Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

33) Chapter 79.3 ♬

Chapter 79 Part 3:

Chu Ci was tossed by Lian Cen until the night, and finally stopped before he changed back to the animal form.

Lian Cen helped the two cleaned up before turning into the peacock.

Chu Ci found that after being tossed for the whole afternoon, besides being hungry, he actually didn’t feel uncomfortable. In addition to the exhaustion of excessive physical exertion, he was refreshed, and his resistance to Lian Cen’s doing that thing was also disappeared a lot.

This time, Lian Cen was not as terrible as when he was in rut. Although he was angry, he still did enough of the preparation. The critical time was within the acceptable range.

He moved the food to the bed. While eating, he looked at the silent peacock Lian Cen. He thought in his mind what Lian Cen said before they did it.

The memories of Lian Cen and his animal form were certainly intercommunicate!

He looked at the peacock and said, “Lian Cen?”

The peacock Lian Cen remained silent.

Chu Ci said unyieldingly, “Are you still angry? My heart only has you, I really had no relationship with Lu Qing. I only like you, my body and mind are yours!”

The peacock ignored him, it curled up to sleep after eating full, deliberately staying away from where he was.

Chu Ci said bitterly, “Don’t be angry, I don’t really unwilling to sleep with you. It’s just because you are too frightful that time when in the rut that it left me with a psychological shadow. Jiang Zhu said that if it was a normal people, they have long been dead. It’s not easy for me to stand here alive and like you.”

Obviously, Chu Ci’s hard-working words worked.

Lian Cen looked up at him.

Chu Ci saw that the other party was moved and immediately said, “If it’s like this in the future, I will definitely look for you every day! Ah wrong, I will find you every time I’m in rut!”

Lian Cen looked at him as if to say, “Wait for me!”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and always felt that Lian Cen should have misunderstood.

The next day.

Chu Ci was still sleeping, but feeling that there was something crawling on his body. He raised his hand to slap it, but his hand hit a hairy head without warning. He opened his eyes in shock.

He saw Lian Cen lying on his body.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes confusedly, “What are you doing? My estrus period has passed.”

Lian Cen sneered, “Just as yourself see.”

Chu Ci bewildered. Lian Cen was making love up to the night, until before he changed back to the peacock, saying, “At the moment, it can only this long. Wait for my animal form growth period to pass, and then try again one day one night or two days two nights.”

While settling his three-in-one meal, Chu Ci looked at Lian Cen who had changed back to the peacock. He discussed, “Better don’t? How beautiful life is, why waste time on doing this?”

However, the peacock raised its head and turned to the grain, completely ignoring him.


The next day, Chu Ci still woke up from his sleep at midday.

The previous two days spent a lot of physical energy, plus at night he had been trying to persuade Lian Cen not to take things too hard, but he always said that he wouldn’t listen. It could be said that he was very stubborn!

He looked at the other side of the bed, Lian Cen had went out. This also showed that he was temporarily free today.

Chu Ci put on his clothes and prepared to go out for lunch. These few days he was quite pitiful because every day hungry before eating his fill.

Thinking of Lu Qing, he found out that this man actually didn’t come to find him, so he asked the system.

“System, how is Lu Qing’s little lover?”

“Woke up.”

“It’s good to wake up. No wonder Lu Qing didn’t bother me today. If he doesn’t come, I will rest for a day. Lian Cen’s anger just passed, it’s better to avoid suspicion.”

Chu Ci walked at the big road to the dining room confidently and at ease. There was no one on the road as usual.

When Chu Ci was about to walk to the dining room, he heard a noise not far away. It seemed that many people passed by.

He learned the lesson of Lu Qing last time, he didn’t show up and quietly hid to observe the situation.

He saw Lian Shan took several elderly old men to the inner courtyard. These old men were followed by three beautiful beastman females. This group of people were talking and laughing as they walked in the other direction. Chu Ci didn’t hear clearly what those people were talking about, but it seemed that they should be guests.

That being the case, Lian Cen should not be out today.

After Chu Ci saw the crowd walking far away, he walked slowly to the dining room.

Now eating the biggest. He was just a little subordinate. These relatives had nothing to do with him. He was lazy to waste this spirit.

Turning a corner in the front corridor, one could see the door of the dining room. At this time, Chu Ci just saw Jiang Zhu coming out from the inside.

Considering the fact that this person had helped himself before, Chu Ci immediately greeted her enthusiastically, “Dr. Jiang, good coincident, you looks very good today!”

Jiang Zhu raised her eyebrows and said, “Has these two days been satisfied?”

Chu Ci laughed mischievously, “Quite okay, quite okay! I won’t speak with you, I’m going to eat first.”

When Jiang Zhu saw him ready to enter the room, she said after thought about it, “There are guests at home today.”

Chu Ci stopped his hand that was about to open the door and said, “I know! I saw it on my way to here. I will pay attention not in contact with them.”

Jiang Zhu was silent for a while before saying, “What do you think of those girls?”

Chu Ci thought for a while and said, “Beautiful!” He looked at Jiang Zhu in doubt, “Why ask me this question? Are you still worried that I’m not clear with those girls?”

Jiang Zhu said with a smile, “Those girls are all the wife candidates chosen by the family members for Sir Lian Cen. They heard that Sir Lian Cen didn’t mark the female in his estrus period. They are very anxious. So they take the suitable and single females to the Lian family to let Sir Lian Cen choose the one he likes to mark and become his wife.”

The expression on Chu Ci’s face slowly restrained, he frowned and said, “Choose a wife?”

Jiang Zhu still smiled, “Yes, so what do you think?”

Chu Ci’s face stiffened, looking at Jiang Zhu’s smile, he hardly pulled a smile, “That’s really congratulations! I can be free!” After speaking, he went directly into the dining room and blocked Jiang Zhu outside.

“System, tell me what Lian Cen is doing now!”

System: “After meeting with the guests, he get acquainted with the three females.”

Chu Ci gritted his teeth and said, “Hehe, when I met Lu Qing and didn’t do anything, he flipped over. Now he see the three females and wanted to pick one back! Don’t play!”

Chu Ci sat at the dining table and scolded while eating, “Lian Cen, this bastard!”


Jiang Zhu observed Chu Ci’s expressions. While walking back, she took out her cellphone and called a number.

“Lian Shan, told Sir Lian Cen that madam knew the matter of he met the girls. He was angry now.”

Lian Shan held the phone and looked at Sir Lian Cen who met the elders in the living room, he complained, “Why are you telling him this? Sir Lian Cen said don’t let him know.”

Jiang Zhu said, “I just can’t stand to see how the two of them like each other but don’t say anything, harms the people below to have kind to follow suit!”

Lian Shan at the other end of the phone suddenly blushed, he opened his mouth blankly without saying a word until the opposite person hung up the phone.

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