Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 48.1 ♬

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Chapter 48: I Became Eunuch (3.2)


Translator: Mimi

Moqi Sui took the initiative to lift open the quilt with full of happiness.

Chu Ci looked at the crown prince who silently invited himself to bed and swallowed down. He couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

It was true that he liked Moqi Sui, but the flirtation that he just made was a momentary impulse.

“A-Ning, quickly come up, I’m a little cold.” Moqi Sui urged when he saw the person in front of him motionless.

Being called out by the target like this, Chu Ci bravely took off his coat and quickly went to bed, squeezed into the warm and soft quilt.

Although Moqi Sui was a crown prince waiting to be abolish, but at the aspect of the food and clothing, it was not less. Taking this quilt as an example. When he woke up slept with this quilt, he doesn’t want to sleep with his own quilt again.

Chu Ci had just laid down, when Moqi Sui who laid on the bed immediately looked at him sideways, making him a little nervous and a little excited. This showed that Moqi Sui has a good opinion of him.

If he was a radish now, maybe the leaves on his head would shaking up in excitement. But unfortunately he was a human, so he could only be silently excited in his heart.

Moqi Sui’s eyes stared at him so straight.

Being stared at for a long time, Chu Ci felt a little strange, and said doubtfully, “Are you not sleepy?”

“Can I hold you to sleep?” Moqi Sui suddenly said.

Chu Ci looked at Moqi Sui sideways with surprise, and the other party looked at him with gleaming eyes, obviously looking forward to it. In fact, he himself felt like being hit by the pie falling from the sky.

Happy to dizzy.

He pretended to be calm and said, “Of course, if His Highness likes it.”

Moqi Sui immediately smiled, the smile was particularly good, made Chu Ci who looked at it stared blankly.

When he reacted, he found that the other party had been held him in his arms like a pillow, and his cheek was rubbed against by the other party, and then there was a satisfied breathe voice sounded at the side of his ear.

Chu Ci found that the posture of the two of them was a little awkward.

Obviously he was the one who took the initiative, now why it felt no more momentum.

Although Moqi Sui has child’s wisdom, he was a very well-developed adult. The original owner has been castrated since he was a child and looked smaller than a normal man. At the moment, the situation on the bed looked like he took the initiative to bury himself into Moqi Sui’s bosom.

Chu Ci moved his body, and found that he couldn’t come out, and gave up struggling. With his current identity, could be held by Moqi Sui, this future emperor, was also his blessing.

He didn’t forget the reason why he could go to bed, and immediately thought about the things that he had experienced in his mind, tried to pick out the appropriate story. It was best to fit Moqi Sui’s current IQ.

However, when he wasn’t sure which one to tell, a long breath sound came from above his head. The person who wanted to listen to the story seemed to be asleep?

Chu Ci moved his head and said to probe, “His Highness, do you want to hear the story of a rabbit picked radish?”

The person beside him didn’t respond, still only has breathing sound.

Really fell asleep.

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows unconcernedly, indeed, still has the child’s nature.

He moved his body to loosen this embrace a little, but the other party seemed to aware of it as he tightened his hands, and the two of them became stick together without any gap.

Chu Ci could only let the target held him, but he couldn’t sleep.

This body just woke up not long ago, he was not sleepy at all.

Chu Ci was hugging and couldn’t do anything else. He began to plan in his mind what way to go next in this world.

When he first got the information, he was thinking about started from the female lead this time. As long as the female lead knew that the target would be sober and could take the throne in the future, she would follow the target wholeheartedly. But his plan immediately changed the moment he saw Moqi Sui.

Anyway, he determined to court the target of this world.

However, in the first two worlds, the target was the one who took the initiative to court him, he has never taken the initiative. Furthermore, those televisions that he watched were all about teaching people how to hook up with girls, not with men.

“Hey, system!” At this time, he could only disturb the system, “How to court men?”

System: “Aren’t you a professional, you bend both of them.”

“I don’t even know how those people bend.”

System: “I haven’t court men, let me study it first.”

“Um…then I have another question.”

System: “Say it.”

“I don’t want to ask about the reason why you want me to do this kind of mission, but you are demon cultivator, so I guess the matter behind this is definitely not only to make a person happy. I just want to know if my mission is successful, do I have the opportunity to see Moqi Sui again?”

The system was silent for a while before saying, “Yes.”

“En, I’m satisfied with your sentence. When I finish the mission, I will find Moqi Sui and let him be my partner!”

System: “Then your bottom would be miserable.”

“That’s not necessarily, at the moment I’m limited by the mission, after I succeed, it is not certain who push down who.”

System: “Well, dream is needed, in case it achieves.”

Listening to the system, Chu Ci thought about the previous two experiences and suddenly became full of confidence. Before, he didn’t take the initiative and he could hook the target up. This time, he would take the initiative, he doesn’t believe that he couldn’t hook him.

However, the target would return to normal in the future. He has to take advantage of the current time. Experience told him that children was easy to cheat than adult. Moreover, it had better from the little clever’s Moqi Sui, so he must hurry up.

Thinking of that Xiang Xiyue, Chu Ci decided to take a look at this person first, before thought what to do again.

After thinking about it, Chu Ci entered the dream with his own dream in his mind.

Tonight he had a spring dream for the first time, and the other person in the dream was Moqi Sui.


In his dream, Chu Ci vaguely heard someone shouted his name at side of his ear, and he could only reluctantly waking up from the beautiful dream.

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