Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 141.1 ♬

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Chapter 141: Master, Don’t Cultivate Immortals (9.2)


Translator: Mimi

Zi Yan frowned.

He clenched his hand and raised his feet to walk into the building.

The two young men who were greeting the guests at the entrance saw the immortal-like person walked over, and suddenly distracted even though they were experienced and knowledgeable.

But they quickly recovered and came forward to greet, “This gentleman, it’s the first time you’ve come, right? Is it for our Chu Ci?”

Zi Yan didn’t stop his footsteps because of their enthusiasm, he ignored them and directly entered the hall.

The young man saw that he was a guest who didn’t like being disturbed and went with him.

Zi Yan stood on the periphery of the crowd and looked at the stage surrounded by the yarn in the distance. The people inside was faintly discernible.

Chu Ci stood on the stage and looked around at the hazy people, saying slowly as the brothel keeper taught him, “I wonder if anyone wants to spend a good night with Chu Ci tonight?”

The guests off the stage immediately started to create a commotion after hearing the voice.

“Hurriedly let me see your little face!”

“Whether to spend or not, it has to depend on your skills.”

The brothel keeper at the side chuckled, “Since everyone is so enthusiastic, then you have to polish your eyes.”

Immediately after he finished speaking, he raised his hands and clapped. The applause hadn’t fallen yet, and the soft yarn hanging around the stage was slowly pulled open by the two people hiding behind.

Chu Ci spontaneously arranged his posture, the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of contemptuous smile, as his sight slowly swept the whole audience.

The brothel keeper saw that he was so conscious and couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear.

When Chu Ci swept his gaze to the white clothed man who was standing on the periphery, he couldn’t help pausing, and then the smile that originally didn’t enter his eyes slowly deepened.

This man saw that expression in his eyes, he couldn’t be more familiar.

The guests off the stage were silent for a second when they saw the new young man’s real appearance, and then gave a burst of exclamation.

Someone directly made the highest price, and then the other people refused to accept the defeat and bidding up.

The brothel keeper laughed happily, the powder on his face was shaken off. However, Chu Ci seemed to hear nothing, as he looked at the man in the distance.

He knew that this man would take him away, but he was curious about the way he would do it.

Under the public place with numerous people, what could be done besides bidding?

If he dared to bid, then he would sleep with this man tonight.

After Zi Yan saw the man on the stage, even if he didn’t look at the mark on his palm, he was sure that this man was the person he was looking for.

However, he looked at Chu Ci’s clothes and his seductive appearance, his eyes instantly cold.

At the same time, there was no gust of wind, and the candles and lanterns in the entire South Wind Building were extinguished in an instant, it was dark all around.

The guests who were actively bidding were taken aback, and the hall suddenly became quiet.

As soon as the light disappeared, Chu Ci couldn’t see that man. He stood in the dark for a moment, somewhat blankly shaking.

Suddenly, he felt a faint wind beside him and followed by the sound of footsteps. He felt someone coming to his side. At the same time, a quite nice robe was draped over his shoulders, and then a hand held his waist. Half of Chu Ci’s body sticked on a warm chest and his whole person was taken off the ground.

In this situation, even if he doesn’t guess, Chu Ci knew who was by his side.

Chu Ci felt that he was taken away from the South Wind Building. When he recovered his sight, he found himself in midair, with a brightly twinkling city under his feet.

He glanced sideways at the man who was holding him and calmly said, “Did you do it?”


Chu Ci pursed his lips and refrained from laughing, “The grand elder actually come to this kind of place to rob?”

Zi Yan was remain unmoved and said, “You wear too little.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and instantly understood what he meant. He muttered, “Petty.”

After Chu Ci was taken away from the South Wind Building, the candlelights that had been dark all lit up in an instant.

When everyone looked at the stage again, the beauty who had stood there before was gone, and a pile of silver banknotes scattered on the floor.


Zi Yan didn’t immediately bring Chu Ci back to the Clear Mountain. The two of them first stopped at the foot of the Clear Mountain.

“Kneel down.” Zi Yan put Chu Ci down and turned to face him seriously, “The Clear Mountain only allows the people of the Clear Mountain to enter, so you must accept me as your master.”

Chu Ci immediately knelt down. He had originally wanted to come to the Clear Mountain to be a disciple and then approached this man. Now that he was instantly success, he was happy.

After Zi Yan saw him kneeling down, he reached out to point between his eyebrows and said, “I now accept you as my only disciple, I hope you can cultivate well with me.”

The only disciple, it makes people happy to hear it.

Chu Ci immediately said obediently, “This disciple will sincerely follow the master’s instructions.”

“Get up.”

After accepting Chu Ci as the disciple, only then Zi Yan took Chu Ci to the Clear Mountain.

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