Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

35) Chapter 43.1 ♬

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Chapter 43: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.18)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was a radish that amenable to coaxing but not coercion. This tone of Chui Yan made him gave up the idea of eavesdropping in the guild territory.

When he reacted, he was already standing on the main road of Yangzhou City.

Chu Ci raised his head and looked at the red roses in the sky and sighed. He took out the Invisible Pellet from the bag and threw it into his mouth.

It was better to be careful in this situation.

But hiding in the outside, if he was not dig up stuffs, it was quite boring.

Should he went to dig treasure?

Chu Ci thought about it and shook his head. He only need to dig once to dig a treasure, boring.

He couldn’t think of the place he wanted to go. Chu Ci slowly walked to the gate of Yangzhou City.

He looked around and didn’t see the familiar figure, then he followed the road when he walked with Chui Yan before and came to the shore of the beach. It was probably not convenient for dating, so there was no one in this place.

At the moment, it was night in the game, and a round bright moon could be seen on the water surface. There were crabs and turtles crawling across the beach from time to time.

Chu Ci was boring, he picked up a small wooden stick and poked the turtle, but the other party continued to crawl forward.


Chu Ci sighed and sat down on the ground.

Chui Yan doesn’t let him listen at the side, then didn’t that mean he wouldn’t know who killed him and the reason this time?

How about return to ask after a while? He was the victim. He has the qualified to know who killed him!

There was nothing to look besides the monotone water and beach here. Chu Ci could only look up at the World channel.

Bai Yimeng and that Red Moon’s wedding blessings were still incessantly brushing without stopped since the announcement.

[World] Changge: I just looked at the bounty list and found that the big shot’s bounty seems to have been take off.

Even if the World channel brushing very fast, inevitably there would be always people who could find different information from it. As soon as this information came out in the World, many people broke other formation of people.

[World] Scatter Three: So, is someone earn this 20,000 yuan?

[World] Graceful Flower: That’s not necessarily, it may be canceled by the big shot. Do you see any movement from him? I think that 20,000 yuan of bounty is definitely just to show off.

[World] Consider: I also think that the big shot Chui Yan didn’t so wealthy as the imagined. The game is probably his way of earning a living, and in reality, he just an ordinary person. He may only pretend to be willing to part with 20,000 yuan.

[World] Graceful Flower: Like this, are you say the big shot also going in the same route as Ou Emperor?

Chu Ci looked at the people in the World who said grapes were sour when one couldn’t eat them, and curled his lips. Whether or not Chui Yan was stingy category, he still well aware of the situation. However, it would be nice if the one who took the bounty pointed it out in the World.

Occasionally, a realistic little wind blew across the beach. Chu Ci slowly changed from sitting to lying down.

He found that the soft sandy ground was much more comfortable than the brick ground of the guild territory.

Chu Ci still looked at the World. The small waves of the bounty being take off was soon disappeared. At the same time, Bai Yimeng’s wedding blessings also disappeared. As if the pause button was pressed.

[World] Yier: Red Moon and Yi’s Dream wedding scene seems to be a massacre!

The World channel which has just quieted down, let this news stay for a while, and in this short while, it once again summoned the boring people who like gossip.

[World] Blizzard: Are you sure they’re not playing?

[World] Yier: It’s not likely. I’m at the scene now. The announcement suddenly appeared that a bunch of black clothed man killed all the people of the Red Moon guild. Even Yi’s Dream and Red Moon are laying down.

After speaking, this person took a photo and released it.

Chu Ci took a closer look. There were a bunch of corpses in the Peach Blossom Forest. The two people in wedding clothes were particularly eye-catching. Several black clothed man were intercepted at the edge of the photo.

[World] Peaceful: Although it’s hard to believe, I think it may be really a massacre……

[World] Surprisingly Elegant: It seems to be true. I was at the entrance of Peach Blossom Forest. At the moment, the people of the Red Moon guild returned to the resurrection camp, but they are killed again by a wave of black clothed man who guarding at the camp, and was now bury in the resurrection point.

Chu Ci originally still felt boring. After saw this news, he was very interested. He quickly got up and walked in the direction of the coachman while paying attention to the development of the World.

He was going to watch!

[World] Peaceful: Even if it’s black clothed man, doesn’t have to guess to know they are the people of the Enthrall guild. Isn’t the Red Moon buried the Enthrall a few days ago? This is revenge. However, it’s a bit unreasonable to kill other people at their wedding ceremony ah.

[World] So That Is All: I want to go to the scene to watch on the spot.

[World] Yi’s Dream: [Intoxicated Heart] If you want to fight, just issues the guild battle. Destroying other people’s wedding will only make people feel you are very trash.

[World] Intoxicated Heart: [Yi’s Dream] Didn’t you too narcissist? I don’t carry this blame.

[World] Lost Tune: Support [Intoxicated Heart] Guild Master. We are now engaged in guild activity and have no time to assassinate you. Don’t just blame us of it.

[World] Yier: It doesn’t feel like the Enthrall. I see the Red Moon’s people can’t get up. This group of black clothed man are very professional.

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