My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

39 - Another World Traveler



Becuase of the bright sunlight entering from the window, and the squirming sensation on her abdomen, Calcedonia woke up from sleep.

After her consciousness cleared up, she could see the true identity of the squirming feeling on her belly.

And there was also the warm feeling on her back.

“Erm…… What are you doing?”

Calcedonia asked the person who was hugging her from behind, while trying to turn her head around.

“Nnn, I’m touching Calsey’s belly.”

The person behind her, whom you could even call her life partner, answered with a jolly tone.

“Calsey’s skin is so smooth. I could rub it forever.”

“Iyan~ It tickles.”

Even though she complained, the happiness in her voice was clearly noticeable.

And because he understood that, the boy— Tatsumi didn’t stop touching.

Right now, both of them were completely naked. As they were cuddling with the warm pelt, while completely giving themselves to each other.

Ever since the incident with the [Magic Painting], the two have been going to sleep completely naked while entrusting themselves to each other like this almost every night.

It’s not like they had loving intercourse every night. Even without it, just by being able to feel each other like this, they were plenty satisfied.

Tatsumi’s nose was touching Calcedonia’s hair who was squirming because of ticklishness, and silently took in her aroma.

“You smell like the old Chiiko… But maybe it’s my imagination…”

Tatsumi quietly said. And Calcedonia closed her eyes in pleasure after putting her palms on Tatsumi’s, who was still touching her abdomen.

“……Dear, I have a favour but…”


“Yes, if possible…. When we’re alone together like this, can you call me [Chiiko] like before?”

“Huh? But that’s…”

“I know, that dear wishes to call me [Calcedonia] as you’ve accepted me as a women. I am truly happy. But [Chiiko] is also a name I’ve been given by you… A name by which only you can call me in this whole world. I don’t mind being called [Calcedonia] normally. But only, for times like this when we are one…… I want you to call me [Chiiko].”

Realizing her wish, Tatsumi tightly hugged her soft body.

“I understand. Then only for times like this, I’ll call you [Chiiko].”

“Thank you, dear.”

While feeling the sensation of Tatsumi’s warm body with her back, Calcedonia smiled sweetly.


Even while being totally immersed in that happy air, Calcedonia tried to get up from the bed.

“Dear, today’s the first day you will be going to the bar where monster hunters gather right? It’s about time we got up.”

“Well yes. I’m a bit reluctant to leave this warmth on the bed and get up,but. Yeah Calsey, you get up first.”


At the same time Tatsumi stopped talking, Calcedonia started to feel a certain sense of unpleasantness. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she quickly jumped off the bed.

She hurriedly fixed her posture in midair, and landed on the floor by a narrow margin. But that meant exposing her whole naked body under the sunlight to Tatsumi.

After realizing she was completely naked in front of Tatsumi, she raised a cure scream as she covered her breasts with her hand and kneeled down.

And Tatsumi who was now sitting on top of the bed looked at that Calcedonia with pleasure.

“Yeah, a sight for the eyes.”

“Humph! Recently dear has been a big bully!!”

While squatting down, Calcedonia grabbed a pillow from the bed, and threw it at Tatsumi.

But Tatsumi lightly received the soft pillow thrown at him.

After that, both of them started to laugh warmly.

Even with all this, in the end these two were living in bliss.


The two relaxed at home after having their breakfast. When the 4th bell rang, in other words when it was mid-day (In Earth Standards) they left the house together.

The place they were headed to was one of the bars that the monster hunters made base in the town. It was the one Calcedonia used to frequent when she was an apprentice.

The snow was slowly falling as they walked together.

The housewives of the neighbourhood narrowed their eyes with a smile and called out to them in a happy manner, after seeing these two whose intimacy had already become a common sight around the area.

“Oya, if it isn’t Tatsumi and Miss Calsey. Are you going somewhere?”

“You two are always so intimate aren’t you?”

“True, when these two are around even the piled up snow starts to melt.”

Voices filled with warm jesting. And at those, Tatsumi looked away shyly, while Calcedonia smiled happily.

The two reached the main road, and headed towards the center of the city.

And after that being guided by Calcedonia, they entered an avenue a block away from the main road and walked towards the said bar and concurrently, inn.

“……So, you said you’ve also been in this bar’s care before. What kind of person is the master?”

“What they say is, this person came to the continent of Zoysalight about 20 years ago from a far away country! After wandering around the continent for a long long time, the master came to Levantes about 5, 6 years ago, and is currently working as the bar master.”

After hearing what Calcedonia said, Tatsumi imagined a stern middle aged man, the ones you usually see in some hero chronicles.

After travelling around the world working as a monster hunter for years, he had to retire because of a wound or some other reason. Right now he works as a barmaster while guiding the junior generation.

Yeah, it’s as per the usual setting. While Tatsumi nodded a few times in his heart, beside him Calcedonia continued her story.

“Recently because of the place’s high fame, all the skilled monster hunters gather at this bar. When I was here, the reputation wasn’t much because the place was newly opened but, nowadays it has firmly taken the spot of representing Levantes as the monster hunter gathering spot.”

Calcedonia as she spoke, had a strong nostalgia mixed in her voice. Seems like she missed the barmaster quite a bit.

“……… I haven’t been able to show my face around the bar ever since I became an Exorcist but… I wonder if the mistress is okay.”

Oh, so it seems the barmaster has a wife.

A stubborn and stern barmaster, and a gentle, bright wife to support him. Yes, quite the common setting, amongst other things.

As Tatsumi was imagining such a scene, Calcedonia’s excited voice rang out.

“Ah!! There!! That’s where we’re heading, [The Elf’s resthouse]!!”

As he looked, there certainly was a bar at the direction Calcedonia pointed.

