My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

34 - The Enveloping Net


That day,

A number of men surrounded Tatsumi who was about to return home after exiting the temple gates.

Tatsumi remembered seeing every one of these men at least once. But currently they all had this lingering impatience on their faces.

“This time, don’t think you can run away! If we don’t start getting some outcomes soon we’ll be in a pickle!”

Looks like their employer Lalaic was showing discontentment at these thugs because they couldn’t show any results after all this time.

Until today Tatsumi had always been fleeing from them.

Though there was Giuseppe’s orders, even for Tatsumi having to deal with these kind of thugs day after day was becoming unbearable.

But that all ends now. Because Giuseppe sent him new orders telling him he did not need to flee any more.

“Ah, right on time misters. It’s good that you guys came to me by yourselves. Because it would be troublesome if I had to go all over town searching for you.”

Tatsumi said while laughing even though he was being surrounded by them.

The men started to doubt why Tatsumi was so composed in this situation. But these men were people who punched before they thought so in the end they couldn’t figure out why.

“Huuuuuh? The heck are you blabbering about kid? Just come with these uncles for now! If ya listen to what we gotta say properly we just might let you off with only 1 broken limb.”

“No, the ones who will accompany me are you guys.”

Just as Tatsumi said that,

A number of fully armed Clerical knights dashed out of the main gate behind Tatsumi.

No matter how confident they were in themselves, there’s no way some random street thugs would be a match for fully armed Clerical knights.

At first the thugs violently struck back at the Clerical knights, but in the end they were subdued in no time.

“Yo Tatsumi. Good job running all over the place till today.”

The one who called out to him was one of his knight acquaintances. He too was aware of Giuseppe’s plan so until today he was waiting patiently for a chance to act.

“I’ve troubled you with this matter. It seems like Mister Giuseppe is finally done with the preparations on his side right?”

“Seems so yeah. Honestly, it was a bit annoying seeing these people loitering about around the temple gate. We even got complaints from the townsfolk and believers. Finally, since his holiness gave us the okay we too were happy to take care of this mess.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Whaat, no need to be like that. We also know how much you’ve toiled these few days. Sure there are people who don’t approve of your relationship with Lady Calcedonia. But at the least we all are on your side, remember that ‘kay?”

Each and every one of the knights who participated in the operation gave Tatsumi a thumbs up.

“Since if we practice with Tatsumi often, we can be personally treated by Lady Calcedonia herself. So we have fun too.”

“That that. Because you see! My real aim was to get healed by Lady Calcedonia all along! Don’t misunderstand, I ain’t doing this for you!”

“Well said mate. But didn’t you start fuming like it was your own business when you heard someone wanted to make Tatsumi and Lady Calcedonia split up?”

“Wha!? N-N-No, T-Tha is!? I-I mean he did train with us and… Y-Yes and I’m a priest of the Savaiv temple too! I won’t permit anyone getting in the way of two people who’re properly in love!!”

The knights talked among themselves lightly.

But Tatsumi deeply felt thankful once again for the goodwill his seniors showed him.


The day after Tatsumi and the knights caused a disturbance in front of the temple gates.

Giuseppe was meeting with a guest who came to visit him first thing in the morning.

Giuseppe expected this person to visit him soon, but even he didn’t think she would rush here so early.

“Welcome to the temple of Savaiv, Madam Gargadon.”

One of the guest rooms of the temple. After entering, Giuseppe politely greeted the guest.

In return the guest waiting in the room, along with the person she brought returned that greeting to Giuseppe while standing up.

“Please excuse us for suddenly showing up without prior notifications, please do forgive our rudeness.”

—— If you think that, then give us a prior notification. And couldn’t you think of that before you came?

While cursing that in his heart, Giuseppe politely recommended Madam Gargadon—- Schecrya Gargadon to have a seat with a smile.

“And so, for what matter did madam come today?”

“Yes your holiness. The reason I have come today was to formally set the date for the marriage ceremony of your adopted daughter Lady Calcedonia and My son Lalaic, the heir to the house of Gargadon.”

As Schecrya sat down on the chair while wobbling her giant body, she said with a bold smile.

