Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

32) Chapter 19.2 ♬

Chapter 19 Part 2:

After speaking, Xuan Lin kissed the mark that he left behind on Chu Ci’s body yesterday and said, “Properly take a look at how these ‘bug bite’s marks’ on your body come from.” Xuan Lin’s traced the red mark with his fingers, and said while smiled, “Have you ever see such a big bug?”

At the same time, Xuan Lin pulled out the other party’s underwear and shook it in his hand, then squinted his eyes and smiled, “Today we wear the same model?”

Chu Ci said in alarm, “You actually know? Then he shouldn’t also know, right?”

He didn’t feel anything when the Little Wild-flower wore his underwear, but the Little White-flower always felt embarrassed at that sort of thing.

Xuan Lin said mysteriously, “You can guess.”

Chu Ci used his trump card when he was radish, he looked at Xuan Lin face to face and blinked his eyes, “Please just say it~”

Xuan Lin was obviously shaken, but the smile at the corner of his mouth still doesn’t too obvious. An idea suddenly flashed in his mind, he moved forward and hugged Chu Ci, “If you serve me well today, then I will tell you.”


Chu Ci was exhausted and his muscle was weary after doing exercise with the Little Wild-flower again, but he had to admit that it was quite comfortable after he adjusted to Xuan Lin’s size.

He listened to the sound of water from the bathroom and began to feel drowsy. It was really troublesome to take a bath. If he was a radish, these small things could be absorbed directly.

His primordial spirit’s repair ability was not so fast, if the Little Wild-flower doesn’t help him anyway he was powerless.

“Oh, it’s so good to be young, but you still have to be restrain~”

A familiar tease voice sounded in Chu Ci’s mind, just when he was about to fall asleep.

“I actually wish him to be restraint, but I can’t control his lower body.”

Chu Ci seemed weak even if he only need to speak in his mind.

The system suddenly seemed to think of something, and changed his tone, “Right, the target has been holding back for more than twenty years and just begun to know the taste of lovemaking. But it would be better later, moreover this kind of thing is actually quite enjoyable.”

Chu Ci suddenly interrupted the system and said in alert, “Wait a minute! What are you doing here again? I always feel nothing good when you come out!”

“E...” The system fell silent.

Chu Ci’s mind was instantly sober, as he felt alarmed. Such attitude of wanted to say something but hesitate was definitely nothing good. But after thinking about it, he relaxed again, there was no use to worry.

“Just say what you have to say, the primordial spirit is support my life!”

“Then I will say it.” The system said slowly, “The news came from above, because the target’s two personalities are split in the later period, so if you want to complete the mission, both personalities must be together with the person that they likes.”

Suddenly, the mission became double again. Chu Ci felt that he already didn’t have strength to get angry. He turned his body and covered his head with a quilt, then muttered, “I know.”

“Sigh...” The system probably knew that Chu Ci need to accept this matter slowly, so he left after he passed the information, leaving only Chu Ci who tossed and turned on the bed while sighed.

At this time, the sound of water in the bathroom suddenly stopped, followed by the sound of door opened and closed.

Xuan Lin was holding a towel to wipe his hair while walked to the bedside. When he saw the person on the bed tossed around while sighed faintly, he said, “It seems that I’m too underestimating you and should not end so early. Are you sighing because you haven’t been satisfied yet? How about take advantage of you didn’t take a bath to do it again?”

Suddenly heard the voice of the Little Wild-flower, Chu Ci immediately sat up from the bed and said irrelevantly, “How about we made him go to a blind date? You are so capable, you certainly able to find a better girl for him, right? I think the reason why he is hell-bent on likes Yu Shuyao is because he only meet few people to have relationship.”

Chi Ci said his analysis of the Little White-flower’s situation to the Little Wild-flower. Chu Ci didn’t want to give up, after all, there was still time. Even the Little Wild-flower’s emotional direction has changed, it was impossible that the Little White-flower couldn’t do it.

After saw that self-confidence look of Yu Shuyao today, he especially wanted her to see the Little White-flower fall in love with other person.

Xuan Lin frowned, “Are you still concern at him?”

Chu Ci quickly said: “I’m concern at him because I care about you.”

When Xuan Lin heard this, he raised his eyebrows and said, “If he really likes another girl, do you not feel jealous? I have the same body with him. Maybe also considered to be the same person, after all, we will influence each other. What do you do if I also likes that girl?”

Chu Ci said disapprovingly, “It’s impossible, right? If you can influence each other, why didn’t you make him like me?”

The Little Wild-flower stopped his hand that wiped the hair, then threw the towel above Chu Ci’s head and sat down next to him, “As you so energetic, help me wipe my hair.”

Chu Ci was still thinking about the the Little White-flower’s emotional problem. He took the towel and wiped the hair of the person in front of him.

At this moment, the Little Wild-flower suddenly said, “After thought about it, I feel that he could indeed go to blind date to shift his sight, maybe he really encounter the true love.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci looked at the back of Xuan Lin’s head in surprise, “How come you suddenly agree?”

The Little Wild-flower sighed faintly, “I can’t be too selfish.”

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