Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 28.1 ♬

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Chapter 28: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.3)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci sat on the carriage, felt boring, he took out the seven colored glass and looking at its left and right, but he didn’t see any butterfly special effect.

There were so many tricks in this game.

However, Chu Ci was still full of curiosity about special effect. He played pure martial arts games in the last world. There was no such thing as special effect.

The carriage drove past the small road between the mountains, as the dust behind the carriage realistically raised all the way.

It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to see a majestic city in front of him. Every detail of the buildings inside were the same as the real one.

He came out after the driver stopped the carriage at the public square outside the city gate.

Chu Ci looked at the huge plaque hanging on the city gate as the breeze gently blew his hair. Everything real as if in his memory.


Chu Ci read the three words on the plaque aloud one word at a time, before raised his foot to enter the city.

“Oh, Little Beauty, still wearing the worn out clothes gives by the village head, you just out of Novice Village, right? Did you come to Yangzhou City to find a master?”

Just after Chu Ci took a step, a tease voice sounded beside him.

He stopped and looked to the side. A man in white clothes with medium look was walking towards him with a smile, as he narcissistically shaking the fan in his hand.

Chu Ci raised his eyes, then directly turned around and walked towards the city gate without waiting for the man to approach him.

He didn’t have time to waste on such an insignificant person. Moreover, this person look was not conform to his preferences.

Thinking of the information given by the system that the target this time was the most handsome boy in the college, Chu Ci’s mind immediately full of fantasy. The target must be very attractive, he liked to get close with beautiful people.

“Oh, Little Beauty has a big temper.”

The man who was left behind by him suddenly appeared from above Chu Ci’s head. He landed in front of Chu Ci and turned around.

“Is Little Beauty lack a master? I can take you to satisfy level painlessly~”

Chu Ci walked to the side, and the man blocked him again.

“Where is Little Beauty wants to go? I can take you there~”

Only then Chu Ci stopped his footsteps and looked at the man in front of him suspiciously, “Then you take me to Bailu building.”

The white clothed man closed his fan and said, “So Little Beauty wants to go to Bailu building! As I said earlier, I’ll take you there. What do you want to buy? I can give it to you as a gift to my disciple~”

As he was speaking, he walked side by side with Chu Ci to Yangzhou City.

“To find Chui Yan.” Since the other party was willing to take him to Bailu building, Chu Ci reluctantly answered the other party’s question.

“Why are you want to find him?” The white clothed man turned the fan in his hand and said, “Besides a little money, Chui Yan is not as handsome as me. Moreover, people like him who make money in the game can be poor in reality.”

Chu Ci raised his eyes and looked at this person beside him. When he thought about the target in the first world, he still believed in the aesthetic of the system.

He frowned as he looked at the person next to him who was constantly trying to get close to him, and said doubtfully, “Why are you so good to me?” Chu Ci was sure that he was a man. This man bothered him like this, he certainly doesn’t have any pure intent.

Thinking of his bitter lesson from the previous world, Chu Ci frowned: I don’t want anyone to top myself. But after thinking again, he silently added another sentence: except for the target. Who called the target was the one controlled his life and death.

The man opened his fan again and fanning, “I’m the person who have protective feelings for the fairer sex. Little Beauty is so beautiful that you should be protected.”

So he fell for my face, good taste.

Chu Ci silently praised in his heart, then he grinned at the white clothed man and said, “This is what I adjusted. I let the game system adjust it to the best look for me. Apparently the result is good.”

The man’s shaking fan paused for a while, and then he laughed, “A honest person like Little Beauty is the first one, make me have to believe that your real look is exactly this beautiful. And everyone knows that the game system helps adjust your look according to your original appearance, otherwise, wouldn’t the beautiful people in the whole game look exactly the same?”

Chu Ci doesn’t know much about the small details of this game, so he doesn’t know about this. However, it didn’t prevent him from driving away this man who has an attempt at himself.

He let out a light sound of cough and said, “I’m sorry, I have a girlfriend. You like this made me very troubled.”

As soon as Chu Ci’s words came out, the white clothed man’s face immediately changed. He directly flung his sleeve and walked away.

“I said how a proper girl is dressed as a man, it turned out she likes girl.”

The man left behind such an inexplicable sentence.

Chu Ci turned his head to look at the back of the white clothed man, wondering if the person who dressed as a man who he said was talking about himself.

But he obviously a man, what does it mean to be dress as a man?

Yangzhou City was so big. Even without him, he doesn’t believe that he couldn’t find a normal person to ask for directions.

Chu Ci had just walked into Yangzhou City. He has not walked a few steps on the main street before his line of sight was attracted to the quaint buildings. What made him even happier was that the words written on the plaque of one of the buildings were Bailu building.

Tsk tsk, it was actually here! No wonder that man doesn’t bother him after he saw him came in, really scheme!

Chu Ci went to the entrance of Bailu building.

The target, Lu Jiang, Chui Yan, this radish came!

The decorating outside Bailu building was more luxurious than the other buildings on the side, it was worthy of the house of the richest man in Dream Back.

However, after Chu Ci came in, he found that it was quite deserted.

In Bailu building, there was only an ordinary-looking person dressed in common clothes stood beside the table while solemnly dialing the abacus, which seemed to be a npc.

It seemed that Chui Yan has not come back yet.

Chu Ci walked over and said, “Hey shopkeeper! I’m looking for your boss, he make an appointment with me to meet here!”

The hand of ‘Shopkeeper’ stopped, he looked up at Chu Ci and said calmly, “Are you Chu Ci?”

Chu Ci looked strangely at the shopkeeper in front of him, and felt that this shopkeeper was a bit different from the npc he had encountered before. He seemed to be more intelligent!

He nodded his head and responded, “I’m Chu Ci. Your boss said that he would buy my seven colored glass.”

The shopkeeper lowered his head and continued to push aside the abacus with his hand, “Where’s the item?”

Chu Ci put the item in front of the shopkeeper and said, “All right, still have to inspect the item?”

Shopkeeper’ put down his abacus and picked up the seven colored glass. After looked at it, he said, “Cash transaction or game currency transaction?”

Chu Ci seemed to hear something wrong, he immediately grabbed the seven colored glass from the shopkeeper’s hands and hid it behind him, he said, “It’s Chui Yan that made me come. You’re not Chui Yan, I can’t give it to you.”

The shopkeeper silently looked at Chu Ci, before said, “I’m Chui Yan.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci frozen for a moment, and then sized up this man with the style of dress and appearance was more ordinary than ordinary npc. He said doubtfully, “You are Chui Yan? How do you prove it? I saw a lot of scammers wants to cheat me. It’s my first time meet you.”

[Chui Yan request to add you as a friend, accept or reject?]

Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives.

Suddenly there was such a frame appeared in front of Chu Ci. He paused and accepted without the slightest hesitation. He had see the novice guide, it said that friends could see where the other party was.

As soon as the request was accepted, Chu Ci saw the words “Chui Yan” above the ‘Shopkeeper’s head in front of him, the guild was Bailu.

Players in Dream Back could only see each other’s personal information above the heads if they were friends.


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