—–At the same time, in another place.

There was an unexpected guest visiting the Gargadon’s estate too just when the madam and eldest son was out.

“Do forgive me for the sudden visit, Earl Gargadon.”

“N-No, I don’t dare. So, what may be madam’s business today…?”

Earl Almond Gargadon was wiping away his sweat in front of today’s guest. This guest was too important for him to offend.

“Actually, it’s about the Earl’s wife and son. Might you have some time to discuss this with me?”

The former Duchess Eleesha Cuoletto coldly said to the Earl with a severe and cold gaze.

“Ho ho! Fixing a date for the marriage of my daughter and your son you say? But, this is my first time hearing Lady Calcedonia wanted to get wed.”

Giuseppe played dumb on purpose.




“Oh my, is that so? But I’ve heard from my son Lady Calcedonia had a relationship of deep mutual love with him. And is it not the duty of the Supreme pontiff of the temple of Savaiv to help bind those together who love each other so much? So I am here to receive his holiness’s permission to bless the two young ones into a happy life. And of course, my house of Gargadon will also help as much as we can. It’s true for the temple too but………… I have prepared plenty of gifts for his holiness to personally show my thanks. His holiness should know that tying a relationship of blood with my house of Gargadon is by no means a bad thing no?”

With a flappy sound, Schecrya’s both fat cheeks were lifted up from the side. Giuseppe judged with difficulty that she was ‘smiling’.

“Oh, personal gifts for me…you say?”

After Giuseppe raised his shoulders as if he was interested, Schecrya’s cheeks further went up.

“Yes. Of course, I have prepared things suitable for someone such as his holiness.”

Schecrya turned towards the person behind her. And in return that person brought out a sack from a large sachet. As he passed it on, there was a metallic ringing sound coming from within it.

“Please, confirm it yourself, Lord Chrysophrase.”

The servant silently passed along the sack, while Schecrya urged Giuseppe.

And then, Giuseppe extended his hand towards the bag with a happy expression.


As the mother Schecrya was speaking with Giuseppe, Lalaic was waiting in another guest room.

A young priest poured tea for Lalaic who was the guest, and silently left the room.

But Lalaic was disinterested towards all that. He was waiting impatiently for his mother to return.

And Lalaic’s impatient character didn’t allow him to wait for long. Although, even he was aware that he could not act violently in this place.

Lalaic stood up and sat down again. He circled the room a couple of times. All this to divert his attention from boredom.

As he was doing that, suddenly there was a voice from the other side of the door.

“Excuse me. Is the person called Lalaic Gargadon in this room?”

Lalaic’s face lit up the instant he heard that voice. Ever since he had heard that voice for the first time, he never forgot it.

Lalaic hurriedly went to the door to open it, confirming if it really was her.

“I-If it isn’t Lady Calcedonia. I-It has been a long time!”

“Yes, it has. Lord Lalaic.”

“S-So, why is Lady Calcedonia here….?”

Killing his happiness from showing on his face, Lalaic calmly asked.

“Grandfather told me to accompany Lord Lalaic for a talk as it would be tedious to wait in the guest room alone. I wonder if lord Lalaic is willing?”

“O-Of course I am. Now now, though it’s a small room please, have a seat.”

Forgetting that this was a room in the temple, the excited Lalaic beckoned Calcedonia as if he was the host.

“Actually, I have prepared some pastry for Lord Lalaic. I wonder if Lord Lalaic is willing to have them?”

“O-Of course! If it’s Lady Calcedonia’s homemade Pastry, then I would be glad to have them.”

Nodding at Lalaic, Calcedonia turned around and clapped her hands.

Responding to that, three male priests entered the room pushing a cart carrying tea and pastries.

The priests then began to prepare the pastries and tea for the two on their own accord like servants.

For Lalaic was a noble, he was used to such behavior. So he, without minding them much, started to eat the pastries recommended by Calcedonia.

At that moment, Calcedonia‘s mouth arced into a very meaningful smile.


Giuseppe took the sack, and lightly shook it as if to ascertain its weight.

