Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

31) Chapter 61.1 ♬

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Chapter 61: I Became Eunuch (3.15)


Translator: Mimi

Soon after, Moqi Sui came back. Although he didn’t say anything, but his face was haggard, he must have not slept all night.

Chu Ci quickly welcomed him and secretly peeked at this person, wanting to see from his face whether he had been stimulated by Moqi Yan’s death to restore his memory.

However, although Moqi Sui’s face was haggard, but it was caused by not sleeping. The signs of memory recovery were not visible at all.

Moqi Sui noticed that the person in front of him was secretly observing his behavior, and said softly, “I’m fine, I have long been prepared for Imperial Father’s death in my heart.”

Seeing that the other party took the initiative to explain, Chu Ci withdrew his inquiry eyes.

It turned out he had prepared in his heart.

Thinking that there was obviously the system in his side, but he still need to guess himself, Chu Ci couldn’t help but complain, “System, why don’t you have mind reading?”

The system didn’t answer his question and suddenly said, “Be careful, Xiang Xiyue will soon come to the crown prince’s palace, she is bring poisoned food.”

Chu Ci startled and forgot what he had just complained about, “The emperor just passed away. Moqi Sui is now the next emperor in a justified way. He also still like Xiang Xiyue. Why she still want to help Moqi Shan? Did she really love that person?” At the same time, he was thinking about how to block this woman.

The system said, “This is not the case. After yesterday’s affairs, she seems to understand that her position in Moqi Sui’s heart is not as good as in her childhood, so she planned to take advantage of the emperor’s death. Her food is actually secretly poisoned by the second prince. After the emperor passed away, the second prince who want to be an emperor can’t wait, so he go to this extreme. You quickly help block it down. If you don’t help, the target will be dead this time.”

As soon as the system was finished, Chu Ci quickly looked outside, thinking about stopped Xiang Xiyue before she came in. Unfortunately, the distant Xiang Xiyue had already in contact with two palace maids. Now he can’t deceive her by saying the crown prince is not present.

The two palace maids behind her held a plate in their hands, which contained delicate food.

Because of the emperor’s death, Xiang Xiyue also wore plain clothes.

Chu Ci had waiting at Moqi Sui’s side these days, so he doesn’t need to withdraw even if Xiang Xiyue came.

“His Highness, I heard that you have been worrying about Your Majesty’s affairs all night. This servant can’t share your worries and can only prepare some small side dishes for you in person. I hope that His Highness will not dislike it.”

Chu Ci said to the system, “Her tone is really look like she has reflected.”

The system quickly advised, “You can rest assured.”

After speaking, Xiang Xiyue turned around and let the palace maids to put down the things in their hand in front of Moqi Sui.

However Moqi Sui just glanced at it, and didn’t take action to eat.

Chu Ci looked at the food and soup in front of him and quickly asked the system, “Which one is poisoned?”

System: “Everything, except rice.”

Chu Ci was speechless and said, “I think this second prince become crazy because of the throne.”

Moqi Sui had been exhausted by the death of his imperial father. At the moment, he had no appetite.

When Xiang Xiyue saw Moqi Sui refused to move his chopsticks, she immediately changed her face and her tears kept come down without warning. She said grievously, “Is His Highness still angry about this servant’s exceeded behavior yesterday? Unwilling to forgive this servant?”

Chu Ci nervously looked at the food in front of him and was a little worried. At the same time, he was thinking how to let Moqi Sui know that the food was poisonous.

Anyway, it was the most unwise way to stand up directly. The more you know, the more likely you are to be suspected.

Chu Ci suddenly thought of an idea, he quickly asked the system to verify, “System, if I eat this poisoned things, do you think I can still live?”

The system was silent for a moment, before saying, “Although people will definitely die if eating poison, but with your primordial spirit, it’s still a bit difficult for it to kill you.” The system stopped speaking and said, “What do you want to do?”

Chu Ci said mysteriously, “I suddenly have a bold idea. Isn’t there a sentence called to fight desperately when confronting mortal danger. Since Moqi Yan’s death is not enough to stimulate Moqi Sui, then I can only try to sacrifice Xiang Xiyue. Currently, only this woman is the most important to him besides the emperor. If he knows that his favorite person poisoned him, the stimulation will be great. Anyway, I will not die.”

After Chu Ci finished talking to the system in his mind, he took the chopsticks that Xiang Xiyue put at the side and said to Moqi Sui, “His Highness, let this servant try this private food first. You are now distinguished status. There must be no mistakes.”

Xiang Xiyue looked at Chu Ci’s sudden movements, she first stunned and then her face full of anger.

She scolded, “Do you suspect that I will poison His Highness? Why is your mind so malevolent.”

Chu Ci didn’t mind and said, “I’m just worried about His Highness’ safety, nothing more.”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Moqi Sui’s response and immediately took a bite of food, and then scooped a spoonful of soup to drink.

Xiang Xiyue didn’t expect that this little eunuch to be so courageous. She looked at Moqi Sui, seeing that he didn’t stop him, she said, “His Highness, do you also doubt me?”

“He just concerns about me.” Moqi Sui didn’t blame Chu Ci, instead he began to speak for him. But, he also educated, “A-Ci, you are not allowed to do such testing food in the future.”

Chu Ci happily said in his heart, “Just this sentence you said is worth this meal I eat!”

Moqi Sui knew how powerful his hidden enemies in the palace were. Poisoning might actually happened, but he felt uncomfortable to let A-Ci testing the food.

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