Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

38) Chapter 81.2 ♬

Chapter 81 Part 2:


When Chu Ci woke up from hungry, it was already night. He unknowingly moved from the guest room back to the main house. The one transferred him might Lian Cen.

At this time, the sky outside was already dark, and Lian Cen had changed back into the animal form.

Chu Ci stared at the sleeping peacock for a while, then suddenly raised his hand to hammer the quilt beside him.

He did something very regretful.

During the day, he was helping Lian Cen to solve the problem, but the other party ignited his desire, and finally made him have an idea. But this person refused to take the last step, saying that for him to be able to live for a long time, he could only solve his physiology problem like this. However, under the influence of his desire, he told Lian Cen the secret of his special constitution without hesitation, which was impossible for him to short-lived. Then, after being persuaded, this man went all out without worry.

It was now certain that this person would be unscruple in the future!

A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow.

Chu Ci stared at the sleeping peacock in the bed and prayed silently, “It’s best the time of become the animal form at night a bit longer.”

At this time, a scene flashed through Chu Ci’s mind.

During the day when they were in the passionate activities, Lian Cen said a sentence in his ear.

[Chu Ci, my heart moved when I heard these two words, maybe it’s the fate of our last life.]

Chu Ci repeatedly thought about the meaning of this sentence, and then recalled the situation when he reported this name.

It seemed that it was precisely because he said this name that Lian Cen suddenly agreed to let him stay.

Chu Ci felt uncomfortable, he found a big secret but had no one to share.

He could only hold the awakened animal form Lian Cen, giggling on the bed.

Lian Cen had impression of his name, which means that his warning to him in the last world was really heard by him.

Chu Ci was suddenly a little moved. He looked at the peacock Lian Cen who let him hold it, saying in his heart: Since you remember, then I certainly won’t let you down.


More than a hundred years later. The Lian family.

Chu Ci was recline on the couch beside the bed, patting Lian Cen’s wrinkled hand, “Don’t worry, I will come soon!”

After listening to his words, Lian Cen closed his eyes peacefully. His body slowly became a peacock, and his feathers gradually dimmed.

When the feathers completely lost its luster, Chu Ci was also pulled out from this world.


May be influenced by people of this world. With the departure of Lian Cen, Chu Ci actually had a feeling of living enough.

However, the thought of Lian Cen was still waiting for him in the fifth world, he was full of energy again.

The system’s voice arrived as expected.

“Congratulations, the mission of the fourth world has been smoothly completed. I didn’t expect the target to live more than half of the original time. The future world may become more and more affected.”

Chu Ci roughly knew the reason in his heart, but he could only pretend that he didn’t care and urged, “Let’s go to the fifth world, don’t waste time.”

The system was surprise, “Huh? You are in very good state, I thought you need some rest to adjust your mood.”

Chu Ci smiled, “No need, my adapt ability is very strong. As long as I change to a new environment, my mood can be quickly driven by the environment.”

The system was satisfied, “Since you are so energetic, then I will send you over now!”

Just after the system’s voice in his mind fell, Chu Ci felt that there was an attractive force attracting his primordial spirit. He was slowly being pulled into something. Obviously, he had started to combine with the body in the fifth world.

This process took a little time, so Chu Ci focused on the system side.

The system said, “Take advantage of the time when the primordial spirit and the body merge to digest the information.”

Chu Ci’s head felt the familiar pain, before passed in a flash as before.

Chu Ci looked at the information carefully.

This world was still modern times. The target was Yu Yuan, the only son of the Yu family. The Yu family was one of the four major forces in the B province. After going through four worlds, that man’s identity was always wealthy and respectable people, there was nothing to marvel at. He was more concerned about whether his body could be with him easily.

Chu Ci quickly skimmed over the target’s information and looked at his body’s information. His name was Ji He.

When he looked next, he couldn’t help a little surprised. His body was actually the head of Ji family, and the Ji family was also one of the four major forces in the B province.

Chu Ci couldn’t help but exclaim, “System, why are you so generous this time to give me such a strong body?” The previous few worlds, besides the identity of a young master, other identities were all inferior.

The system helplessly said, “These are all found at the last moment. After the future changes, we can’t find you a good body in advance. This Ji He meet with a mishap just a moment ago this time, so just used it.”

“This identity and the target’s identity absolutely well-matched in terms of social status!” Then Chu Ci pretended to care, “This world also hasn’t the female lead?”

The system said, “Isn’t this just good? I secretly tell you, the target of this world is good-looking, and very likely to be pressed by you, you should like it. You can rest assured and bold on your own.”

Chu Ci chuckled and carefully concealed his little thoughts.

Lian Cen wait for me, I will immediately come to marry you.

TL Note:

The end of arc 4 \^-^/❤ Thank you for everyone who reading~ Our MC become a big shot this time

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