Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 98.1 ♬

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Chapter 98: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.2)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked at the two adults who suddenly became nervous.

At this time, the girl who was picked up by the owner didn’t understand why the adults were like this, so she still smiled and wanted to give him the ring.

Meng Chen held him directly and stood farther away from that girl, then educating him, “Ye Xin, you are not allowed to receive other people’s ring before you reach adulthood, do you know?”

Chu Ci turned to look at the little girl who was being educated by the owner in the distance, then raised his head and asked doubtfully, “Why?”

Meng Chen frowned and said to himself, “It seems that they haven’t had time to teach you these yet. But since I adopted you, I have to do it.”

Meng Chen put Chu Ci back on the floor, before himself squatted down to make their eyes leveled, and no matter whether he could understand it, he pointed to the ring hanging on his neck and said seriously, “This is the ring left by your parents for you. The ring left by your parents is used to propose marriage to your beloved. In the future, if you like a girl and want her to be your wife, just give it to the other party. If the other party receives your ring, it means that she accepts your proposal. There is ancient magic in it. When this process is completed, it means that the two people are already married. Therefore, you are still too small to give it. If you give it wrongly, you will be in trouble. To untie this relationship, the two of you have to separate for twenty years.”

Thinking of himself almost married a strange girl, Chu Ci felt a bit lingering fear and nodded his head, “Got it!”

Every world had its own customs, and Chu Ci was not wonder at the unexpected, but he didn’t expect that such a serious issue as marriage to be decided in such a simple way.

It was deserve to be called the magic world, even the customs were so mysterious.

To put it bluntly, this body was too young to get any useful information from his mind.

This matter had to be firmly remembered in his mind, he had to keep his ring for that person in this world.

Thinking of this, Chu Ci immediately complained to the system in his mind, “System, since you know I use the child’s body, you have no intention to take the initiative to help me make up for the customs issue of this world? Just now I almost suffer a loss of giving myself in.”

The system said lightly, “It takes time to collect these information, so I think you have to grow up here, that old man Meng Chen will teach you. If I tell you first, you will be boring when he teach it to you.”

The system’s words were not unreasonable, Chu Ci could only nod and say, “Forget it, anyway, the key matter has been known by chance, and I will learn the rest slowly by myself.”

Unconsciously, he had been taken away from the clothes store by Meng Chen.

Chu Ci was carried to the remote place, he saw the gray light circle of the last time appeared again under Meng Chen’s feet.

The surroundings scenery flashed, and the two people returned to the tree house.

Meng Chen put Chu Ci down and tidied up the things in the room, happily saying, “We will live here in the future.”

Chu Ci was particularly interesting in the spell just now. He remembered the system said that the Misplace Forest could only be accessed freely by the mage of the space division, so he thought that this place could only enter and exit used the space spell, just like Meng Chen a moment ago. So if he wanted to go out to find that person in this world, he must have the ability to enter and leave the Misplace Forest freely.

He followed behind Meng Chen, pretending as the four years old child, he said with a child voice, “What kind of magic did you just use? I also want to learn.”

The child of this world grew relatively slow. He was quite short now, and this height was particularly useful for standing in front of Meng Chen to raise his head and acting cute.

When Meng Chen saw the adorable Ye Xin who had only his knees high, looking up at him with so much expected, he wanted to teach him everything he knew. But he still had to shake his head and said, “You are too young, I will teach you when you grow up to my here.” As he speaking, he gestured to his waist and said, “You have to learn the basic before you learn this.”

The system said that magic was the same as cultivation. Cultivation was a gradual process, and magic must be the same. Chu Ci nodded his head cleverly and said, “Okay~”

Meng Chen looked at the child beside him, the more he saw the more he fond of him. He picked Chu Ci up and gave his cheeks a peck before reluctantly putting him down, saying, “I’m going to prepare the food for you, you play here, don’t run around all over the place.”

“Okay~” Chu Ci responded obediently, then turned around to wipe his face with some discomfort.

He wanted to find a mirror to see how cute this body was.


In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Chu Ci was sitting at the door of the home as usual, fiddling with a bunch of ordinary small ornaments.

These were the cheap ornaments that Meng Chen bought for him to practice the space spell. He could cast the spell that Meng Chen teached him on these things until each ornament had a storage space. Then he would take them out to sell, and save the money from selling it for him, saying that it was for him to go to school later.

The last item was a bracelet, Chu Ci put it down and clapped his hands, “Done!” He put all the things on the floor into the ring on his neck.

After finished tidying up, he looked at the time in the house. Unconsciously, it was already afternoon.

Chu Ci asked the system in his mind, “Help me see where Meng Chen has gone. The longest time he go out only half a day before. It’s already afternoon now.”

The system appeased, “Don’t worry, he just meet the old lover, will be many waves for a while.”

“Okay. It turns out to have romance ah.”

Chu Ci got up and looked at the big tree below.

He was free now, he wanted to go under the tree. Recently, he discovered that there was a small tree that kept glowing not far from this tree where he lived.

Meng Chen said it was a space tree, and the people who touched it would be randomly transferred to some corner of this world to stay there for ten minutes, and then transferred back to the original place.

It was safe if you were lucky. But if you were unlucky, you may be sent to some water, and you would be corpse when came back.

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