It was an establishment with a door larger than a normal house’s. It had the marks of aging, but it had this nice wooden feeling as it seemed to have been properly maintained.

It was a completely tea red brick made building. It had 3 floors. Probably the ground floor was the bar, while the other 2 acted as the inn.

But what caught Tatsumi’s eyes the most was the signboard hanging by the door.

There was a knife, a fork and a beer-mug drawn or it, to claim the place as a bar. Beneath it was drawn a bed, probably to tell the guest it was also a inn.

Recently, Tatsumi was finally able to read the texts of this world, somewhat. But either way, the literacy rate of this world was very low.


That’s why, putting on paintings like this rather than writing it on the signboard, was a good decision.

But what caught his eyes was not the paintings.

Because what caught his eye was the words written on the signboard.

It was written not in the words of this country, with brilliant lettering. But these letters were far more familiar to Tatsumi rather than the letters of this country.

And these letters, should not exist in this country.

“W-Why….Why, is this written in Japanese……?”

Tatsumi looked at the signboard with shock.

[The Elf’s Resthouse], no matter how you looked at it these were written in hiragana, katakana and kanji! In other words, Japanese!


Calcedonia tilted her head in confusion seeing Tatsumi looking at the signboard in shock.

“Dear? Is something the matter?”

“A-Ah…..H-Hey, Calsey. The words written on this…”

“Oh these? I was told these are words from the mistress’s home country.”

Calcedonia explained after Tatsumi pointed at the words.

It seems like even though Calcedonia can speak Japanese, she can’t read it.

But thinking about it, when Calcedonia was a Cockatiel in the previous world even though she could somewhat understand Japanese from Tatsumi and his family’s everyday conversation, there’s no way she could learn to read and write it.

“Then that means…. No way… The mistress of this bar, is a Japanese like me………?”

To think that, there was another Japanese besides himself in this country…… No, in this world!

The feeling that started to grow deep inside his heart, could be called a deep nostalgia.

Even though he told himself he no longer wished for a life in Japan, no matter what he started to miss it there time to time.

If, by chance, the mistress here really was a Japanese, then he could finally share this nostalgia with someone.

While high with expectations, Tatsumi, and Calcedonia entered the bar.


The moment he entered the bar, the smell of beer and various kinds of dishes assailed his nostrils.

Just as he guessed before, the ground floor was the bar. Inside, he saw the counter, and a good number of tables meant for 4 and chairs in place.

There were a bunch of people in armour who seemed to be monster hunters sitting on the chairs, as they stared at Tatsumi and Calcedonia in a crude manner.

Among them were also gazes filled with obvious lust aimed at Calcedonia, and as if to shield her from in Tatsumi stood in front of her.

Right now, Calcedonia and Tatsumi were wearing thick fur overcoats.

While Calcedonia was wearing her usual clothes underneath, Tatsumi was wearing a hardened leather armour and had an iron sword attached to his waist.

Even if he was wearing an overcoat because if was fastened the said monster hunters could clearly guess what was there.

Furthermore, the current Tatsumi had been completely trained as a Clerical knight. Just by his movements it could be guessed that he wasn’t a simple novice.

That’s why, they just glared at the two with crude gazes, and didn’t come forward to say anything. On the contrary it could be said, if Tatsumi put some underlying meaning in their action here, it would be proof of his shallow experience as a monster hunter.

There were also people here who recognized Calcedonia as the [Holy Maiden of the temple of Savaiv] as they started to whisper to each other in low voices.

But even among these probing gazes from the monster hunters, Calcedonia treated it all as wind as she walked towards the counter.

Following Calcedonia, Tatsumi entered as he saw a single woman frantically working in the bar.

Probably, she was the mistress Calcedonia was talking about.  Was she the person from Japan?

That’s what Tatsumi was hoping for. But on the next instant his eyes turned round in surprise.


Involuntarily releasing a voice filled with shock, Tatsumi stared at the lady.

Her height was a bit shorter that Tatsumi, probably around 160 cm. She had a slim body, and her skin was white enough to compare with Calcedonia.

Her light blonde hair had a bit more deeper hue compared to Calcedonia’s silver hair. And as if to oppose her ruby red pupils, the ladys’ were blue like a Sapphire.

And most of all, her pointy long ears which gave rise to a certain feeling. Yes, it was the characteristic of that famous tribe from fantasy world.



She was an Elf.

Till now, Tatsumi didn’t have the chance to meet with a demi-human.

This town and the temple of Savaiv only had humans, as the demi-humans seemed to be the minority.

Even if he saw some in the town from afar, or by a glimps, this was his first time seeing one from such close proximity.

Maybe she heard Tatsumi’s muttering from a moment ago but, the Elven lady turned towards them. And as she did, a hint of surprise, mixed with joy passed through her face.

“Miss Calsey!! You’re miss Calsey right!!? Uwah-, it’s been so long. Have you been doing well?”

“Yes. And it was me who has not been contacting you. Has mistress been well?”

“Yes, of course!! And don’t worry, I’ve also heard of your exploits… [The <<Holy Maiden>> of the temple of Savaiv], was it?”

The elven lady and Calcedonia were smiling as they got to talk to each other after such a long time.

If seems like this elven lady was the mistress of this bar.

But then, who was it that wrote those words on the signboard? No way! Could it be that this elf new Japanese? That’s what Tatsumi was thinking.

And the elven lady who was happily talking with Calcedonia till then, finally looked at Tatsumi.

And then, her face showed an overwhelming amount of shock, as her eyes opened wide.

As she looked at him with her wide open blue eyes, her quivering voice sounded out.

“Eh………….? A-Are you, by chance…. Someone from Japan…?”

The words the elven lady spoke with her trembling voice, was without a doubt in the language Tatsumi was most familiar with, Japanese.


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