Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

34) Chapter 20.2 ♬

Chapter 20 Part 2:

“He would be okay with a kiss!”

The system suggested to Chu Ci with very casual tone. He hasn’t gone yet.

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin, as he carefully considered the system’s suggestion. He felt like the system was right, he had seen young couples appeased their angry partner this way before.

Although he doesn’t know the reason for Xuan Lin’s anger, it was better to appease him first.

He propped up the table with both hands and quickly leaned in front of Xuan Lin, then gently dropped a kiss on his mouth, before quickly backed away.

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin who was stunned by the sudden kiss, and a little sense of accomplishment rose from the bottom of his heart.

The Little Wild-flower who had a taut face not long time ago, let out a sigh and said, “I’ll follow you.”

“He’s eating his own vinegar.” The system said.

“Eating his own vinegar?” Chu Ci repeated, and then said, “He is jealous to the Little White-flower? No, is the Little Wild-flower actually so sensitive?”

The system said unhappily, “If he is not sensitive, how could he has split personality because he saw the person that he likes two-timing? Since you can use the computer now, go online more to take a look at how to coax and make your partner feel happy. Your feelings are already false, if your acting is also so poor with a bit attract skill, won’t you just wait for the flaws to show up!”

“Okay okay okay!” Chu Ci quickly nodded his head. All the things related to the target had to be remembered firmly.

In the blink of an eye, it was time to meet the girl.

Chu Ci came to the agreed Western-style restaurant with the Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin. The two men found a place with a good view and saw the girl who they made an appointment with also came in as soon as they sat down.

Chu Ci quickly said, “You quickly let him come out, the time is not much, and we have to explain to him first!”

After heard Chu Ci’s urge, Xuan Lin could only close his eyes. When he opened it again, the Little White-flower appeared.

The Little White-flower has not appeared since Yu Shuyao left. Once again saw him, Chu Ci happily greeted, “Xuan Lin?”

After opened his eyes, the Little White-flower kept looking at Chu Ci who sat opposite him.

He doesn’t know if it was his illusion, Chu Ci always felt that the Little White-flower was looked at him with a hidden bitterness in his eyes.

He rubbed his hands and said, “You should know all, right?”


The Little White-flower’s voice was very calm. It was good he didn’t get angry!

When Chu Ci saw the other party was willing to put up with himself, he said warmly, “Go and see the girl, okay? I can guarantee you that she is good, and you will certainly not regret it after meet her!”

The Little White-flower’s face was still calm without ripple, he suddenly said to himself, “Better than you?”

As Chu Ci’s attention partly on the menu, he didn’t hear what the other party said clearly, and replied, “That’s for sure.”

“Okay, then I’ll go to meet her.” Then the Little White-flower stood up from his seat.

Chu Ci thought of something, and quickly said, “You will pay my meal, right?” Fearing that the Little Wild-flower wouldn’t come back for a little while, so he has to take the preventive measure first.

The stuffs here were quite expensive, and he didn’t dare to spend An Hong’s money casually.

“He is invite you to eat, so that mean I also invite you to eat.” After said that, the Little White-flower walked gracefully towards the long-haired woman dressed in a white skirt by the window side. Chu Ci glanced at them, and when he saw the girl looked at Xuan Lin with happy expression, he felt relieved and chose the food that he wanted to eat.

During this period of time, Chu Ci still observed the two people by the window side from time to time. The two people were talking and laughing, it was likely turn out well!

Suddenly the Little White-flower looked sideways to his direction, and gave him a smile when he looked at him.

Chu Ci froze for a while, before quickly returned a smile.

Why would this man still smiled to him at the blind date?

“System!” Chu Ci wanted the system to eavesdrop on their conversation.

However, the system was silent again.

Chu Ci thought for a moment before let it pass, he never saw the Little White-flower this happy, he didn’t expect to catch the true love for him all at once!

In his mind, Chu Ci had begun planned to teach the Little White-flower how to propose.

When Chu Ci lost in his thought, a girl suddenly stood beside his table.

He looked up strangely, before quickly swallowed down and said, “Excuse me, what’s the matter?”

The girl who was still talking happily with the Little White-flower just a moment ago was standing beside him and said with smile, “Hello, thank you very much for letting me know such a good person, but I don’t think you should force him go to a blind date. If you like someone, don’t care about the outside world’s gaze.”

Chu Ci was confused by the words of the girl in front of him, and didn’t respond until she left.

At this time, the Little White-flower came back. He sat quietly in front of Chu Ci, as if his talking and laughing appearance with that blind date partner before was fake.

Chu Ci couldn’t help but say, “You don’t like her?”

Impossible! The girl’s criterion was tailored for the Little White-flower, and he still talked so happy with her just a moment ago.

The Little White-flower didn’t speak, but his expression clearly told Chu Ci that he doesn’t like her.

Chu Ci’s face immediately collapsed, he shouted in his heart, “Why you don’t like such a good girl?”

“The Little White-flower is lack love, and only likes people who are good to him, and belongs to the familiarity breeds fondness’ type.” The system suddenly came out without warning, and then he quietly suggested, “Maybe you can try~”

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