Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

28) Chapter 39.3 ♬

Chapter 39 Part 3:

Chui Yan was online ahead of schedule for the first time since he playing the game today, because yesterday’s little disciple seemed a bit abnormal.

However, he just log in, when he saw yesterday’s dejected little disciple suddenly put on a wedding dress and lay down in the guild territory to sleep. It seemed that his mood had improved?

Thinking of every time he went online, he would see this person sleeping in the game, Chui Yan couldn’t help feel somewhat puzzled.

Does this person never go offline? Although the game party said that sleeping in the game could also restore the spirit, but it seemed a bit strange to would rather sleep in the guild territory instead of going offline to sleep on the bed every day.

Seeing his little disciple was okay, as usual, Chui Yan made a trip to the World.

[World] Chui Yan: I’m online. Those who want to get married can come to Bailu building.

[World] Drunk Moon: The big shot Chui Yan, someone want to seduce and cheat your little disciple into marriage yesterday. Fortunately, the Matchmaker is you, otherwise the little disciple would be abducted.

Chui Yan was stunned, he looked at his disciple who dressed in red clothes, before turned his eyes to the World channel again.

[World] Chui Yan: Got it!

[World] Drunk Moon: Tsk tsk tsk, these words ‘Got it’ are very meaningful. It’s not that I’m unethical. I advise everyone to not provoke the little disciple, the big shot really put his heart on it.

Chui Yan lowered his head and looked at Chu Ci who was still asleep. At this moment, there were people who came to Bailu building to get married. He could hear their conversation from the guild territory.

He stayed a bit longer until the sound from Bailu building became more and more various before walking into the teleportation circle.

Chu Ci was woken up by the noise above his head.

His drowsy eyes looked at the sky in a daze.

Chu Ci had a dream when he was sleeping. He dreamed that he had completed all the world’s missions. He ran to each world to dig out the little treasures that he buried, and lived the simple life happily.

Hearing the endless noise in his ears, Chu Ci seemed to remember something as he quickly looked at the game time. It was clearly 30 seconds before eight o’clock. How could this person already in the game to do Matchmaker? This seemed to be the first time Chui Yan was online in advance since he entered the guild.

Now that Chui Yan was online, he has to hurriedly settle this matter.

Chu Ci quickly got up from the ground and dragged his long skirt to walk toward the teleportation circle.

He soon appeared in Bailu building.

At this moment, a pair of lovers were about to get married.

The sudden appearance of Chu Ci made both players stunned.

Chu Ci smiled at them and squeezed to Chui Yan’s side.

Chui Yan had long discovered that he came out, and let him walked to his side without saying anything.

Chu Ci doesn’t care that Chui Yan didn’t look at him. He took the initiative to go to the front of Chui Yan and leaned his head to looked at Chui Yan’s honest and calm face, he said with beaming, “Let’s get married?” After speaking, he blinked his eyes.

Chui Yan paused his hands that engraved other people’s name in the token. He lifted his head and looked at his little disciple.

The person who being propose at was calm, but the onlookers were not calm.

[World] Digging: 666, Ou Emperor is propose marriage to the big shot Chui Yan. I’m the witness.

[World] Blizzard: (*@ο@*) I remember that I bet a mao.

[World] Fragrant Creek: I remember that I bet two mao.

At this time, the two main characters of the topic were not in the mood to look at the World. Chu Ci was waiting for Chui Yan’s answer. Chui Yan’s face that always tranquil revealed a little astonished.

The two people looked at each other quietly for a few seconds.

Chu Ci waited for a while to make his reason more attractive, and suddenly added, “I want to go to the Flower Ocean, but I must get married to get in.”

[World] Doll: I didn’t expect that Ou Emperor would be so provocative at the very young age.

[World] Digging: [Doll] I want to go to the Flower Ocean~

[World] Doll: [Digging] I will take you right away~

Chu Ci felt that the expression on his face went stiff. But while he smiled stiffly here, he was roaring in his heart: Why don’t you talk? Just agree if you agree, and don’t agree if you don’t agree. This is just a game, is it necessary to consider like a lifetime major event?

Seeing that Chui Yan kept silent, Chu Ci let out a sigh. He stood up and thinking to forget about it. This plan wouldn’t work.

I will just play the game relaxly.

When he was about to turn around to go back to the guild territory, Chui Yan moved his mouth, as if after careful consideration, he said solemnly, “Yes.”

[World] Doll: 666, the big shot Chui Yan can’t bear to see the little disciple disappointed appearance. Seeing that the little disciple is about to leave, he finally agree (Why do I have a kind of feeling that the big shot is take this proposal in the game seriously?)

Chui Yan suddenly agreed?

Chu Ci immediately looked back at the other party’s tranquil face. The word just a moment ago seemed to be just his own illusion.

He quickly said to make sure, “Really?”


The smile slowly formed on Chu Ci’s face. He seemed to remember something and quickly stood on Chui Yan’s side and said, “Then you have to settle these people first, I’m not in a hurry.”

“En.” Chui Yan agreed and turned his head to continue engraved the ring for the two waiting players.

Fortunately, it was just one pair.

The two people waiting on the side said happily, “It’s okay, we’re not in a hurry!”

However, the marriage announcement has quickly showed in the World.

As soon as the announcement of the two people showed in the World, Chui Yan began to rush the people to leave.

After saw the people left, Chu Ci didn’t waiting for Chui Yan to open his mouth, he directly took out the men’s wedding clothes in his bag and put it on the table in front of him, “Just change into this.”

Then he looked at Chui Yan and said doubtfully, “You are the Matchmaker and the groom in this marriage, is it all right?”

“No problem.”

Since it was no problem, Chu Ci promptly said, “Then you hurry up change into the wedding clothes. After get married, let’s go to the Flower Ocean together to gain insights.”

Chu Ci thought for a while and continued said, “No need to buy the ring anymore. I have two mandarin duck colored glass waist pendants here, it’s enough for me to get married twice.” Chu Ci quickly took out one of the items given by the game staff and put it on the table.

Chui Yan looked at Chu Ci in a trance, before changed into the wedding clothes.

But instead of taking the mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant from Chu Ci, he took out the one he made from his bag and placed it on the table, “Since the wedding clothes came from you, let me provide the token.”

Chu Ci thought for a while and felt it was also right, then he reached out his hand to take back his waist pendant.

Don’t forget, it was a lot of money if he sold it.

“Everything is ready, then let’s start!” Chu Ci looked at Chui Yan with excitement.

In his anticipation, Chui Yan picked up the waist pendant and engraved their names on its surface.

[System] Congratulations to the lovers [Chui Yan] and [Chu Ci] for become the marriage couple under the witness of Matchmaker. Wish this marriage couple to always stay together and their vow to exist forever!

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