me that people who wear clothes and comb the hair on their own will be liked by others. Do you now like me more?”

Suddenly, Chu Ci felt a little distressed in his heart. Even if he couldn’t act as the crown prince, he was still the first prince. Without the emperor’s attention, even the little palace maid doesn’t care about him.

He looked at Moqi Sui’s expecting eyes and nodded his eyes, “Yeah, I like you more. So I’ll go and get something for the more likeable His Highness to eat, you are waiting for me here.”

After speaking, Chu Ci left the Bie Courtyard. He walked to the imperial kitchen according to the road in his memory.

It was still very quiet at this time, he couldn’t see a person, only the occasional sound of insects.

When Chu Ci passed the small rockery at the side of road, he suddenly heard a male voice, scared him into a jump.

“Your courage is getting bigger and bigger.”

“When will you be able to dispose him? The emperor hasn’t mentioned him for half a year, maybe he gave up.”

“Don't worry, everything is under control. My imperial father’s health is getting worse and worse. You will be wronged for a few more days.”

When Chu Ci who listened for a while, heard the words imperial father, he shocked and realized that he heard something he must not and quietly left.

The man was obviously a certain prince, and if he was discover, he would be certainly dead.

It was a rare encounter and he could die so easily. It was better to concentrate on holding the foolish crown prince’s legs.

The imperial kitchen was still prepared food for Moqi Sui. Chu Ci took the lunch and immediately went back.

Moqi Sui hadn’t eaten anything until now and must be hungry.

In fact, he was also a little hungry.

Chu Ci endured his gluttonous thought and hurried back to the Bie Courtyard.

When he walked to the front door, he found that the wooden door that he properly closed when he left actually opened a crack. He could not help but stunned and quickly ran in.

But he soon stopped his footsteps, because he had heard the voice of Moqi Sui.

It was clear that Moqi Sui didn’t run around.

“Xiyue, I’m so hungry, can I eat it?”


After Moqi Sui finished speaking, an impatient female voice rang out.

When Chu Ci heard this female voice, he immediately took back his hand that wanted to push the door. This voice was exactly the same as the female voice that he had just heard at the rockery.

He secretly looked through the door crack. A beautiful woman in the room was sitting on the chair, but the target stood there foolishly. There was a plate of pastries on the table, and Moqi Sui asked the woman’s consent for each piece.

Chu Ci suddenly remembered the conversation he had just heard at the rockery, and was shocked.

Xiang Xiyue actually wanted to kill the target!

“Xiyue, can you play for a little longer?”

“Let go, if you’re like this, I won’t come to see you next time!” Xiang Xiyue’s stern rebuke made Chu Ci shook in fright.

After he recovered, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching the door and quickly lowered his head.

Hearing the footsteps farther away, only then Chu Ci raised his head and looked at the direction of Xiang Xiyue’s departure, while frowning.

This Xiang Xiyue was originally an ordinary palace maid, and accidentally took a fancy by Moqi Sui in his childhood, allowed her to become a master from a servant. He thought she just doesn’t like Moqi Sui, but he didn’t expect that she actually has thought to kill him.

Chu Ci quickly entered the room, and saw Moqi Sui stood pitifully there while looked at the entrance.

Chu Ci said, “She is so fierce, what do you like about her?”

Moqi Sui immediately changed his pitiful expression and said angrily, “Don’t say bad things about my future empress!”

Haha, empress.

Chu Ci’s temper suddenly flare up, he placed the dishes that he held in his hands heavily on the table and said, “Your lunch!” Then he strode to the door of the Bie Courtyard, returned to his post.

However, not long after he stood at the door, the door was knocked from the inside, and then Moqi Sui’s voice came through the door.

“Can you eat with me?”

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