Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

29) Chapter 18.1 ♬

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Chapter 18: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.18)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was sitting at the side, and directly called the driver. From the corner of his eyes, he seemed to see the Little White-flower has been looking at him, but when he hung up the phone and turned his head, he found that the other party was looking at the quilt.

Is it an illusion?

Chu Ci lowered his head and looked at his bare chest, and found that there were a lot of red spots on it. He reached out his hand to scratch it, while mumbled to himself, “How come there are bugs in the best inn? It’s better to hurriedly return home!” Then he jumped off the bed.

He would immediately leave this quiet place. He has to pack his suitcase first.

The room was very quiet, so all of Chu Ci’s mumbles heard by the Little White-flower, made him looked at the other person inconceivably. Because of the memory sharing, he knew how the spots on this person’s body appeared, but he didn’t expect him to think it was a bug bite.

Chu Ci completely didn’t notice the gaze of the person behind him. He stood up straight and twisted his waist, then kicked his legs to make sure that his body that had been tossing around until exhaustion last night was fully repaired by his primordial spirit.

In a good mood, he turned his head to look at Xuan Lin and wanted to show off to him, but when he saw the Little White-flower wrapped himself in a quilt, only then he remembered that the two of them were not wearing any clothes.

In order to prevent embarrassment, Chu Ci pretended as if nothing had happened and said, “I’ll get you clothes!” After speaking, he didn’t wait for the Little White-flower to answer before rushed to Xuan Lin’s suitcase and rummaged through it.

The phone call obviously has been over, but why didn’t the Little Wild-flower come back?

Chu Ci took out the clothes that Xuan Lin often wore from the suitcase and threw it to the bed. Then he picked up his own bathrobe from the floor and wrapped it to his body, before walked towards the opposite room that belonged to him. His suitcase was left there.

After Chu Ci dressed neatly and dragged his suitcase back, he found that the Little White-flower was still sitting on the bed in the same way he left.

Chu Ci put his suitcase on the side and walked to the front of the bed. He looked at the t-shirt and pants that he get for Xuan Lin, it seemed to have no problem. He couldn’t help said strangely, “Why don’t you change your clothes?”

Didn’t he done it himself before? Could it be that he received too much heartache and forgot how to dress?

The last heartbreak directly led to a split personality, so it was not surprise if he has memory loss this time.

The Little White-flower’s already normal face was turned red again, as he whispered, “I don’t know where my underwear is...”

Chu Ci frozen for a while, and then remembered that Xuan Lin’s suitcase was packed by him, but he didn’t seem to remember where he put Xuan Lin’s underwear.

He quickly ran to Xuan Lin’s suitcase and rummaged through it, but he couldn’t find the underwear even after turned the suitcase all over.

It seemed that he really forgot to bring this thing for Xuan Lin.

A bright idea suddenly flashed in Chu Ci’s mind, he pretended to rummage the clothes to find it while secretly stretched out his hand into his suitcase, and soon a black underwear appeared in his hand. Then the underwear was thrown in front of the Little White-flower with a parabolic motion.

“It was hidden so well, no wonder you can’t find it.”

After finished speaking, Chu Ci calmly turned his back to the Little White-flower, waiting for him to change his clothes.

He has been play in that kind of place. It was impossible to wash clean the underwear, but it was the best if Xuan Lin’s doesn’t find out.

The blushing Xuan Lin reached out his hand to pick up the conspicuous black underwear on the quilt. After he put it on, the feeling of tightness that different from the usual, made him suddenly stunned, then his face became redder.


When he recall the Little White-flower’s voice, Chu Ci immediately turned his head to look at him, but somehow he felt that Xuan Lin’s face was getting redder.

Afterwards, the two people do their own thing until the driver arrived. During this period of time, the Little White-flower was in control of the body.

Because it was only take one personality to complete the mission, Chu Ci was also much less concern at the Little White-flower. After all, the Little White-flower only liked Yu Shuyao. He could only let him develop freely.

He currently just wanted to deceive the Little Wild-flower and then enjoy the life in passing. The mission was this difficult, he was not sure whether he could complete the next world.

It was quiet inside the car.

“Do you really like him?” The Little White-flower who had been silent for several hours, suddenly said.

Chu Ci originally felt sleepy by the car rocking. After heard Xuan Lin’s word, he immediately spirited and said without hesitation, “Yes.”

The Little White-flower was silent for a while before said, “But the person that you see at first sight seems to be me.”

Chu Ci looked at the Little White-flower with a strange expression on his face: this person should not able to guess that I was deceive the Little Wild-flower, right?

Then he denied it himself, the Little Wild-flower was believe him. At the Little White-flower’s doubt, he still pretended calm and said, “I really like him. I swear that I will love him until the end of life, never betray him forever.”

“Oh...” The Little White-flower responded, then he lowered his head somewhat lonely.

Chu Ci sighed secretly. The Little White-flower must be think of Yu Shuyao again.

Probably because he already knew the length of the trip, Chu Ci felt that the time of return to Xuan family was much faster than going to the village.

When the Xuan family gate could be seen, the sun was almost setting.

From afar, Chu Ci saw a woman dressed in a blue long skirt was standing outside the Xuan family gate.

He didn’t have to think about who it was, but Chu Ci didn’t expect that the Little White-flower to be so heartless and made her wait at the gate.

The gate was slowly opened, and the car stopped beside Yu Shuyao. While waiting for the gate to open, the Little White-flower speak to her after put down the car window.

“Come in, let’s talk inside.”

The Little White-flower’s tone was very calm.

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