Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

35) Chapter 21.1 ♬

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Chapter 21: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.21)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was silent in an instant, and then asked quietly in his mind, “System, are you have program error?”

There was system in the computer that he played. He knew from Xuan Lin that the system program error would happen sometime cause unable to comprehend the thing. The system’s situation now was a bit similar to that.

“I’m fine!” Then the system said in a tone of hate iron for not become steel, “Why don’t you understand my intention?”

Chu Ci pretended to feel guilty as he lowered his head and poked the food in the bowl, while retorted to the system in his mind, “Think carefully about what you just said. Don’t tell me you forget that I’m currently together with the Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin. Although I’m just recently became human, but I have been a radish for a long time, I also know that if you like someone, you have to be single-minded. Now you want me to together with the Little White-flower, don’t you clearly forces me to the road of death? No need to wait until the target die, my future is hopeless.”

The system felt unhappy, he said confidently, “That is not necessary.”

Chu Ci was very helpless with the system’s persist, as his entire face wrinkled up.

His expression was seen by the Little White-flower.

The Little White-flower suddenly said, “Why do you care so much about my affairs?”

The Little White-flower’s voice immediately made Chu Ci returned to his senses from the conversation with the system. He raised his head and looked at the person opposite him.

“Just say you like him, say you like him!” The system encouraged when Chu Ci still didn’t think about what good to say.

Chu Ci shouted in his heart: ‘Your matter is related to my life and death. If I don’t care about you, who do I care about?’ But he couldn’t say that, and he also ignored the system’s idea, he said, “We are friends, and you are very good to me, so I hope you can be happy.”

The Little White-flower looked at Chu Ci meaningfully and said, “Actually, I’m very good now. I don’t care about it. It’s not bad to be like this for a lifetime.”

Chu Ci’s face was crumpled up again, ‘if you don’t care, then I’ll be finished!

At this time, the system once again schadenfreude in the side, and said, “If you don’t listen to my words, you’ll suffer a loss. I will tell you that if you tell him that you like him, you can hook him up in minutes. The Little White-flower could be not pure like his name called.”

Chu Ci said helplessly, “If this could settle my problem, you think I don’t want to do it? But I’m afraid that the Little Wild-flower wouldn’t let it pass.”

The system encouraged, “You don’t really have to tell him that you like him, it’s okay as long as you made him like you. Don’t forget that your mission is to let the target together with the person he likes. As long as he likes you, with his special condition, is the next thing still a problem?”

Chu Ci wavered, after thought for a moment, he suddenly asked in concern, “Doesn’t the Little White-flower likes girl? Is it possible to change his preferences to the same gender?”

The system said, “Other people couldn’t do it, but you maybe capable.”

“What theory is this?” Chu Ci thought about it, and still felt it was the best if the Little White-flower liked others. It would be very dangerous to take the stage himself again. Moreover, he chose two girls yesterday. He should let the Little White-flower went to meet the other girl.

Enlightenment was still necessary before they met.

Chu Ci looked at the Little White-flower with sincere eyes and encouraged, “Go try to like a new person. What kind of couple did you and Yu Shuyao before, neither kissed nor do it. The couple should be like me and him. I guarantee you will never regret it if you personally experience it.”

The system suddenly interjected, “What you said is very dangerous.”

“Don’t disturb me!” Chu Ci said to the system before continued to enlighten the Little White-flower.

When he saw the Little White-flower’s face has obvious hesitation, Chu Ci felt the opportunity came and quickly said, “Go to meet another girl tomorrow, I guarantee it would definitely close to your expect!”

The Little White-flower still quietly looked at Chu Ci, and listened to his long speech. He admitted that he was persuaded.

After thinking for a while, he suddenly said, “If I’m really going to like someone, then I hope that person is you.”

After said this sentence, the Little White-flower’s face started to habitually red up.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes as he looked at the Little White-flower. He began to shout at the system in his mind, “What the hell is going on? The feelings I just said are nonsense?”

The system said happily, “The Little White-flower is fall for you. You are the best person to him besides Yu Shuyao and the housekeeper.”

“Is it?” Chu Ci thought about it and retorted, “No, I’m just taking care of a patient!”

“The key is the Little White-flower only knows so few people, and you get together with the Little Wild-flower, it’s no surprise that he would like you.”

“How I should reply to him? I really wants to agree directly! How can I reply without refusing and agreeing? What about the Little Wild-flower?”

Chu Ci felt vexed and had incoherent speech. He hoped that the time would stop at this second to let him thought about how to answer and then start again. But it was obviously impossible.

At this time, the Little White-flower suddenly stood up, and pulled Chu Ci out of the restaurant with red face, and the two men very quickly reached the parking lot.

Then, the Little White-flower pressed Chu Ci on his car and kissed him.

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