Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

33) Chapter 20.1 ♬

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Chapter 20: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.20)


Translator: Mimi

Although he surprised by the Little Wild-flower’s sudden benevolent, Chu Ci was too lazy to investigate. As long as he could agree, it was already a blessing.

Chu Ci was still thinking about how to find a girl for the Little White-flower’s blind date, when the Little Wild-flower sent him a folder.

Under the personal teaching of the Little Wild-flower, Chu Ci was already familiar with the operation of the computer.

Chu Ci didn’t expect that the speed of Xuan Lin to be so fast. He clearly mentioned this matter to him last night, and now it was only in the afternoon, but he had sent a folder full of photos.

The Little Wild-flower said with a very busy look, “You pick one for him, we will let him meet her after we pick a good one.”

There were approximately more than a hundred photos of young girls in the folder. At first glance, every one of them appearance were top-notch.

Suddenly, Chu Ci was a bit distressed. How could he judge a person’s good or bad by photo alone? If he had a vision to look at people, his eyes wouldn’t be confused by Yu Shuyao’s appearance. He felt that it was more reliable to let the Little Wild-flower chose than let him picked for the Little White-flower.

He felt a bit headache as he looked at the photos on the computer one by one. It seemed that they all looked good.

Chu Ci suddenly suggested, “How about let him see them one by one? After meet so many people, he could always find one that he likes.”

Xuan Lin directly rejected, “No, at most two, he won’t cooperate with us to meet so many people, two are the upper limit.”

Chu Ci immediately frowned, chose two out of more than a hundred? He would need a pair of divine eyes to do it!

Suddenly Chu Ci seemed to think of something as a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

The system was a person from the dimension world. This thing should be trivial!

“System, do you not busy? Are you there? It’s very urgent!” Chu Ci shouted in his mind.

If he wanted to know people’s inner quality, no one was better than the system.

“You looking for me, what’s the matter?” The system quickly responded.

Chu Ci said in surprise, “Are you actually can be available at any time now?” After all, when he first came here, the system said that whether he could immediately reply was depend by fate.

The system said a bit distressed, “Isn’t it because of your special situation? Not only you who want the mission to be completed, we also hope that there would be no mishap. Therefore, I push away all works and focus my attention to help you as much as possible. Just treat it as the compensation for this error.”

“Well, then your opportunity to make up is come!” Chu Ci opened the folder in front of him with the mouse and said, “Can you see my computer?”


Chu Ci continued said, “Then can you know whether these women in the photos are not just beautiful but also have good heart and suit for the Little White-flower?” At the same time, Chu Ci didn’t forget to show a wave of misery, “Although this situation is because of you, but since it is my mission, I also hope to do my best to complete it. Since the Little White-flower and the female lead have no chance, then I will find a way to make him like others, so help me pick a good one, you should be able to do that, right?”

“Hmm...” The system was silent for a while, before said, “I just ask the above about it, they said there is no problem in help you analyzing people’s character.”

“Good!” Chu Ci immediately opened the first photo and said, “Let’s start from the first girl, I will keep the good-hearted one, and delete other that bad or unsuitable.”

System: “The first girl won’t do, she has someone she likes.”

Chu Ci: “Delete, next.”

System: “The second girl won’t do either. Her character is not suitable for the Little White-flower.”

Chu Ci: “Next.”

System: “This one...is pretty good, all aspects are suitable.”

Chu Ci: “Keep.”


It didn’t take long for hundreds of photos to be reduced into only two after went through several rounds of selection, which was the upper limit that the Little White-flower could accept.

Chu Ci looked at the two photos and nodded his head with satisfaction. Although both of them didn’t give the feeling like Yu Shuyao who would make people felt very stunning at first glance, but they looked very comfortable, the more you looked the more you like it. In addition, the system had checked on them. Chu Ci proudly sent the two photos back to Xuan Lin through the computer, “Take a look, what do you think?”

Xuan Lin looked at the two remain photos, before suddenly frowned and said sourly, “Your eyes are quite sharp, and you seems to know him very well. Only look at it, I know the two girls fit his preferences.”

Even the Little Wild-flower thought they were good. Chu Ci immediately said impatiently, “When will they be arrange to meet?”

For the current him, time was more precious than money. He couldn’t wait to find the true love for the Little White-flower. After that person appeared, he would tie her up to put in front of Xuan Lin.

Xuan Lin thought for a while and said, “Tomorrow, I have time tomorrow.”

Chu Ci happily looked at Xuan Lin, his smiling eyes narrowed. How could this person so cooperate with himself!

He felt happy!

But thinking of the Little White-flower, the main character who was going to have a blind date, Chu Ci couldn’t help but say in concern, “Do you not let him come out and tell him about it first?”

Xuan Lin waved his hand, “No need, let’s wait until we at the meeting place before let him come out, lest he back out.”

Chu Ci’s eyes widened, “Didn’t it not too good to force him like this?” He was still quite worry about the Little White-flower’s feeling.

Xuan Lin suddenly looked away from the computer and looked up at Chu Ci, “Don’t you a little too concern about him? I don’t seem to have such treatment.”

Chu Ci looked strangely at Xuan Lin who changed mood faster than flipped the book, and said doubtfully, “Is it? I think it just a normal concern.”

Xuan Lin this time seemed to be difficult to coax, as he continued to look at him with an unhappy face.

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