Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

30) Chapter 18.2 ♬

Chapter 18 Part 2:

Today, Yu Shuyao was still very beautiful with her delicate look. If there was no previous affair, Chu Ci felt that himself would be confused again by this woman’s appearance.

The car window didn’t immediately roll up, and the car didn’t drive inside.

Yu Shuyao ignored her messy hair because of the wind and asked as usual, “Are you still angry?”

The Little White-flower didn’t reply.

At this time, the gate was fully opened, and the driver slowly drove the car into the courtyard. Yu Shuyao was walking at the back.

Chu Ci found that Yu Shuyao’s red car was still parked in the courtyard.

After the car stopped, Chu Ci got out of the car with Xuan Lin. He observed Xuan Lin’s expression the whole time and found that although he was very indifferent to Yu Shuyao, but after got out of the car, he still took a glance towards the gate when he couldn’t sense Yu Shuyao. After that, he pretended to not care and walked to the mansion.

Chu Ci shook his head. The Little White-flower seemed to be taken by Yu Shuyao.

The housekeeper greeted them at the door.

Xuan Lin walked beside the housekeeper, and whispered helplessly, “Why is that car still there?”

The housekeeper said with apologize look, “It was just sold today, and the buyer would come to pick it up tomorrow. Therefore, it’s shelve for a day or two.”

Xuan Lin didn’t continue to pursue, and walked into the house.

After Chu Ci entered the house, he saw Xuan Lin was sitting on the sofa in the living room, he clearly going to talk to Yu Shuyao here. To give the private space between the two of them, he asked after went in, “Do you want me to withdraw?”

“No need.”

As soon as Yu Shuyao stepped into the Xuan family again, she looked around subconsciously and smiled, “Hide away all my things? It seems that Xuan Lin is still angry.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help but say, “Xuan Lin didn’t hide it away and merely throw all of it, nothing more.”

Yu Shuyao’s expression became sluggish, and then she quickly regained her calm and gave Chu Ci a smile, as if she didn’t believe him at all, and also didn’t believe that Xuan Lin would treat her like this.

She walked to the sofa across Xuan Lin and sat down gracefully.

Just after Yu Shuyao sat down, Xuan Lin said directly, “If you want me to do anything, just say it.”

“Okay.” Yu Shuyao nodded her head and said, “I want to cancel our engagement.”

Xuan Lin’s body went rigid, he couldn’t hide his emotions, and could only clenched his fists tightly, as he said, “Our engagement has been cancelled since that day.”

“I’m sorry.” Yu Shuyao said sorry first, and continued, “After I rescued you at that time, you said that you will fulfill one of my request.”

“Yes!” When Chu Ci heard the Little White-flower said this word, the like in his heart to this woman was gradually dying.

Yu Shuyao continued, “I want to be the Second Miss of Xuan family. At the moment, the funds of the He family couldn’t be circulate. I hope you can help them solve this urgent situation.”

Chu Ci clenched his teeth at the side. He was sure that the Little White-flower’s heart felt more unwell. He didn’t expect that Yu Shuyao would take this step in order to make her identity match with the He family. She was actually impatient, and completely disregard the danger of Xuan Lin’s life for her own benefit. She was unwilling to wait even for a moment.

If Xuan Lin’s body has not been transform by him, he was afraid that Xuan Lin already entered the hospital now.

Chu Ci was standing behind Xuan Lin, so he didn’t know what expression he has at this moment.

He originally wanted to let the Little White-flower and Yu Shuyao develop freely, but at this point Chu Ci couldn’t help but get angry and said, “Yu Shuyao, are you so anxious?”

However, Yu Shuyao merely gave him a glance, that expression seemed to say that she was indeed very anxious.

That was right, if Xuan Lin passed away, no one would declare that she was a member of Xuan family.

After Yu Shuyao made this request, the Little White-flower was silent for a long time, and it was so long that Chu Ci thought that this person had been angered to death by Yu Shuyao.

Yu Shuyao was also waiting anxiously, and couldn’t help ask, “Are you all right?”

“Yu Shuyao.” The Little White-flower suddenly raised his head and looked at the person who he had loved for so many years as a little bit warm in his eyes disappeared. He said in cold tone, “This decision, I hopes you will not regret it.”

It was the first time Chu Ci heard the Little White-flower speak like this to Yu Shuyao. Almost felt like he would become the Little Wild-flower, but the Little Wild-flower was not this cold. That person would talk everything with teasing tone, and he wouldn’t give a kind reminder to Yu Shuyao.

Yu Shuyao was stunned. It was obviously the first time she saw Xuan Lin talked to her like this. She took a deep breath, as if to set her heart, and then said, “As long as I can be together with the person I like, I won’t regret it.”

“Very good!” The Little White-flower sneered, “I will announce tomorrow that you are the Second Miss of the Xuan family, but I refuse to provide financial assistance to the He family. I only owe you a request. Therefore you have to make a choice between become the Second Miss of Xuan family and given the financial assistance.”

“I want to be the Second Miss of Xuan family.” Yu Shuyao looked at Xuan Lin and said quietly, “However, didn’t it normal for you to help the He family this way?”

“I only give you this identity, it’s enough for you to be together with the person you like.” Xuan Lin said indifferently, “Housekeeper, sent the Second Miss of our Xuan family away. I sat on the car the whole day before, I’m tired and want to rest.”

“Second Miss, please.”

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