Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

26) Chapter 76.2 ♬

Chapter 76 Part 2:

Chu Ci blinked his eyes doubtfully, “Lian Cen said it? Why this person become so considerate recently?” He quickly explained, “It’s nothing, I feel good after take a sleep, he is too exaggerated.”

However, Jiang Zhu completely didn’t listen to him. She directly reached out to grab Chu Ci’s hand, and then smelling a kind of fragrant, and finally let him go, “Are you going to be in rut?”

Chu Ci was shocked and hesitantly said, “Is this all visible?” Jiang Zhu was a doctor, he knew that he couldn’t hide it for too long but he didn’t expect to be exposed so soon.

Jiang Zhu remembered Sir Lian Cen instructed her that she couldn’t let Chu Ci know that they could detect the smell of the rut, and told a lie, “Doctors see this thing a lot.”

Chu Ci decadently said, “Can you not tell Lian Cen this matter?”

Jiang Zhu was sent to inquire about Chu Ci’s attitude. She took advantage of the situation and pretended to be curious, “Why?”

Chu Ci thought about it. Anyway, he couldn’t say that he didn’t want to do that with Lian Cen so as to avoid she would make a report the same as Lian Shan, and said, “I thought to give Lian Cen a surprise. I’ll tell him myself.”

Jiang Zhu said with satisfaction, “Okay, then you can say it yourself. If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

Chu Ci quickly opened the door for her with a smile and said, “Walk slowly.”

After Jiang Zhu left, Chu Ci sat down on the sofa in frustration. At a certain place, there was a reaction because of the friction of the clothes.

The system said, “What do you do if you don’t find Lian Cen?”

Chu Ci said while resolving himself, “Of course, I dealt with it myself! I can use my five fingers **? Anyway, this is beastmans’ territory, there is no omega. Moreover, I will feel uncomfortable. I won’t do something that let him down.”

After he resolving himself, he had began to feel uncomfortable at a certain place.

Chu Ci was shocked, “System, if I had to continuously doing this, wouldn’t I be peeling myself?”

The system said indifferently, “More or less so.”

God want me to die!

After Chu Ci released once, he lay down on the bed carefully, fearing that the disturbance would cause another special situation.

However, he still didn’t have breakfast, and no one sent it.

After lying for a while, his stomach cried out in protest.

Thinking of his physique, Chu Ci gritted his teeth and decided to endure.

However, the feeling of hunger was getting heavier and heavier, and his belly screamed like singing.

Chu Ci could only sit up from the bed. He picked up the tight underwear to wear, and then put on loose pants and clothes. He carefully walked to the living room.

He had to fill his stomach first. Anyway, everyone were not here at this time. Even if there were special circumstances, it wouldn’t be too embarrassing.

Fortunately, there was no one along the way.

He went to the dining room smoothly. Because he was careful, everything was still normal.

When Chu Ci pushed open the door of the dining room, he discovered that there was someone inside.

The opening of the door made the person who was eating raised his head.

Chu Ci didn’t expect that he would meet Lu Qing. The other party seemed to worry about something as he eating breakfast in a daze.

He originally thought Lian Cen was going out to deal with this person. At the moment, it didn’t seem to be.

Chu Ci paused at the door and decided not to go forward. Lu Qing was omega. He didn’t forget that he was slowly entering the estrus period. If he went too close to omega, it was very likely that there would be uncontrollable phenomena. If that was found by Lian Cen, it would be over. The most important thing was that he doesn’t allow yourself to do so.

Ai, better keep the distance honestly.

Lu Qing had something on his mind, he didn’t want to see this annoying Qin An. But when the other party directly turned around to leave, Lu Qing, who was already used to be the center of attention, was unhappy again, because it seemed like the other party dislike him.

He couldn’t help but ridicule, “Ran away when saw me, are you afraid I’ll eat you?”

Chu Ci thought that he could leave smoothly, he didn’t expect the other party to take the initiative to speak. He could only retract his footsteps of leaving and touched his nose. He turned his head and smiled, “This is not afraid, Qingqing darling is still angry.”

Lu Qing said, “Yes, I’m still angry. So, how are you going to apologize? Or die directly in front of me?”

Although it wasn’t Chu Ci’s doing, he could only carry this blame. He shamelessly said, “Don’t be so ruthless~ I actually love you. Even if I was hit by a car and at the the gates of hell, all I thought about was a memory related to you. At that time, I was thinking that if I were given a chance, I would treat you well.”

Lu Qing was completely unimpressed, he stood up and walked step by step in his direction. He said while walking, “I thought you have changed now, it seems that I think too much. You say these words to me, what did you think if it was heard by Lian Cen?”

Chu Ci was shocked.

Was this man want to play some dirty tricks?

He was still wondering, when Lu Qing took out his cellphone and pressed the play button, and then the repeated of what he had just said sounded.

Lu Qing said with a smile, “I recorded it. Judging from the possessiveness of the beastman race, what do you think will happen if Lian Cen knows about you fooling around like this?” After he finished the transaction with Lian Cen, he learned that this scum Qin An, who like to own multiple omegas at the same time, was unexpectedly being pressed down by the head of Lian family who everyone yearning for. He couldn’t help secretly feel pleasure in his heart. He remembered that this man was pure alpha, and he couldn’t stand anyone more powerful than him, let alone being possessed by another man.

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