Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

28) Chapter 17 ♬

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Chapter 17: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.17)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci thought that the next situation would be a good one, but his mind crashed instantly when he heard this sentence of Xuan Lin.

If you likes someone, how do you prove it with action?

He has indeed seen many couples who love each other, but both sides seemed to be well aware of their partner feeling. The only reliable way was to grow old together. But made him prove the thing in the future now, he didn’t have that ability ah!

Fearing that he would miss any useful way to proof it, Chu Ci quickly searched An Hong’s memory, but it was disappointing. Although An Hong looked pretty good, but he has a strange personality and also an old virgin. He didn’t have any love experience. His mind was full of the medical knowledge.

“System, are you still there? How to prove that you likes someone? Could it be that I have to take my heart out and show it to him? Wouldn’t it spill the beans?” Chu Ci had no choice but to ask help to the system.

“I know from the first glance that you are an old virgin, but don’t worry, there is me.” The system said with a bit teasing tone.

Chu Ci couldn’t help but retort, “Can this be blamed on me? Who would like a radish? I’m already thank God that I don’t be cook.”

“Ai!” The system sighed faintly and said, “Then you just do as I said.”

“Okay, hurry up, don’t hesitate any longer, otherwise he wouldn’t believe me.”

“This kind of thing is going to take time, only then there is interest!” The system said with the tone of an experienced person, “But now the time is indeed not bad, you first take the initiative to kiss him.”

“Kiss? Oh, okay!” Chu Ci immediately stretched out both of his hands and encircled Xuan Lin’s neck. With a pull, the two men became very close, without a bit gap left.

Anyway, we already kissed once, it’s okay to kiss again. Moreover, the target is so good-looking, kiss once I’m not lose anything, kiss twice I’m make a profit.

When Chu Ci’s suddenly took the initiative to kiss him, Xuan Lin was very restrain. He didn’t immediately suppress the other party and just let him nibble his lips. However, the smile at the corner of his mouth couldn’t be more obvious.

“En, not bad. You can take off the clothes now.” The system said with a slightly satisfied tone.

Chu Ci asked in confusion, “Can I prove my sincerity by take off the clothes?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just take it off. Don’t stop kissing while undress.” The system urged.

“Oh.” Chu Ci let go of Xuan Lin’s neck and touched his chest. As his two hands touched the slightly cool and soft skin, Chu Ci suddenly recalled the scene of the Little Wild-flower after he took a bath. Unlike the Little White-flower, this person doesn’t like to wear clothes.

“I’m talking about take off your own clothes!”

The system roared in his mind. At the same time, Chu Ci heard the sound of Xuan Lin chuckled in his ear.

“It turns out you are so anxious. I’m originally want to take it slowly. Since you invited me, I will do as you wish!”

After Chu Ci returned to his senses, he found that he no longer need to take off his clothes, as Xuan Lin already took it off for him.

He had just finished take a bath, and after two pulls, his bathrobe was come off.

Then, Xuan Lin who usually not very proactive, suddenly held the back of his head with one hand and gave him suffocating kiss.

At the time the radish was penetrated by a long stick, he made a horrible cry, while cursed the system in his mind, “You lie to me!”

“How can I lie to you, this most primitive movement is the way humans prove their love.” The system said as his voice getting farther and farther. He must be running away.

While he was moaning Chu Ci cursed the system 180 times in his mind. Chu Ci who used to think that his primordial spirit’s effect was very good, finally discovered the only downside of this thing: Xuan Lin’s physical was originally so-so, but he was as formidable as the warrior under such close contact. He has a kind of feeling almost dead but it was prevent by his own primordial spirit. This way, Chu Ci was continuously tossing around until midnight.

The next day. It was almost midday, but the two people in bed still didn’t moving. Then Chu Ci faintly heard his cellphone rang.

He usually turned off his cellphone before going to bed, but because of the special circumstances this time, he was forget.

Chu Ci’s cellphone rang a few more times, before he picked it up and turned off the sound. Normally no one would call him besides Xuan Lin. At this time, a strange number was displayed on his cellphone.

Chu Ci was fully awake now, and answered the phone smoothly.


“An Hong it’s me, Yu Shuyao.” The person at the other side of the phone said her name.

Chu Ci frowned and said, “What’s the matter?”

Yu Shuyao ordered, “Give the phone to Xuan Lin, I know he is with you.”

Chu Ci glanced at Xuan Lin who was just awake beside him and said, “You have his cellphone number, just call him yourself. I’m not in the same room with him.”

Yu Shuyao obviously didn’t expect that Chu Ci’s attitude towards her to be so difference, her expression became dull, she pursed up her lips and said, “He is still angry to me and certainly won’t answer my phone. I know you are with him. You help me tell him that he owes me a life.”

Without waiting for Chu Ci’s answer, Yu Shuyao directly hang up the phone.

As someone who has read the information, Chu Ci certainly knew what Yu Shuyao said. He lightly snorted and threw the phone to Xuan Lin’s chest, “Your Shuyao is looking for you!”

Xuan Lin raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s useless to find me, she maybe looking for my another personality.”

Just after his words fell, the person who had just smiled suddenly turned red from his face to ears.

Chu Ci stared blankly for a moment, it seemed that the Little White-flower was come out.

This person certainly saw the process of him and the Little Wild-flower lovemaking.

The Little White-flower blushed and said, “I’m here to answer Shuyao’s phone call.”

Chu Ci nodded without changed his expression. At the same time, he doesn’t forget to ask in concern to the other party.

“Are you feeling better now?”

“En.” The Little White-flower responded softly, as his face getting redder.

Chu Ci sighed in his heart on behalf of the Little White-flower. Is he going to blush for the day long?

The Little White-flower didn’t intend to avoid him when make a phone call. He directly picked up the cellphone in front of him and dialed the number. The other side quickly answered.

“I will go back immediately, you come to Xuan family at night.”

From beginning to end, the Little White-flower only said this sentence, before he hung up the phone. Then he looked up and said, “The vacation would be cancelled first, I will go back to Xuan family to deal with some private affairs.” The Little White-flower’s eyes kept evading left and right the whole time, don’t know where to put it.

Hearing the news that he could go back today, Chu Ci was cheering in his heart, he hated this quiet place. He pretended to calmly take the cellphone from the Little White-flower’s hand and said, “Okay, I’ll listen to you. I’m going to notify the driver to pick us up now.”

When his fingers touched the Little White-flower’s hand, the other party clearly shook.

Chu Ci felt bitter in his heart, it was obviously him who was stabbed.

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