Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

31) Chapter 19.1 ♬

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Chapter 19: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.19)


Translator: Mimi

Xuan Lin’s sudden change made Yu Shuyao felt a bit overwhelmed. On the other side, the housekeeper who usually treated her like a close relative was also clearly showed her alienation. This time, she felt a little panic in her heart. But when she thought of how Xuan Lin obedience to herself these years, and even if he knew that she was together with He Wen, he was still so good to her, Yu Shuyao once again regained her confidence in her beauty. Men would only be petty for a while, before soon forgot it.

As long as she bacame the Second Miss of Xuan family, she would have the chance to go back. After Xuan Lin’s anger disappeared, she would come again, and the financial problem would be solved.

Chu Ci continuously keeping an eye on Yu Shuyao until she was taken to the entrance hall by the housekeeper, he observed all the other party’s expressions.

When Chu Ci turned his head and looked at the Little White-flower, he heard a sound of closing door. Yu Shuyao should go out. At the same time, the Little White-flower’s tense body suddenly became powerless as he leaned on the sofa.

He originally had no intend to care about the Little White-flower, but when he saw him experienced such a thing, his heart suddenly felt a bit disturbed. Even he felt intolerable. Let alone the Little White-flower, the one who involved in this, it was definitely more hard to bear.

After thinking about it, Chu Ci went to the sofa and sat down beside the Little White-flower. At this moment, the Little White-flower was sitting still without any expression, as if he was a robot.

Chu Ci suddenly found that he was not very understand of the Little White-flower and also didn’t know how to comfort this person. He hesitated for a while, before opened his arms and hugged him, then he stretched out his hand and patted the back of the Little White-flower.

Chu Ci could clearly feel the Little White-flower’s body froze for a moment when he was hugged by him, and then slowly relaxed.

“There are plenty of fragrant grass in the world, why do you have to long for a single flower?” Chu Ci said gently to comfort the person in his arms.

His voice just fell, when the Little White-flower who originally let him hugged his body suddenly took the initiative to stand up, and their posture seemed to be a bit improper. This time, it was Chu Ci turn to become stiff.

Could it be that the Little White-flower’s personality changed again after received blow?

“Do you want to bend him too? The fragrant grass and flower doesn’t seem to be the same kind?”

When Chu Ci heard the Little Wild-flower’s voice, he was inexplicably relieved.

Since the another personality came out, he doesn’t need to continue comforting Xuan Lin.

Chu Ci was about to push Xuan Lin away from him, when he suddenly felt the world spinned, and he was carried on the shoulder by the Little Wild-flower to upstairs.

While walked upstairs, the Little Wild-flower pretended to be pitiful and said, “You comfort me.”

Chu Ci looked at the floor that incessantly moving back, and roughly guess what this person was going to do. He raised his hand and slapped the other party’s back, “I just comforted him. You hid for a long time, what are you doing suddenly come out at this time?”

“I’m also not idle, as I’m observing his mood.” After finished explaining, Xuan Lin immediately turned the topic and said in a matter of course, “How can a hug is enough? Of course, it takes another exercise to adjust the mood. But he certainly didn’t have the courage, so I can only take it over.”

When the housekeeper came back, the two men already went upstairs. Chu Ci was carried by Xuan Lin into his own room and threw to the bed.

Chu Ci slapped his face in his heart, while pretended to be shy on the outside. If he had known earlier that this was the result after raised up the target health, it would be better to let the target hang in a breath. It was really self-inflicted.

Seeing that he was stripped, Chu Ci could only let Xuan Lin took advantage of himself, but he still couldn’t help but say in concern, “I’m speak serious now, since you can feel his emotions, then you should certain that he would be fine, right?”

“Don’t worry too much. His current situation is he completely give up towards Yu Shuyao and his empty heart hasn’t recuperate over, that’s all. Moreover, he is not as fragile as you think.” Then the Little Wild-flower said unhappily, “Furthermore, if he know that you so concern about him, his empty heart can definitely recover a lot more quick.”

“That Yu Shuyao, you just let her become the Second Miss of Xuan family like this. Will there be any hidden dangers in the future? For example, the property inheritance or something. She is like this, if she didn’t get even a bit retribution, I can’t swallow this down.” After Chu Ci heard Yu Shuyao’s term, he began to looking for information about this aspect in An Hong’s memory, and then learned about the matter of the property inheritance. At the time Xuan Lin was die, then, wouldn’t all the property go to that woman’s pocket.

Xuan Lin pulled Chu Ci’s cheeks and said, “The Little White-flower wouldn’t be blinded by this woman, just like me. He said only give her status, then he would only give her status. For the property aspect, I will promptly made testament when announces her identity. She won’t get even a part, I’ve been completely clear this woman from my life.”

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