Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

36) Chapter 21.2 ♬

Chapter 21 Part 2:

“I’m about to faint!” Chu Ci and the Little Wild-flower had been kisses for many times, so now he let the Little White-flower kissed him, while shouted at the system in his mind.

“What am I going to do? Would it be troubled when the Little Wild-flower come out?”

The system was serious this time.

The system said, “I think it’s very likely not, the Little White-flower is special. To be honest, they are just one person. Maybe his split personality could be cured if his both personalities likes you.”

Chu Ci said in half doubt, “This powerful?”

“I didn’t expect that his blind date to be counterproductive!”

Xuan Lin suddenly backed away, he wiped his mouth and said fiercely.

From his tone, Chu Ci knew the Little Wild-flower came out.

Chu Ci quickly recovered, and his heart thumped. He couldn’t blame the Little Wild-flower or the Little White-flower, and could only scold the system, “What a broken mission! Such cheater! You said that even if there are two personalities, he still has one body. Even there is one body, he still has memory interoperability. Then, didn’t I can only two-timing openly? How I should continue this mission!”

The system knew that he was in the wrong. He kept silent very timely, and let Chu Ci scolded.

Xuan Lin stared at Chu Ci gloomily and said, “You actually don’t refuse him? You really only looks at our face.”

Chu Ci applauded in his heart: This sentence is so right! I likes his face.

But in fact, he could only pretend to say docilely, “I’m a little surprised when he suddenly do that, so I didn’t react.”

Xuan Lin frowned and said, “He likes you also good, so that he wouldn’t be fooled again. I’m angry when I sees his suffer in silence’s look for the sake of that woman! No matter what, we are the same person. I most hate when Yu Shuyao that woman think I love her badly.”

Chu Ci was stunned as he looked at Xuan Lin.

“He unexpectedly...so easy to talk?”

Xuan Lin was right, if the Little White-flower didn’t like Yu Shuyao anymore, not only the Little Wild-flower was happy, he was also happy. He would feel a kind of relief. It was especially good to think that the Little White-flower would never be sad and broken-hearted for this woman again!

Xuan Lin lightly snorted and said, “This time he has good taste, but he actually hasn’t been able to guard against it for so long!”

Chu Ci said strangely: “Guard against what?”

“It’s nothing!”

Chu Ci still felt a little uneasy, “Are you not angry?”

Xuan Lin hugged Chu Ci and whispered, “It’s useless to be angry. He likes you must be influenced by me. It’s my careless. Just let him likes, and that person’s like is also only a thing like that, there is no threat.”

“What does he mean? Why don’t I understand it a little bit?” Chu Ci didn’t understand Xuan Lin’s meaning at all, and could only ask the system for help.

“Maybe he thinks that the Little White-flower is also a part of him, so it doesn’t matter. Our people have also analyzed his circumstances. It’s not an authentic split personality. The authentic split personality wouldn’t share each other’s memories and feelings. His split personality looks as if there are existence of two people, but he actually the same as normal people. It’s almost similar to the situation where you are angry and not angry, except that the personality gap between the two cases is enlarged. Therefore, it’s much easier for the target to accept another personality. That’s why I wants you to hook up with both personalities.” The system paused for a moment, before said, “In addition, he feels that the Little White-flower wouldn’t sleep with you, so he doesn’t care.”

Chu Ci felt it was also right after thought about it. With the Little White-flower’s shy personality, who had never in bed with Yu Shuyao after so many years, and all shy after kissed. How could it be possible for them to develop to that stage after only such a little time with him.

Thinking of he only need to holding hands and talking with the Little White-flower, Chu Ci mood was inexplicably good.

Chu Ci: “Does this mean that I have gotten both of them settle?”

System: “I feel it’s about the same.”


At night.

Chu Ci was sitting on Xuan Lin’s body while doing exercise with him. His butts felt sore.

He has been said that he can’t do it anymore many times, but the Little Wild-flower still refused to stop, saying that he would also used the Little White-flower’s share on his behalf.

Chu Ci’s tears could only be swallowed into his stomach. While the words that the Little Wild-flower said so good, all was deceptive! The radish that has been living for thousands of years was still blinded by flowery speech!

He was a bit worried about whether he would shed his anus. This word was found in An Hong’s memory, it could not be more suitable to describe his current situation.


The next day, Chu Ci shrank in the quilt, doesn’t want to get up. The physical overdraft and lack of sleep at night, the power of his primordial spirit was not strong enough to make up for it and would take a while for his body to return normal.

“Are you all right?”

Why did the Little White-flower come out early in the morning?

Chu Ci immediately sobered up, as he looked at Xuan Lin with surprise. The other party sat naked beside him, and although he looked at him red-faced, there was worry in his eyes.

The Little White-flower softly complained, “How could he even use my share!”

Since the Little White-flower got up, then he would also get up and took advantage when the Little Wild-flower was not present to hurriedly stabilize the Little White-flower’s feelings.

Chu Ci sat up on the bed, he pretended to be at ease, and said, “I’m all right. Let’s go to have breakfast together, I’m also hungry.”

The Little White-flower blushed and nodded his head.

Chu Ci skillfully jumped out of bed. After dressed up, he brought the clothes to the Little White-flower, and then habitually turned his head to let him dressed without be seen.

“You don’t have to turn around.” The Little White-flower’s voice faintly came from behind.

See or don’t see?

Chu Ci thought about it, and then turned back. Look, the person has invited, it would be his lose to not see.

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