Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

33) Chapter 42.1 ♬

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Chapter 42: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.17)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci always thought that it was not good to let Chui Yan spent so much money because of his own affair. He opened his bag and looked at the private fund that he had saved. After counting the numbers, he found that it was not even half of bounty’s reward.

Only then he found himself so poor. Why not go to dig a bit?

When Chu Ci was about to close the bag, his eyes suddenly swept to the two waist pendants that he threw in the small corner, and his heart couldn’t help but stir.

Last time, it seemed that someone wanted to buy this thing 10,000 yuan from Chui Yan. He has two of it, so it could be sell for 20,000 yuan, just enough for the bounty’s reward.

Chu Ci took out the waist pendants and extended his hand in front of Chui Yan, “This is for you. The one being killed is me, so I will pay the bounty’s reward. But I don’t have a lot of game currency, just take these two things to sell.”

Chui Yan looked at the two waist pendants, then retracted his line of sight and calmly said, “No need, I still give this little money.”

Chu Ci originally intended to put the waist pendant directly into Chui Yan’s hands, but when he said this, he lost his breath instantly.

Rich person was indeed different, 20,000 yuan was like trifle thing.

Don’t forget it.

Chu Ci withdrew his hand and threw the waist pendant back into the bag. He would save it first. Maybe no one knew it, so that the money wouldn’t be spent, and maybe he was killed because of him, if the truth could be reveal, the one who caused it was the one who should pay the money.

Chu Ci indifferently strolled in the big hall of Bailu building a circle and said, “Is there anything I need to help today? It seems a little boring.” Then he added, “I guarantee that all are free works without tipping.” Anyway, it was enough as long as he could get a little thing through these days. He was not dare to go outside. If he was buried in the resurrection point and Chui Yan sent bounty again, then he probably could only devote his life to him.

Chu Ci shook his head at the thought of devoting his life to Chui Yan. He actually thought this man wanted it.

Chui Yan who also stood in the main hall couldn’t see what he was doing. He was silent for a while before said, “Why don’t you enter a sect like everyone else and play the game properly?”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and moved close to the front of Chui Yan, “I also want, but I want to go to the Flower Ocean to play. Can you accompany me?”

“If you think about it clearly, I will accompany you.” Chui Yan said in reply.

“I already think about it clearly!” Chu Ci nodded sincerely and said, “I shouldn’t made you reconcile with that kind of woman. She doesn’t deserve you at all. Yesterday, my brain must be muddle to speak that kind of words.”

Chui Yan waited for a while. Seeing Chu Ci didn’t say anything again, only then he said, “That’s all?”

Chu Ci who had been waiting for Chui Yan’s approval, looking at him with a puzzled face and said, “Is there anything else that need to be explained?”

Chui Yan lowered his eyes and continued to communicate with the people selling things at the same time he said, “You still make wedding clothes here.”

Chu Ci touched his nose, he really couldn’t think of anything else to do ah.

“What else, don’t give a reminder.”

However, Chui Yan has stopped paying attention to him.

Chu Ci let out a light snort when he saw Chui Yan was like this and said, “Since you want me to make wedding clothes, give me the materials, otherwise how should I do it?”

Never mind.

After he heard this sentence, Chui Yan gave Chu Ci all the materials in the bag, and continued to collect all kinds of things.

Chu Ci took the materials and returned to the guild territory. The relationship between the two of them has obviously returned to the usual way.

He sat in the guild territory, and looked at the forum while working, until he received the system notice.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

[Your husband Chui Yan is offline.]

Looking at the two notices that slowly fading, Chu Ci thought in his heart: Is this time to break this? But seeing that attitude of Chui Yan just a moment ago, why does he has a feeling that the thing that Chui Yan want him thinking clearly was not for break?

He just checked it on the forum, the divorce required the two parties to agree together.

At this moment, a pink private chat suddenly appeared in front of Chu Ci.

[Private chat] Mysterious Person: Mistress.

Chu Ci frowned, this seemed to be an anonymous cursing, right?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: What?

[Private chat] Mysterious Person: I say that you are a third person who destroying other people relationship.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: ……

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Are you sure you haven’t private chat the wrong person?

[Private chat] Mysterious Person: it’s exactly you who I’m scolding.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Who is a third person?

[Private chat] Mysterious Person: What do you say?

Chu Ci wrinkled his eyebrows. He only got acquainted with Chui Yan. That is Chui Yan? When did he become Chui Yan’s mistress?

He suddenly thought about Bai Yimeng.

Could it be her?

It’s too impossible, right?

Not to mention that he was a man, even if he was a woman, he got married with Chui Yan after the two of them broke up. Moreover, it was Bai Yimeng herself who took the initiative to break up with Chui Yan.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Are you Yi’s Dream?

[Private chat] Mysterious Person: No.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: What’s wrong with you? I’m a man, what mistress? Chui Yan is a straight man, are you think he is bent in your heart?

Chu Ci felt indignant in his heart. He actually thought about snatch Chui Yan, but the target was straight, he couldn’t make a move.

[Private chat] Mysterious Person: Bitch all like to say themselves are a man, and then get close to the other party as brothers.

Chu Ci felt that he couldn’t made this person understand, so he opened the private chat to Yi’s Dream.

To resolve this misunderstanding, he must first fix the source.

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