Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

27) Chapter 16 ♬

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Chapter 16: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.16)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was angry, this was clearly added pressure on him! It already very difficult when a personality liked men, but the another personality liked Yu Shuyao, how to solve?

“The information you gave for the first time is too different from the actual information of the target! I request that this mission is not count!”

The system said helplessly, “The nine missions are related to each other, it’s out of the question to do one less.”

“Don’t bully radish like this. Speak the truth, are you playing me?”

“Absolutely not! This time is definitely just a mistake!” The system knew that this time was indeed their mistake, and couldn’t help persuade, “It’s just two months now, there is still a chance. If you complete this mission, I promise to fulfill one of your request.”

“Hehe, I’m afraid I don’t have that life!” Although he said this words, Chu Ci was still a rational person. It was useless to get angry, and could only let it pass. His life was still in the hands of this group of people, and the system actually didn’t have the obligate to listen to his complaints.

“I can only do my best.”

At this side, Chu Ci had just reached a deal with the system. On the other side, Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci who had been hiding in the quilt just like a turtle, he finally couldn’t help but sit directly on the bed and pulled open the quilt.

Chu Ci could sense the feeling of bed sank down beside him, and then the quilt was pulled away by an irresistible force.

In order to prevent the person on the bed from escaping, Xuan Lin put his hands on Chu Ci’s left and right sides. He said with evil smile, “How long do you want to hide in the quilt? Do you not afraid of suffocating?”

They were too close, Chu Ci’s nose could smell the shower gel on Xuan Lin’s body. The handsome face of Xuan Lin was in front of him, made Chu Ci stifled his breaths, and his heartbeat was accelerated. This was his first time kissed with someone. Moreover, Xuan Lin was so close to him. He felt like he was about to suffocate, and he desperately hoped that the light in the room would be dimmer, but it was impossible.

He had this feeling once a long time ago. He liked a very beautiful poor boy before. In order to see him, he expose himself, and then just like him, that poor boy also walked closer. At that time, he had this almost suffocating feeling, and let the poor boy took him and brought him back to add on dish. But then he ran away.

“You told me to go after someone I likes, and now I like you, what do you think I should do?” Xuan Lin could only took the initiative to strike first when he saw Chu Ci still unwilling to speak.

Chu Ci opened and closed his mouth, he didn’t know how to answer. He was just an innocent little radish, even if he peeked at the two humans ‘pa pa pa’ on the bathroom once, but he felt himself still pure and innocent.

Now the beauty who match his liking was confessed to him. Although his heartbeat sped up, but reason told him that he couldn’t agree, he was merely doing a mission now.

Chu Ci believe that he was a devoted person, his future partner must be someone who cultivate became demon like him, only then the two of them can be together forever. And this man in front of him was just a mortal with less than one year lifespan left.

“What are you hesitating about? Hurry up say you like him too!” The system urged in his mind.

Chu Ci didn’t expect that the system hasn’t left yet. He quickly refused, “I’m a devoted person. I can’t let down my future partner!”

“You are stupid!” The system said angrily, “Let you agree don’t made you really fall in love with him. How about just put on a play for ten months? Another personality has been hopeless, isn’t it your opportunity now? As long as you pretend to love him before he dies, this mission could be easily accomplished.”

“You are right!” Chu Ci suddenly realized, “I didn’t think of this!”

This method was indeed very good, this way he could held the variable firmly in his own hands, which he didn’t think of before.

Since he decided to take the role himself, of course he has to act a bit realistic.

“System, do you have a way to make me blush? I think that if I want to pretend, I have to be a bit realistic!”

“It’s easy!”

Just as the system’s voice fell, Chu Ci felt his face began to get slightly warm, and he was sure that he had started to blush. He pretended not dare to look at Xuan Lin, as his eyes dodged left and right, before looked at the ceiling. He said uncertainly, “You...is you speaks the true?”

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci’s reaction with full of interest, and said calmly, “Absolutely true.”

Chu Ci felt his face was getting hotter, and knew it was his opportunity, he pretended to summon his courage to look at Xuan Lin and said, “If you are serious, I’m also willing to accompany you for the rest of your life.”

Xuan Lin bent the corner of his mouth and ask to confirm, “Do you also like me?”

Chu Ci slightly nodded his head.

When he confessed, Xuan Lin didn’t think that he would immediately get Chu Ci’s response. At the moment, he was very satisfied, no matter whether it was true or false.

But he didn’t plan to let Chu Ci off like this. He smiled and said, “When did it start?”

Chu Ci pretended to be shy, he lowered his head and said softly, “When I meet you for the first time.”

As the two of them were speaking, the system kept encouraging Chu Ci in his mind, “Fighting! Because you have done a lot of ambiguous actions before, now he should believe you entirely! As long as you firmly grab him today, this mission could already be considered to be complete!”

“Ambiguous actions? When did I do ambiguous actions?”

“For example, you always want to sleep with him. When he let you sleep on the bed, you are very happy. You also directly use the tableware that he just used......”

“Don’t talk anymore, I will concentrate on him first.”

“Okay, okay, okay! Then I’ll watching.”

After said this sentence, Chu Ci’s mind finally quieted down.

However, these examples that the system pointed out were clearly very common. How can it became ambiguous actions? But Xuan Lin was right in front of him, he doesn’t have time to ask why, and he has no time to think about this question.

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci’s appearance and couldn’t help feel interest to flirt. He pretended to look doubtfully at Chu Ci and said, “Can you use action to proof it?”

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