Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

38) Chapter 22.2 ♬

Chapter 22 Part 2:

In the middle of the night, Chu Ci hazily felt a restless hand wandering on his body.

“You’re switched back?”


“What happened just a moment ago?”

The Little Wild-flower was silent for a while, and said, “Weak will in special circumstances...”

It was only take minutes for two energetic adults to lit the fire.

However, when the Little Wild-flower raised his gun again, the Little White-flower once again came out.

In the middle of the night, the sound of water once again heard in the bathroom.

And Chu Ci started to relief himself again.

This kind of thing continuous for half a month.

The Little Wild-flower still wanted to struggle, but gradually could only give up. Since then, the Little White-flower and the Little Wild-flower have passed the loving simple life of purely sleeping under the quilt with Chu Ci.

“If the following days are all this beautiful, then I will forgive you for this time mistake.” Chu Ci said to the system in his mind. He was sitting leisurely on the sofa in the living room, while eating melon seeds.

At this time, Xuan Lin walked down from upstairs. At first glance Chu Ci knew it was the Little Wild-flower. The Little Wild-flower now looked at him as if he was going to swallow him whole. Because the Little White-flower was messing up, this person has been abstinent for a long time.

All Chu Ci could do was to walk over and give him a kiss. After the kiss, the Little Wild-flower hurriedly entered the gym. This was what he recently do at home, as if to vent his extra energy.

After Xuan Lin left, the system suddenly reminded, “This person is unsatisfied ~ The feelings of two people are easily deteriorated due to unsatisfied desire~”

“You’re talk too much!” Chu Ci gritted his teeth.

He was really worried about this problem.

The system suggested, “You can try to talk at the Little White-flower.”

Chu Ci thought for a while and felt it made sense. He doesn’t want to wait until the problem arise and felt regret when it was too late.

When the Little White-flower appeared, Chu Ci pulled him to sit on the sofa and said solemnly, “Is there a way of how you will change the personality? He is not feeling well now.”

After the Little White-flower heard Chu Ci’s words, he immediately said with hurt expression, “Do you feel bad for him?”

Hey, I feel bad for myself!

Fortunately, Chu Ci spent all these free days to watch TV dramas, and learned a lot. He immediately comforted, “I’m care about your body. If your desire are unsatisfied, you can get sick easily. You are now just out of illness, it’s certainly no good to restrain for long.”

The Little White-flower felt wronged, “I have none.”

Chu Ci said seriously, “You didn’t have needs, but he is different, he has needs in this regard.”

The Little White-flower said quietly, “I also have needs.”

Chu Ci nodded his head and said, “I will satisfy you if you have any needs, but you also must satisfy his needs.”

The Little White-flower seriously thought for a while, and he said while blushed, “You never taken the initiative to kiss me.”

Chu Ci still thought what would be to pursue, he immediately raised his head and kissed the Little White-flower’s lips skillfully, and then comforted: “It should be this, just say what you want, it’s no good for neither of you to restrain there.”

The Little White-flower’s two eyes immediately gleaming as he looked at Chu Ci. He suddenly pulled Chu Ci’s hand and walked upstairs.

Chu Ci was baffling as he pulled closer to his own room.

Then he was pressed on the bed by the Little White-flower.

The Little White-flower was still blushed, but his tone was very careful, as he said, “I wants it too.”

Without waiting for Chu Ci to react, the Little White-flower quickly took action to the person underneath him.

The Little Wild-flower’s exercise was not done in vain, and it was perfectly used up by the Little White-flower.

Chu Ci’s mind was in disarray now.

Is this the Little White-flower? Where’s that pure Little White-flower go?

The Little Wild-flower, take a look at the sin that you made yourself!

Chu Ci didn’t resist, and let the Little White-flower to do whatever he wanted. He was waiting to watch the good show.

He didn’t believe that the two personalities would compromise on this matter.

Xuan Lin who has been working diligently and earnestly as he continuously moving his hands and legs, suddenly held Chu Ci’s waist firmly, and then let out a sigh sound of satisfaction.

“Sly!” It was the tone of the Little White-flower.

“It’s your first time.” It was the tone of the Little Wild-flower.

Then the person above him began to quickly switch personality. Chu Ci was tossed on the bed until he lose consciousness, and could only moaning. All he knew was that the two personalities had come together and he didn’t slept all night. He felt that his energy had been empty out.

Chu Ci was lying on his stomach in the bed, while complained tearfully to the system, “Where is the good Little White-flower? I feel like I have been cheated!”

The system sighed, “My condole, there are still 9 months, just endure it over.”

Chu Ci continuously lying down until the evening, only then he felt a little bit energetic.

Xuan Lin stayed with him in the room the whole day, but didn’t disturb him to sleep.

“Dinner is ready, do you want to go down and eat something?” Xuan Lin who didn’t say anything, finally opened his mouth.

But his tone was a bit strange. In a short sentence, Chu Ci felt that he heard the Little White-flower and the Little Wild-flower talking at the same time.

He couldn’t help but say in concern, “What’s wrong with you?”

Xuan Lin frowned, “I’m a little unstable with him. You go down to dinner first. I’ll wait for a while before come down.”

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin doubtfully, and saw that he was inconvenient to speak now, so he didn’t continue to ask.

At this moment, the system suddenly said, “Sure enough, I’m guess correctly. His split personality was originally due to emotional opposition, and now they likes the same person, there is a high probability to fix this problem.”

Chu Ci: “If it’s fixed, who would be remain?”

System: “It’s hard to say, because it’s not an authentic split personality, so after the repair, the personalities maybe merged instead of the personality’s reduction.”

At downstairs, the housekeeper just came in from the outside. When he saw Chu Ci walked down, he said in concern, “Dr. An, is your body feel well? You have working hard these days, and Your Master’s body is getting better and better. Your body must be exhausted.”

Chu Ci wiped a bitter tear in his heart, but he still pretended to say honestly, “This is what I was supposed to do, as his personal doctor.”

He suddenly glanced at a red envelope in the housekeeper’s hand and asked curiously, “What is that?”

The housekeeper immediately remembered what he had brought in, as his face became gloomy.

“It’s the invitation card sent by Miss Yu to invite the young master attends her engagement party.”

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