Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

31) Chapter 41.1 ♬

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Chapter 41: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.16)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci hadn’t yet figured out the current situation, so he chose yes.

When he got up again, he already arrived at the entrance of Peach Blossom Forest. This place was precisely the resurrection point.

Chu Ci subconsciously patted his clothes, and when he was about to lift his foot out of the resurrection point, his body got attack all of a sudden once more, as he fell to the ground again.

System notice: [You are dead. Do you want to return to the resurrection camp?]

Chu Ci wrinkled his nose while lying on the ground. Player who had died in Dream Back could only lie on one’s stomach motionlessly. It looked very ugly.

He chose yes again.

This time he immediately turned around and saw a black clothed man held a blade to his chest. Then he felt exactly the same attack as the last two times.

Chu Ci fell to the ground again.

[World] Ninth Deer Family: I seems to see Ou Emperor was killed by someone?

[World] Small Onlooker: You probably didn’t see wrongly. I saw Ou Emperor buried at the  resurrection point.

[World] Gossip: Are you see wrongly? Isn’t Ou Emperor and the big shot Chui Yan just recently go to the Flower Ocean after get married? One can’t kill people in the Flower Ocean. Even if one can, who is so bold to kill the big shot’s people?

[World] Small Onlooker: [Photo] Look at it yourself.

The photo was exactly the time when Chu Ci was slashed by the blade for the third time, and his face was clearly cut.

[World] Gossip: This kind of face plus this wedding dress is definitely Ou Emperor!

[World] Ear of Wheat: Didn’t Ou Emperor just get married with the big shot? Where is the big shot? Would he let his little darling be buried in the resurrection point? Or are those people also buried the big shot together?

[World] Wen Yu: He immediately go offline after throw this petals rain in the sky. I’m afraid that they quarrels just after get married?

[World] Gossip: That is impossible, it must be he occupied with something, and then someone is take advantage of it. But who is so deranged to hire someone to kill a swordsman?

[World] Small Onlooker: Ou Emperor seems doesn’t has any black point besides the good luck. Low-key person almost at the same level as the big shot.

The discussion in the World was very lively, and there were people watching around the resurrection point, but no one would take the initiative to help Chu Ci.

Chu Ci who was lying down couldn’t see the World channel at all, so he doesn’t know that the matter of him being buried in the resurrection point has been spread in Dream Back.

If you are dead, you can open the bag, but you can’t do any operation.

Chu Ci looked at the emerald green short skirt in the corner of his bag and wanted to wear it on his body so much for the first time. After he died, only then he knew how awesome this golden thread clothes that Chui Yan gave him.

Today, he came out without Invisible Pellet, so he may has no choice but to lie down.

Although the things in the game were lifelike, but the mud on the ground wouldn’t have dust or anything. Chu Ci comforted himself, just think of it as if in the guild territory.

But he couldn’t figure out who he provoke as he was staying at Bailu building these days and doesn’t cause trouble.

This person killed him three times and seems wanted to continue kill him.

The crucial point was that he has been helping Chui Yan’s work recently, so it was reasonable to say that they will also kill Chui Yan, right?

Could it be that they were jealous because he was so lucky?

But he obviously didn’t dig anything again for so long. Didn’t it too petty for these people to still fix their attention to kill him?

Chu Ci was helplessly lying on the ground.

If he went offline, he could only stay in the darkness. The system also doesn’t necessarily pay attention to him.

Chu Ci got up every half hour for the next an hour, but was killed again.

Although he couldn’t see it, he was sure that someone was guarding his body, and would immediately killed him after he got up for a little while.

Chu Ci thought about it, and decided to quit the game in the end.

Forget it. It was a bit ugly to keep lying down. It was better to go offline and back to his body.

After leaving the game, his whole person entered the darkness.

“System?” He tried to call the system in his mind.

“What are you doing?”

Chu Ci didn’t expect the system to reply so quickly and promptly confessed, “I tell you an unfortunate news, I’m afraid that I have crash through a failure barrier.”

“Failure? Why failure?” The system said in surprise.

Chu Ci confessed honestly, “I get acquainted with the target in the game and also become his disciple, but he still broke up with Bai Yimeng because of the game a few days ago. Moreover, the target said that he wouldn’t reconcile. It should be completely impossible. I tried to make the target reconcile with that woman today, and that man even get angry.”

There was a moment of silence in his mind.

The system suddenly said, “You wait a minute.” Then the surroundings fell into boundless silence.

After a while, the system came back and said, “About the matter in the game, I think you should just let nature take its course for the time being. Maybe the thing would have a slight turn for the better when you meet in reality.”

“What turn for the better?” Chu Ci found that the system himself seemed also somewhat unconvincing when he said this words.

The system seemed unwilling to say more, he said ambiguously, “You will know when the moment comes, maybe you can give medicine to a dead horse.”

Although Chu Ci was a bit skeptical, he also didn’t think much about what the system said. He originally had planned to give up, and the system’s words gave him hope again.

Thinking of the reason he went offline, Chu Ci immediately complained, “I just get killed by someone and buried in the resurrection point.”

System: “Probably your personality is no good.”

Chu Ci snorted coldly and said, “Haha, since you are busy, you can leave. I’ll rest myself.”

“Wait a minute!” Chu Ci’s tone changed when the system was about to leave, he promptly said, “When will my body be able to recover? Since there is no hope in the game, then I want to hurriedly come to reality to get that person settle.”

System: “It’s soon. Your primordial spirit capability is good, you should be awakened within ten days to half a month.”

Chu Ci said happily, “That’s good, that’s good!”

After the system left, Chu Ci was boring and could only sleep. He planned to wait until tomorrow to go online. He believe that those people wouldn’t always be there to wait for him all day.


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