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Chapter 2: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.2)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci waited for a moment but didn’t see the other person shake his hands. When he still wondered if he had made the wrong way of greeting, the target spoke, “We...seem to be classmates?”

The beauty’s personality seemed to be very good!

Chu Ci’s favorable impression of the people in front of him was rising. At the same time, there was a feeling of flattery.

Facing the kindness of Xuan Lin, Chu Ci couldn’t make himself as stiff as the original owner. This was not his strong point.

“Young Master, you should enter the house first.” The housekeeper on the side can’t help reminded Xuan Lin because he was worried about his body.

“Okay.” Xuan Lin answered and then walked into the house supported by the housekeeper. His weak and unstable footsteps finally revealed his current physical condition.

Chu Ci quickly followed in. This kind of target made him completely unable to imagine how he supported the entire Xuan family.

Thinking of the next encounter with Xuan Lin, Chu Ci suddenly felt that he need to safeguard his desire from burst up.

He admited that he was a face dog, and always inexplicably has favorable impression for the good-looking people.

Since the target has one year of lifespan, Chu Ci decided to make him pass the year as comfortable as possible.

Thinking of his primordial spirit’s ability, Chu Ci immediately caught up and kept himself within two meters from the target, because only in this way would his primordial spirit’s force able to strengthen the target’s body.

After entered the living room, Xuan Lin took off his coat and handed it over to the housekeeper, then sat down on the sofa to take a bit rest.

He gently pulled his necktie, before raised his head slightly and looked at the classmate beside him: “You don’t have to be so formal, as we is going to live together in the future, you can a bit more casual. Actually, I’m also not that serious, only because my body is quite weak and tired easily, so I need someone to help me walk occasionally.”

The target’s voice was very pleasant to hear. After Chu Ci heard it, he felt elated in his heart, and also became less restrained.

This person was still try to be strong, he knew the clearest about the condition of his own body, Chu Ci can’t believe he can’t feel it.

He looked at the person on the sofa and seriously said: “Since I have become your personal doctor, you can leave these matter of the personal care to me. If you encounter special circumstances, I can also come in handy at any time.”

Chu Ci calculated in mind, as long as he stayed closely with the target, his primordial spirit would make the target less suffering from the pain of sickness, this was his special treatment for beauty.

Xuan Lin looked at An Hong in surprise, then said while smiled, “Did a private doctor also do the nurse work?”

Chu Ci grinned and witfully said: “This is a special service for classmate, remember to increase my salary.”

“Young Master, the dinner is almost ready. I will help you go up to change your clothes.”

The housekeeper informed while habitually walked to the sofa, he stretched out his to help Xuan Lin stand up.

When Chu Ci saw it, in order to express his determination, he immediately stepped up and held Xuan Lin’s other hand, and then said to the elderly housekeeper, “Just let me do this small matter.”

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci’s eyes, before turned his head to the housekeeper and said, “Housekeeper, just let him give a try for the time being.”

“Okay, Young Master.”

Seeing the target allowed him to approach, Chu Ci immediately eagerly helped him walk to the specially designed escalator in the mansion.

The target body was too weak to climb the stairs, therefore, the escalator was of course indispensable.

Chu Ci supported Xuan Lin while looked at the rising escalator under his feet, he sighed in his heart: “He finally got on this thing!”

Today was his first day as a human. In the past, although he could go everywhere without being restrained, but he could only stay in a place where there was soil. So he couldn’t get in to this kind of thing like elevator that only exist in cities.

Xuan family was a two-storey mansion, so the elevator reached the second floor after a while.

Chu Ci didn’t dare to slight Xuan Lin even a bit and supported him into the room. He walked Xuan Lin to the front of wardrobe and opened it’s door for him, before stood aside to wait for Xuan Lin changed his clothes and then going downstairs together.

To pay attention to this person’s private emotional issues, he has to find a way to become friend with him, and in order to become friend, he need to left the favorable impression.

Chu Ci felt that he has always been an easy-going person, and Xuan Lin was also very friendly, as long as he maked a little effort, for the two of them to become friend was an easy matter.

“Help me change into that clothes.” Xuan Lin who hadn’t moved since the wardrobe door opened, suddenly pointed his finger to the white home clothes in the wardrobe and ordered him with a natural tone.

In an instant, Chu Ci thought that the person in front of him was being switch, probably he didn’t understand him enough.

He also didn’t think a lot and immediately took out that clothes. He almost forgot that the target’s body was so weak that he need support to walk, and it was certainly difficult to change the clothes himself.

When Chu Ci turned back with his clothes, Xuan Lin had already taken the initiative to open his arms, just like those emperor in ancient times who waiting for the people to serve him.

Chu Ci can’t help felt thankful that he had sharing the memory of the original body, so that he quickly knew how to deal with the human clothes when he undressed the target.

At this moment, Xuan Lin’s eyes were indifferent as he looked at the person who concentrated unbutton his shirt. His thought was unknown, before it very quickly became gentle again.

Chu Ci looked at the chest that was gradually revealed in front of his eyes, and could not help feeling distress. After took off the clothes, he realized that the target was really thin, and every rib was clear. He quickly dressed the target and then went downstairs together.