Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 2.2 ♬

Chapter 2 Part 2:

When the housekeeper who was standing in the hall saw Xuan Lin, his eyes suddenly bright up: “Today’s Young Master looked a lot of spirit.”

Xuan Lin smiled softly and said, “After return home, I suddenly felt my whole person a lot more comfortable without the previous heavy feeling.”

Chu Ci straightened his chest proudly. This was all his credit.

The two men were discussing the issue of physical health here, but Chu Ci’s eyes were diverted because the tip of his nose smelt the food fragrance. His eyes lit up when he saw a table full of food not far away.

There were three sets of tableware on the table, which mean one of it may be his.

Hey, even if  the mission in this world was fail, it was also considered to be satisfactory.

Chu Ci who was shocked by what he was thinking, quickly shook his head. This way of thinking was too unambitious! A thousand years changed to a year, if he was so easy to satisfy, he won’t take the risk to cultivate into the human form.

Xuan Lin sat down at one of the seat after talked with the housekeeper, probably worried about Chu Ci’s restraint, he pointed his finger to the seat beside his and said, “An Hong, this seat is prepare for you. You’re hungry, right?”

Chu Ci was only one step slower, he didn’t being reserved. So after Xuan Lin reminded him, he immediately sat down and looked at the dishes on the table, nodded his head: “Yes, I’m hungry.”

“The dishes at home is relatively light, you can try to see if it to your liking.”

“How come, I like the light food, it’s health!” Because of the target’s concern, Chu Ci felt that Xuan Lin this delicate Little White-flower had a holy light shined behind his back, as this person appeared even more beautiful in his eyes! At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel angry on behalf of the target. Why can’t such a good person live long!

Chu Ci picked up the chopsticks, he had practiced it many times in his dream, so it didn’t look like he was use them for the first time.

After he start, Chu Ci was completely immersed in the world of food. He was now a human, he would eat everything that he can eat!

Every time he tried a dish, Chu Ci’s sense of happiness goes up.

Xuan Lin looked at An Hong curiously, wondered how long this person was starve, he looked like someone who had never eaten anything, as even rice was eaten with a happy face.

“Young Master, do you felt anywhere uncomfortable?”

Xuan Lin’s line of sight was interrupted by the housekeeper.

He turned his head to the housekeeper and shook his head innocently, “No.”

The housekeeper looked at the Xuan Lin’s bowl and said, “Although you can eat so much was something I want, but it still made me a bit worried for you to suddenly ate the double portion of the food you usually ate.”

Only then Xuan Lin found that he had unconsciously eaten a lot while observed An Hong.

The housekeeper had always paying close attention to his physical condition so he easily found out, but Xuan Lin really didn’t feel any discomfort.

“No, it’s just my appetite today is good.”

The housekeeper was still worried, so he looked at the certain doctor who was still try hard to eliminate the food, and said, “Doctor An, is it normal for the young master like this?”

Although Chu Ci was eating, he was listened to the conversation between the two men, so he knew in his heart that the target was probably influenced by his primordial spirit force, but to had an effect so quickly, the target’s body can be said to be quite poor.

Chu Ci swallowed the food in his mouth and said, “This is normal, the housekeeper doesn’t need to worry. The food is the fundamental of human. If the young master can continue to eat the normal quantity of food, his body would get better and better.”

After heard the words of the professional, only then the housekeeper put down his heart.

The housekeeper was prepared too many things. Chu Ci was doing his best to eat, but he was still unable to wipe out the whole things. He looked at the leftovers food on the table with regret. He knew that the fate of these things would be dumped, as if sympathized with his own kind.

The target’s body was weak, so there were no other activities. After dinner, he lived the life of the elderly——watched TV.

It was continue until ten o’clock, before Chu Ci couldn’t help but remind, “It’s time to rest.”

He felt very bored! Nothing on the TV was interest to him.

Xuan Lin rubbed his eyebrows, before turned off the TV obediently.

Chu Ci accompanied him went back to his room.

“I want to take to a bath you...”

Before Xuan Lin’s words finished, Chu Ci immediately took the initiative to nod his head and said, “I know, I will help you!”

Xuan Lin originally still hesitate to ask An Hong to help him, when he saw the other party’s initiative, he was relieved.

Chu Ci who was just become a human, was full of interest on everything. He very naturally undressed Xuan Lin. As Xuan Lin going to take a bath, of course he had to take off all his clothes.

After he pulled down Xuan Lin’s trousers, Chu Ci’s expression suddenly frozen, and then there was surprise in his eyes.

It was a sample that he looked for.

Xuan Lin’s little brother was not only have a big shape, it was also good-looking, which fully meet his aesthetic standard. When he cultivated in the future, his little brother will refer to Xuan Lin’s!

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci’s pursed mouth and raised eyebrows, he wanted to remind yet felt awkward to remind. Chu Ci’s gaze were too straight, made him embarrassed. But these expressions only appeared for a moment, the next second all the expressions on his face were gone, and then Xuan Lin looked at his private doctor playfully and said, “What are you looking at?”

Chu Ci was afraid that he would forget the look of this sample so he looked at it a few more times, the more he looked the more he liked it. When the question came from the top of his head, he subconsciously swallowed and said, “Nothing.”

Xuan Lin looked silently at the certain doctor who was still peeking at his lower body, and then calmly said, “Do you want to touch it?”

Chu Ci was stunned, he finally withdrew his line of sight, straightened his body and looked at the target in surprise.

He couldn’t answer this!

Xuan Lin bent the corner of his mouth, and then without waiting for the other party to answer, he walked sideways to the bathroom, while walking he said, “You are wait at the doorway.”

Chu Ci walked out of the bathroom, as he looked at Xuan Lin closed the door, he felt a little strange. He seemed to sense a thread of split personality. But his train of thought once again went to Xuan Lin’s footsteps just a moment ago, which was a lot more steady than when they just met. It was only a few hours have passed since then, according to this recovery speed, it would not take long for the target to become a normal person.

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