Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

36) Chapter 43.2 ♬

Chapter 43 Part 2:

[World] Thousand Night Colored Glass: Don’t quarrel, I’ll tell you a joke.

[World] Thousand Night Colored Glass: The assassin team with more than 600 members just told me that they have no one to accept my commission now.

[World] Thousand Night Colored Glass: Hahahaha, didn’t it funny?

[World] So That Is All: It’s not funny. It’s not as good as their quarrel.

[World] Yier: Is your task too difficult? The other people used the excuse no one to accept to give you a face, but you are not tactful.

[World] Thousand Night Colored Glass: What difficult, it’s simply killing people, exactly the thing that they are best at.

[World] Yier: Uh...This’s just inexcusable. Is the assassin team going to close down?

[World] Assassin Heart: I have to explain this matter. Just a minute before [Thousand Night Colored Glass] find me, someone had already contract all the online members, so if [Thousand Night Colored Glass] had a demand, I can take your order tomorrow.

[World] Blizzard: What, contract all the members? I remember you said that there are at least 400 online members everyday? You don’t swindle us, right? Who is so rich?

[World] Assassin Heart: Sorry, the client’s name can’t be revealed.

[World] Butterfly Thousand Lily: Weakly saying a sentence. Don’t all those black clothed man who killed the Red Moon guild belong to the Assassin team? I remember that the Assassin team is acting very fast.

[World] Blizzard: What you said is really possible. If this is the case, it’s no wonder that all the Red Moon guild’s members are buried in the resurrection point.

At this time, Chu Ci had arrived at the entrance of Peach Blossom Forest and got off of the carriage. There were more people at this place than the main city gate.

The most surrounding group was onlookers, to the inside was all black clothed man, and inwards were a bunch of people buried at the resurrection point. Some people were unconvinced and want to get up, but they died after just one step. People who have the courage to resurrect were simply not enough to kill the black clothed man.

Chu Ci felt that this was much miserable than him at that time.

[World] Yier: The Red Moon today is even miserable than the last time Enthrall is buried by them. The last time, I also watched. The Enthrall still had the opportunity to resist. This time, it’s as easy as cutting vegetables.

[World] So That Is All: According to my observation, the strength and number of black clothed man are far greater than the Red Moon guild. The Red Moon has no power to fight back at all, but probably for the face, they still keep get up. However, the number seems to be decreasing, I’m afraid that they are go offline.

[World] Blizzard: The bounty is being take off, the assassin team is being contract, and the Red Moon guild is being massacre. Why do I think this is done by the big shot.

Seeing Blizzard’s inference, Chu Ci who originally watching on the side happily, immediately stunned for a moment.

Didn’t all of this too coincidence? Don’t tell me it really Chui Yan’s doing?

Chu Ci thought of the matter he was called mistress, and suddenly connected it to his killing. He was killed after getting married with Chui Yan. At this time, Bai Yimeng’s suspicion was indeed the biggest.

Just as he was thinking wildly, a notice frame appeared in the middle of the screen.

[Your husband Chui Yan invites you to return to his side, agree or refuse?]

It seems that the talk is over? Chu Ci promptly chose agree.

He just wanted to go back and ask this person about the matter clearly.

The white light flashed before Chu Ci’s eyes, and then he returned to the familiar scene.

He turned his head to look around and found that there was only Chui Yan alone left in the building. The previous black clothed man seemed already left.

“Done talking?” Chu Ci sat on the chair with his legs crossed and said, “So, because of who I buried in the resurrection point?”

Chui Yan was in a good mood and said calmly, “My fault.”

Chu Ci looked at Chui Yan doubtfully and then pointed to the World channel’s screen, he said, “Then, did you do this thing?”

Chu Ci just asked when Chui Yan suddenly said, “I have something to do. I’ll go offline.”

After speaking, he immediately disappeared without give Chu Ci an answer.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

[Your husband Chui Yan is offline.]

Chu Ci frowned. What’s so urgent? Even can’t wait for a second.

If this person doesn’t come online in one night, he has to tangle for one night.

Chu Ci could only look up at the World to find answer from everyone’s analysis.

[World] Blizzard: The Vice Guild Master Yi’s Dream suddenly went offline. Red Moon seems to lost his temper by this killing and seems to be calling friends to help.

[World] Blizzard: There is no shortage of the black clothed man. I feel that the unknown enemy has bought a fixed time.

[World] Blizzard: The normal person can’t endure to contract so many people even for an hour.

[World] Peaceful: The people who can have this financial resources, I can only think of Intoxicated Heart and Chui Yan. These two people are the most suspicious.

[World] Seventh Month: I’m more stand for Intoxicated Heart. I heard that Intoxicated Heart is a rich second generation. The money on his wealth list is all exchanged from the cash.

[World] Stone: I also stand for Intoxicated Heart. Although the big shot Chui Yan is rich, but he didn’t join the sect or guild since entered this game, just wholeheartedly doing the business. It’s clearly a person who earning a living by the game.

[World] Wen Yu: I think it’s Chui Yan, because I don’t think he is a person who lacks money.

[World] Peaceful: Tomorrow Monday, the wealth list would be updated according to the game currency that everyone carries. If these people are really hiring by the big shot, then the first place would definitely be replaced by Intoxicated Heart.

Chu Ci could only recline on the chair of Bailu building and follow everyone to wait for the update of the wealth list at twelve o’clock.

But his mood was very delicate now.

If this thing was really done by Chui Yan, why was he so good to him?

He doesn’t know if it was an illusion. Chu Ci felt that his current mood was somewhat similar to the mood he felt at that time with Xuan Lin over there.

After three hours, there were still many people discussing in the World. Because the black clothed man didn’t missing, that mean the mysterious person was hiring the assassin for at least three hours, which was a huge expense.

Chu Ci was not in the mood to do other things.

At half past eleven, someone once again reported the situation on the scene.

[World] Yier: The friends who came to support are also pressed together in the resurrection point. Now the number of people in the resurrection points is getting less and less, it should be they are continuously go offline.

[World] Peace: This is a little humiliating.

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