Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

30) Chapter 60.2 ♬

Chapter 60 Part 2:

Chu Ci pricked up his ear, thinking he had misheard. Isn’t this woman your white moonlight? Why are talk to her like that?

Xiang Xiyue looked at Moqi Sui with a stunned face, she suddenly felt that the person in front of her seemed to have changed a lot after these years of illness. He obviously didn’t have the memory of the time when he was ill, but the relationship between the two of them seemed to have a gap.

She bit her lips and suppressed her arrogance, before said obediently, “This servant know her wrong.”

Moqi Sui waved his hand and said, “You withdraw first.”

“Yes.” Xiang Xiyue didn’t dare to say more, and directly left.

Moqi Sui looked at the distant person and suddenly said, “A-Ci, if I don’t be this crown prince with you, what do you think?”

Chu Ci respectfully said, “His Highness, please don’t make such a joke.” But he said resentfully in his heart: I only like your face. Moreover, even if you are the emperor, I can’t be the empress, seek what.

Moqi Sui smiled and looked at the little eunuch who his mouth was always not speaking what in his heart, saying, “You are really interesting.”


In the middle of the night, Chu Ci was about to serve Moqi Sui to go to bed, when Liu Quan’s voice came from the door.

“His Highness, Your Majesty’s condition suddenly worsened. The imperial physicians has already go there. Your Majesty has explained that once his condition deteriorates, you have to immediately waiting by his side.”

Chu Ci quickly put back Moqi Sui’s robe that had just taken off.

“You sleep first.” Moqi Sui said this sentence before leaving.

After Moqi Sui left, Chu Ci was lying on the bed and swaying his leg. He guessed in his heart that this Moqi Yan might going to die.

His sudden improvement before was thanks to his primordial spirit. This effect was only like that first for the dying person, and he would become sick again as soon as the effect went away.


The system’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind, startling him into a big jump.

Chu Ci shouted in nice surprise.

“My system, you finally alive!”

System: “What’s the matter?”

When the system asked this, Chu Ci suddenly remembered his recent grievances and said, “Why don’t you tell me that the target will lose his memory when he was sober? I will tell you that my previous efforts were completely waste overnight.”

The system said innocently, “But he will recover, so I didn’t say it.”

Chu Ci thought he had misheard and said in pleasant surprise, “He will recover? How to recover? When?”

System: “What are you in a hurry, it’s the thing of sooner or later.”

Chu Ci said angrily, “If Moqi Sui doesn’t recover, not only he will take a crown princess consort, but also going to marry Xiang Xiyue, then my chance is getting slimmer.”

System: “He will recover when he is stimulated.”

Chu Ci wrinkled his face and said, “Okay, it’s good as long as he can recover.”

The system suddenly became serious, and said the purpose he came out this time, “I come today to tell you a thorny matter. Because of your involvement, the future of the target has uncertainties. I measure it every other day at this side, the future is different from the last time. Therefore, you have to be careful.”

Chu Ci was frozen and then pondered over these sentences for a while, before saying, “Do you mean that what you said before that the crown prince will live for a long time until old, this thing also become uncertain?”

System: “Yes, he may die at any time because of your intervention, so you must be more careful.”

Chu sat up from the bed and said angrily, “Are you kidding me? How come the previous worlds didn’t affect by me?”

The system explained, “Because the previous worlds were just the beginning, your nine missions are closely related. The further you go later, the greater the impact.”

Chu Ci was silent for a while. The system knew that each world was closely related, which means that the probability that each world’s target was the same person was increasing. Although he now had a reason to continue, he still pretended to be angry and said, “How to play this? There is no guarantee at all. If the target die just after I going to him, won’t it a big lose. I feel this world is over. Anyway, I lived enough in the last world.”

The system quickly said, “In order to apologize, we guarantee that after you finish your missions you don’t have to worry about money no matter which world you go.”

Chu Ci was very happy in his heart, he pretended to reluctantly say, “Okay, you are the boss, how I have the opportunity to resist.”

The system continued, “In order to prevent too many accidents, I will be available at any time from now on. The matter of next world has been left to others to handle.”

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes and said, “Okay, I’ll try my best.”


Moqi Sui didn’t come back all night, and since the system told him that the target’s fate was out of control, he was worried about conspiracy.

Early the next morning, when Chu Ci walked out of the sleeping quarters, he saw that everyone was wearing white clothes, which was only worn when a person with high status in the palace passed away.

At this time, Luo Mei came over and put a set of identical clothes in his hands, and said softly with a rare seriousness, “The emperor is passed away.”

He had guessed it when Moqi Sui didn’t come back all night. He took the clothes and put them on the outside. The movement of his hands paused and he quickly asked, “System, isn’t this a stimulus?”

System: “It should be counted, I’m not sure, I can’t guess Moqi Sui’s mind.”

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