Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

33) Chapter 62.1 ♬

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Chapter 62: I Became Eunuch (3.16)


Translator: Mimi

After stayed in the darkness for a long time, one would have no idea of time. If it was not for the system’s existence, Chu Ci might feel bored to crazy in this place.

After the system counted to the twentieth day for him, he inadvertently felt a sense of familiarity, and sure that he was pulled back into that body. When the discomfort disappeared, he tried to open his eyes. Sure enough, there was a glimmer of light in front of him.

“System, I’m alive!”

Chu Ci sighed and then turned his head to look around, and found that he was still in Moqi Sui’s sleeping quarters. When he found himself in a coma for more than seven days, he thought he would be buried by Moqi Sui. He didn’t expect that he actually still here. It was daytime now, and Moqi Sui was not here. But, after the emperor’s death, as the heir apparent to a throne, he should be very busy.

In these days of coma, the system refused to tell him anything in order to maintain mystery, so Chu Ci doesn’t understand the current situation at the reality at all.

Chu Ci didn’t move his body for about a month. He thought his body would be stiff, but he found nothing uncomfortable, as if he had just slept and now got up.

But even if his body didn’t feel uncomfortable, but in his heart, he was urgently need to exercise. These days in the darkness almost bored him to death. He once missed the holographic online games in the second world, he vowed to only use this trick as a last resort in the future.

Chu Ci put on his clothes properly and left the bed. He walked around the sleeping quarters a circle, but felt it was not satisfying. He felt that he should run outside and in passing ask about the current situation.

After he went out the door, he saw an old friend. Luo Mei had just passed in front of the sleeping quarters, and she was startled when she saw Chu Ci.

She pointed at Chu Ci with shaking hand, “You you…you finally woke up!”

Then, Luo Mei stepped forward and walked around Chu Ci once, then said, “Such fierce poison don’t kill you, your life is really big. You certainly will have a blessing after escape from calamity, and you’re going to live comfortably in the future, right? Don’t forget me when that time comes.”

“If the Heaven let me live comfortably, I will definitely not forget you!” The premise was that Moqi Sui restored his memory! While dealing with Luo Mei, Chu Ci hurriedly said, “These days when I’m in a coma, how was His Highness?”

Luo Mei shook her head and said, “It’s okay. he deal with affairs every day, and then come back, just like before. It may be because he became an emperor, he is not as kind as before, the whole person is cold.”

Chu Ci frowned and said somewhat unresigned, “Does the matter of Xiang Xiyue want to poison him has no effect on him at all?”

When Luo Mei heard Chu Ci mentioned this, she said, “Ah, the emperor has been replaced. Inside the palace is changing from day to day. That Xiang Xiyue has long been an old matter in the eyes of we the servants, moreover the emperor never mention it. You’re unconscious for so many days, and maybe unaware, something big happened later in the palace!”

After speaking, she looked around to make sure no one present, then pulled Chu Ci aside and whispered, “The second prince is dead!”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and said, “The second prince?”

Luo Mei nodded and said, “You guess why he died?”

Chu Ci shook his head and said, “Can’t guess.” But he called the system in his mind.

“System, such a big thing happened in the past few days, why didn’t you even tell me this?”

System: “It’s no interest to say it, don’t you feel very fresh now.”

Chu Ci ignored the system that clearly said to help himself but didn’t do anything. He looked at Luo Mei and guessed, “Is he want to seize the throne and killed by Moqi Sui?”

Luo Mei was very satisfied with Chu Ci’s reaction and said mysteriously, “We all thought that the second prince was assassinated because of usurpation. Later we heard that he was poisoned by Xiang Xiyue! You tell she can’t kill His Highness and ran to kill the second prince, what is her hatred to imperial family?”

Chu Ci was clear about the cause of Xiang Xiyue poisoned Moqi Sui, but he couldn’t say it, and merely nodded in agreement.

The system suddenly interjected at this time, “Xian Xiyue only had contact with Moqi Shan when she came to deliver the meal, so she guessed that Moqi Shan wanted to kill using her, and she thought that it is already a death penalty to poison Moqi Sui. Therefore, when the crown prince palace in chaos at that time, she left and then pulled Moqi Shan to share the same fate. After all, his mother is also very bad to her.”

“System, if you tell me all these things, I won’t be bored during that time! What are you doing talking about it now? You and the belated action!” But, after scolding the system, Chu Ci turned around again to Luo Mei and said, “How about that Xiang Xiyue?”

Luo Mei said with disdain, “What else can happen? She was killed by the empress. The empress felt that this is incite by His Highness and suddenly become hostile with him. But, His Highness didn’t even show his face and directly shut her in the harem. Her big influence has long gone.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help but admire Moqi Sui. As expected, he was really the person who did the big thing, and he really didn’t misjudge him. Although there was also the Heaven’s favor, several people who were harmful to him actually all solved like this.

However, Chu Ci felt that he had helped Moqi Sui the most in this matter. No wonder Moqi Sui would do his utmost to take care of himself.

But, can Moqi Sui recover his memory?

Chu Ci looked at Luo Mei with anxious look, “Is His Highness has been stimulated again recently?”

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