Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 27.2 ♬

Chapter 27 Part 2:

But Chu Ci had just walked through the arch bridge in front of Novice Town, before right away startled by the scene before his eyes.

He was unable to see clearly before, but now he was standing at the highest point of the arch bridge, Chu Ci found that the number of players in the town was comparable to the market. In addition, from their clothes, it showed that there were very few newcomers like him who have just come to Novice Town.

These people were doing one thing in unity: holding the hoe to dig in the corners, eaves and roads of the town.

The ground of the whole Novice Town has been dug and there was no complete place. The speed of ground recovery was far less than the speed of players digging.

Chu Ci walked down the arch bridge and found that there was also someone digging on the side of the bridge pier. He pulled the corner of that man’s clothes and asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

The disturbed man turned his head and sized up Chu Ci, before immediately turned his head back to dig again with a hoe in the same place and said, “I’m digging treasure ah. The seven colored glass is one of the main raw materials for the special effect of seven colored glass bead. It could only be obtained from the digging treasures in Novice Town. Now the big shot Chui Yan is collecting this item at a high price, we civilians come here to try our luck, maybe we can earn a month’s food expenses by going down this hoe.” After speaking, the man bowed his head and turned over a pile of tattered ground with the hoe, before dug down again.

Chu Ci looked up at the people around him. From everyone’s expressions, obviously no one dug out the legendary seven colored glass.

Since this man knew the matter of digging item to sell at Chui Yan, he must know where the target was. Chu Ci couldn’t help but ask, “Where can I find Chui Yan?”

The man still didn’t stop the movement of his hands as he said, “Everlasting Immortal Place. I heard that he is there all year round to dig various materials. Except for someone who has valuable item, he generally doesn’t come out.” The man looked at Chu Ci and sneered, “Want to meet the big shot? At your level, you can either get a super defensive outfit so you won’t be killed after touches the grass in Everlasting Immortal Place, or join our army of digging treasures. Otherwise it would be difficult to see the big shot. The big shot Chui Yan is famously aloof.”

Chu Ci actually didn’t interest in digging treasure, but for Chui Yan, he became interested. Upgrade was definitely a very distant thing, so the only remain way was to dig treasure.

He rummage through his backpack and took out the hoe that Uncle Li from the Novice Village gave him.

He just tried to dig, right? But his luck seemed not so good ah~

Wait a minute! Speaking of luck, Chu Ci suddenly thought of something.

He remembered that the system said that his luck in this world would be temporarily improved, so wouldn’t he get a seven colored glass just be a hoe?

Chu Ci was eager to try as he tightened his hold in the hoe, he found an empty place and dug down on the ground.

The force from the hand came soft, as if the hoe was touching cotton and not the ground. However, if the digging was as tired as reality, then the thing would drop a little higher.

Chu Ci easily flipped the hoe. On the ground only appeared some broken copper and rusty iron. There was no shadow of any colored glass at all.

Say increases my luck, are you lie to me?

The brothers who had just talked on the side looked at this and smiled, “Just dig a bit and give up? I have been digging all afternoon. If you want to make a fortune, you have to get perseverance! Just that piece of colored glass that the big shot Chui Yan make into the colored glass bead, is also accidentally obtained by someone digging all day.”

Chu Ci looked at the players around him who seemed to be digging the ground like a robot in general. Then, he also raised his hoe and dug again.

He decided to dig ten times, and if there was still no result at that time, he would think of other ways. This kind of gambling on luck was not suitable for him.

The hoe sank into the ground, then Chu Ci gently pulled it.

Suddenly, a bright light shone in front of him.

Chu Ci quickly blocked his eyes with his hand, before looked at the light source from between his fingers.

On the pit edge that he just dug out, there was something as big as a palm, was it stained glass or colored glass?

[Game System] Player Chu Ci, congratulations for dig out a seven colored glass in the Novice Town. Everyone could quickly come over to watch.

Chu Ci found himself directly on the system announcement.

As soon as this thing came out, all the people who had been digging around him came over one after another.

“F*ck! I have dug desperately, and thinking about digging for another five minutes. If no one digs it out, I will give up. Now someone suddenly get it after ten seconds passed. Isn’t it force me to continue dig!”

“How long did you dig?”

Chu Ci said with dumbfounded expression, “Two…two times.”

“Comparing myself, it only made me feel inferior!”

“Let me take a mouthful of air!”

Chu Ci squatted down and picked up the seven colored glass.

It seemed that the system was really not deceive him. His luck was indeed increased.

“This newcomer, I’ll buy that seven colored glass in your hand for five hundred yuan. Will you sell it?”

“Don’t you cheat a newcomer in front of so many people!”

The people beside him quarreled because of such a sentence.

Chu Ci was actually remain unmoved. Even if someone gave him ten thousand yuan, he wouldn’t sell it. This was the key item for him to tempt the target to show himself.

[World] Chui Yan: Chu Ci, I will buy your seven colored glass for two thousand yuan. Go to the Bailu Building in Yangzhou City to find me. I will wait for you.

[World] Peaceful: Big shot, you want to monopolize ah! Monopolize!

[World] Little Pink: Take a photo with the big shot!

After saw the sentence of Chui Yan in the World Channel, Chu Ci secretly came out of the noisy crowd. He walked cheerfully to the carriage and said, “Send me to Yangzhou City!”


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