Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

30) Chapter 40.2 ♬

Chapter 40 Part 2:

He silently followed behind Chui Yan, while praying in his heart that the Flower Ocean could really awaken the target to remember the time when he with Bai Yimeng!

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the Peach Blossom Forest.

Chu Ci found that came here with someone was really different with came alone.

He felt that he was right to be worry. Just from this atmosphere in the Peach Blossom Forest outside the Flower Ocean, if a man and a woman in the marriage couple’s relationship walking together, it would be too easy to trigger some restless thoughts.

They walked to the front of the teleportation array. Chu Ci remembered that those people said that they had to holding hands to enter and came out smoothly. He took the initiative to pull up Chui Yan’s hand and stood in the circle.

Chui Yan was stunned for a moment, before quickly recovered his calm. He slowly stepped into the circle.

In a flash, the surrounding scenery before their eyes immediately changed.

The Flower Ocean was just like its name. The flowers were everywhere, the entire map seemed to be filled with flowers of all seasons.

Chu Ci looked at all of this with the inexplicable heartbeat. He wanted to bring the person that he liked here.

The map here was very large, they naturally couldn’t see the other marriage couples who came to play inside.

Chu Ci released Chui Yan’s hand and took a deep breath, as if he could smell the sweet fragrance.

Then he turned his head and looked at the quiet Chui Yan to see something on his face.

But it seemed impossible.

Chui Yan’s expression remain unchanged, he couldn’t see the slightest emotions.

But Chu Ci found that this person seemed to be in a daze?

Chu Ci stood in front of him and waved his hand, “Master, what are you thinking?”

Chui Yan instantly returned to his senses and glanced at him, “I didn’t.”

Chu Ci couldn’t believe it.

“I just saw you in a daze, did you recall something?”

Chui Yan said decisively, “No.”

Tsk tsk tsk, you’re lying!

Chu Ci felt that the target’s heart must be moved. He said teasingly, “Did you thinking of Yi’s Dream?”

Chui Yan frowned and looked at Chu Ci, “Who are you talking about?”

Chu Ci startled and awoke from his happy thought that the target recalled something, he promptly persuaded, “Master, if you like Yi’s Dream, then go get her back. She is only confused by the game and not sincere! If you like her, you must be brave to together, the person lifetime is only more short ah.”

He was walking back and forth as he speaking, his heart blossomed.

As Chui Yan listened to Chu Ci’s nagging, the expression on his face slowly changed from the previous gentleness into serious.

After Chu Ci finished his long talk, he turned to look at Chui Yan, but found that the other party had turned angry suddenly.

Am I speak something wrong? Oops, I shouldn’t mention Intoxicated Heart.

He quickly explained, “I mean is to be harmonious, don’t always at the small details and waste time on an insignificant problem, you can miss a lifetime thing.”

Chui Yan looked at Chu Ci and said firmly, “You actually want me to reconcile with her? Is it the purpose of you bring me here?”

Chu Ci looked at Chui Yan who obviously has bad complexion and blinked his eyes, he seemed to feel the low pressure.

What’s going on? This kind of Chui Yan made him not dare to speak. He was afraid that he would be more angry the more he speaking.

A bright idea suddenly flashed in Chu Ci’s mind and he quickly said to ease the atmosphere, “Of course it’s to have fun, hahaha.”

This time, Chui Yan looked at him with a look of disbelief.

Chu Ci looked away with some guilty conscience.

Chui Yan’s face was cold, as he pulled Chu Ci’s hand and walked to the teleportation circle behind him. The two of them returned to the Peach Blossom Forest.

At the same time, the petals rain was falling from the sky.

[System] Player Chui Yan used the legendary petals rain on player Chu Ci, and invites all players to enjoy it together.

“This is my answer.” Chui Yan coldly said, “For the Flower Ocean, I will waiting for you to think about it clearly before considering whether to enter. I’ll go offline first.”

As soon as Chui Yan’s voice fell, Chu Ci received the system notice.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

[Your husband Chui Yan is offline.]

The game system gave two notices because of an additional relationship.

Chu Ci innocently looked at the offline notice that was slowly fading in front of him, and then raised his head and looked at the endless petals rain in the sky with baffling face.

Is this man angry? What make him so angry?

Could it be that Bai Yimeng hurt him so much that even mention her would made him angry? Then why not let me play more in the Flower Ocean?

What does he mean waiting for me to think about it clearly?

What should I think about?

Chu Ci felt that he was the one who wanted to get angry.

He didn’t achieve his purpose, and even couldn’t enter the Flower Ocean to play.

Ah! This time if he wanted to go in to play, he has to change his marriage partner to someone. Anyway, he couldn’t think of where he need to reflect.

Chu Ci looked sadly at the teleportation array behind him and then opened his bag. He was in a bad mood and wanted to use the teleportation scroll to go back.

He just reading half of the teleportation scroll, before suddenly got strike by something on the back.

Although he doesn’t feel the pain, he could feel its big impact.

Chu Ci received the system notice after lying on the ground.

[You are dead. Do you want to return to the resurrection camp?]

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