Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

39) Chapter 23.1 ♬

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Chapter 23: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.23)


Translator: Mimi

Just like the housekeeper, Chu Ci subconsciously excluded Yu Shuyao this name. He said while walked down the stairs, “Xuan Lin has something to do, you go to rest first, I’ll give the invitation card to him on your behalf.”

The housekeeper nodded in trust. After Chu Ci walked to him, he naturally handed over the invitation card, at the same time he said while smiled, “Then I’ll trouble Dr. An.”

Chu Ci took the invitation card and waved his hand, “I have lived in the Xuan family for so long, but you are still so polite.” After finished speaking, Chu Ci walked to the side of dining table.

He originally wanted to take a look at the invitation card, but when he saw the dishes on the table, he immediately threw the thought about the invitation card out of the nine clouds. The table was full of his favorite dishes!

Chu Ci was in a very good mood in an instant, everything he had envied before now came to him. He really hope that the target in every world was this thigh, so long as he hold it, then he would be okay.

He took a piece of chicken meat and put it in his mouth. While eating, he was thinking about whether to hide some private money, no need too much. If he really completed all the missions, and came to this world to develop, he didn’t have to start from scratch.

Chu Ci carefully calculated his property. The money at his hand was almost all An Hong’s that he couldn’t touch. After counting, he found that Xuan Lin seemed to not give him anything.

It’s not scientific ah!

Thinking of the Little White-flower who spent so much money for Yu Shuyao at that time. Now he was accompany him eating at daytime and sleeping at night, but he actually didn’t receive any precious gifts? He wouldn’t even get a second-hand car.

Chu Ci inexplicably beginning to feel unwell.

As he was in a bad mood, the system who standby 24-hour in order to help him was going to suffer a calamity.

Chu Ci: “System ah~~~”

System: “What?”

Chu Ci: “Why doesn’t the target send me anything? Are you sure he likes me?”

System: “The split personality is getting better, what do you say? Moreover, even if he gives you something, you also have no use for it and can’t take it away with you.”

Although the system’s words were rough and reasonable, Chu Ci couldn’t help but mutter, “Even so, he should gives it.”

Thinking of himself would immediately leave after the target’s death, Chu Ci felt that this setting was very unreasonable. Maybe the target would give the property to him, right? But when he thought that himself in this world could only be regarded as a trace of lonely soul, without identity and body, nothing to get, he felt discouraged.

He was not reconciled!

Chu Ci hardly chewed the meat in his mouth. How could he feel that no matter how hard he worked, his salary wouldn’t rise, even tip had not given.

“Are you not satisfied with dinner?” The Little White-flower’s voice came from behind.

Chu Ci turned his head to look at the stingy person who doesn’t send even a gift to him with the expression of secret grudge in his eyes. However, after looked at him, the Little White-flower focused to his red glowing eyes, which just like the rabbit looked at radish!

Thinking of last night’s torment, Chu Ci swallowed his saliva, and pretended to ask calmly, “Are you okay?” After what happened last night, he now no longer care who was who, because those two personalities didn’t have self-conscious!

“En.” The Little White-flower walked to his seat and sat down, the whole person seemed in a good mood.

Of course, these were all exchanged in expense of his integrity.

At this time, Chu Ci didn’t care whether the Little White-flower would feel jealous, he couldn’t help but say, “Will you two have any problem?”

“Are you concern about me?” Then the Little White-flower said to Chu Ci, “It’s not that much problem.”

He must be clear about Xuan Lin’s body. Since he said it was no problem, then it would be okay.

Chu Ci hated the fact that neither the Little Wild-flower nor the Little White-flower gave him gift. In addition to the torment last night, he temporarily wanted to get angry for a while. He lowered his head to eat, then his line of sight glimpsed to invitation card that he threw aside before.

He suddenly rose from his seat and took the invitation card, he said while pushed the invitation card in front of Xuan Lin, “This is for you.”

The Little White-flower looked at the invitation card doubtfully. After a glance, he knew what thing it was, but he still wrinkled his eyebrows and opened it.

Chu Ci said while took dishes into his bowl, “Will you go?”

The Little White-flower lifted his eyes and looked at Chu Ci, he said seriously, “Do you want me to go?”

Chu Ci used his recently learned love knowledge to think of the Little White-flower’s reason to ask this question, but he couldn’t get what the reason. He could only said doubtfully, “Why do you ask me this? Do you want me to help ask you another personality?”

The Little White-flower thought for a while and said, “I’m going.”

Chu Ci immediately nodded his head considerately, “Good good.”

The Little White-flower looked at Chu Ci who kept eating, he asked doubtfully after a while, “Aren’t you jealous?”

Cough cough cough——

Chu Ci directly choked because of this baseless sentence from the Little White-flower. His brain quickly filtered the things that he recently learned, then he said, “Why should I feel jealous? I’m confident in you. Moreover, you are going to take me along, right?”

The Little White-flower nodded, and then asked again, “Do you mind if I tell her my relationship with you?”

“I’m not.” Chu Ci’s words made the Little White-flower moved his chopsticks with satisfaction.

Chu Ci lightly breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn’t do anything with the learned knowledge all at once, it couldn’t be compared with the real situation. He almost gave himself away.

The Little White-flower glanced at the date on the invitation card, then said while smiled, “My body is good, I will take you out shopping.”

Chu Ci’s heart moved, as he looked at the Little White-flower in surprise. He was going to give him a gift!

Then he show a beaming smile. His secret grudge with the Little White-flower just a moment ago suddenly all gone.


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