And then, he turned his gaze towards Schecrya.

And as if Schecrya understood what Giuseppe meant, she signaled the servant again.

The servant took out another similar sack from the sachet. Of course, this one too was making a cling cling sound.

Seeing that, Giuseppe started to grin. Schecrya guessed that Giuseppe was finally content as she too started to smile.

But Giuseppe then suddenly threw the sack under the table.

The mouth of the sack opened as silver coins poured out all over the floor.

But Schecrya without minding that, stared straight at Giuseppe.

Till then Giuseppe put on a content smile. But now he didn’t even try to hide how disappointed he was.

—- Just what did he not like?

Schecrya tried to hurriedly find out.

Was the amount of coins not enough? Or did he want something other than money?

Come to think of it, the Supreme Pontiff was famous for his magic seal device collection. Was he dissatisfied that he didn’t receive a seal device?

Just as Schecrya wanted to smooth things over.

A deep voice as if it was coming from the pits of the earth resounded in her ears.

“…. Are you taking me for a fool?”[1]

“Eh? N-No, I w-would not dare…”

Schecrya showed an insincere smile in her surprise. But then a roar as if lightning had struck from the sky reached her ears.

“You… FOoooooooooooool!!”


Lalaic was eating Calcedonia’s homemade pastries and chatting with her.

When suddenly he heard a roar like the wrath of the gods from somewhere in the temple.

“W-What in the world was that voice…!?”

“Probably, someone managed to anger someone who definitely should never be angered.”

After hearing that voice, Lalaic half stood up from his chair and looked around restlessly. Calcedonia on the other hand just sipped some tea from the cup calmly.

“A-Angered someone who should never be angered…is it? W-Wha…?”

Lalaic stood up, but then suddenly he felt dizzy as his body rocked slightly and then just like that, he collapsed on the floor.

“T-This is…..!?”

“It’s just a slight anesthetic. It’s not that powerful. Please rest assured as its effect will soon wear out.”





As Calcedonia said that with a composed face, the priests behind her turned around.

“Well then, Mister Verse, Mister Niez. Please do as planned.”

“Roger that, Lady Calcedonia.”

“Leave it to us.”

At Calcedonia’s request, 2 of the 3 priests aka Verse and Niez took out a rope hidden in the cart and proceeded to tie up Lalaic who was under the effect of the drug.

“What is the meaning of this, Calcedonia !? Why would you drug your beloved Lalaic like…?”

“Certainly, as someone who serves God using drugs is a bit unruly… But using the most appropriate method to deal with problems is the gift of human wisdom, don’t you think? And you’re not someone I would feel sorry for even if I drug you.”

Calcedonia smiled sweetly. But Lalaic could clearly see the murderous aura concealed deep within her smile as he was drenched in cold sweat.

“Oh yes, that’s right, you said why I used the drugs right? That’s because it would be troublesome if you suddenly acted violently. I’ve heard the rumours you know? About your habit of destroying everything in your room when you get irritated. This room is one we use to greet nobles. So the things here are pretty well thought out if I say so myself. We really can’t have you destroying all of these expensive temple properties just because of a single outburst of anger now could we? And also——”


Calcedonia narrowed her Ruby red eyes filled with cold killing intent.

“—– I only love one person in this world. I have never ever fallen in love with anyone but that person, not even once. Could you please not selfishly go deciding who I love or not like that?”





As Calcedonia signaled with her gaze coldly emitting her desire to grief, Niez shoved an old rag down Lalaic’s mouth.

But while doing that, what could possibly be the reason for Niez’s own hands to suddenly start shivering as if he was listening to a demon?

After confirming that, Calcedonia stood up and walked to the last remaining priest who was just standing behind her.

It seems like this last priest was standing behind Calcedonia all this time, just in case Lalaic started to get resistive.

Calcedonia then happily glued her body to that priest.

“The one I love… Is this person right here.”

Different from before, her current smile was like a blooming flower made of magic and light.


Then as if to show off to Lalaic, Calcedonia kissed the priest’s— Tatsumi’s cheek with her cherry pink glossy lips.


[1]He says kisama.

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