Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

26) Chapter 58.2 ♬

Chapter 58 Part 2:

The servant room in the crown prince’s palace was much better than the place where he used to live. Without worries, Chu Ci directly went to sleep at the usual time.

In the middle of the night, Chu Ci was sleeping soundly, when he vaguely feeling that someone was shaking his body, and then he could only wake over.

He suddenly opened his eyes and found a man holding a lantern standing beside him. He wiped his eyes to see clearly the person who woke him up. It was the little eunuch who replaced him tonight.

Chu Ci immediately waved his hand and said, “I was just on duty yesterday. You should find someone else if you have some matter.”

“An Ning gonggong, it’s not me who have some matter. His Highness the crown prince looking for you.”

Chu Ci’s eyes that had just closed suddenly opened. He immediately sat up and looked at the outside, saying, “It’s so late, His Highness the crown prince hasn’t slept yet?” Then he got up and dressed.

Chu Ci followed the little eunuch to the door of the sleeping quarters. The candles inside were still lit.

The little eunuch stood at the door and said, “His Highness, An Ning gonggong is here.”

“Let him come in.”

Chu Ci glanced at the person next to him, and then pushed the door and puzzledly walked in. His head was still a little muddled after woke up in the middle of the night.

What’s up with this person? Are you pull someone out of bed in the deep night because you can’t sleep and want to chat?

In the sleeping quarters, Moqi Sui was drinking tea leisurely. When Chu Ci came in, he didn’t look up. He seemed to be thinking about something.

Chu Ci slowly walked in front of him and gave a salute. When he was about to ask what the matter, Moqi Sui spoke first.

“I tried to sleep while hold the quilt, but it’s still difficult to fall asleep. it was the same when I changed to the pillow. So it must be not these two things that I hold to sleep before, right?”

Chu Ci’s head was already vague, he tried hard to explain it but couldn’t think of any reason. The most important thing was that he hadn’t seen many things, so he doesn’t know what was similar in the palace.

Moqi Sui took another sip of tea. He didn’t get angry when he saw the person in front of him still not answered, and continued to ask, “Then tell me about how you eat and sleep with me in the Bie Courtyard?”

Chu Ci thought that this person had forgotten about this matter, he didn’t expect that he actually remembered it in the middle of the night.

Chu Ci was shocked and his confusing brain was instantly awake. His mind turned quickly, trying hard to think of something that could replace himself without being saw through by the person in front of him. Eating and sleeping together could have a lot of meaning, it was not necessarily together in a bed.

Anyway, he couldn’t die no matter what! The person hadn’t turned, it would be a loss if he died like this.

Chu Ci thought for a while and immediately explained, “His Highness, please forgive this servant. His Highness should have heard that your wisdom became a child during your illness. The Bie Courtyard is too remote. You are afraid of sleeping at night, so let this servant accompany you. Even if you are ill, you are still the master. At that time, when you want this servant to sleep with you, this servant can only do so.”

This blame is still your own!

After Moqi Sui listened to Chu Ci’s explanation, it completely cleared up his doubts. He slowly said, “So it is the same about eating?”

Chu Ci nodded firmly. He thought about it carefully and found that these seemed to be initiated by the fool. He was indeed innocent.

Once he was thinking this way, this thought gradually took root, and Chu Ci’s heart gradually became confident.

Moqi Sui suddenly sighed, “It turns out what Mother-empress said is true.”


Chu Ci unconsciously raised his head and stared at Moqi Sui. What this person just said seemed to tell him that the question the other party had just asked was just doubt.

He was actually set by this man!

Chu Ci suddenly had a new consciousness.

Although Moqi Sui looked gentle and harmless, but his way of dug pit for people was absolutely great. Moreover, after being pitted, the victim could only reflect on themselves why they were so stupid.

Moqi Sui didn’t feel anything about the behavior he just put on. He smiled harmlessly at Chu Ci and said, “I heard from Imperial Father that I also said that I want to marry you as an empress?”


Now that he has been so smoothly lying about the matter of eating and sleeping together, Chu Ci was not afraid of this one. After all, even the emperor felt that this was just innocuous words of a child for the person who was good to him. He took out the paper that he had been carrying from his bosom, and presented it up, “This is the pledge written by His Highness for this servant at that time. His Highness want to give the write to this servant, and this servant can only accept it.”

Chu Ci was talking nonsense in deadly earnest, and he kept telling himself that this was the case. He was now an innocent person with no intention. The empress could do it and so could he.

Moqi Sui opened the paper and looked at it. The writing was indeed his own. He slightly smiled and put the paper on the table at the side, and then raised his head and looked at the little eunuch who he always have inexplicably favorable impression, “Lift up your head and look at me.”

Chu Ci now had tears in his heart. He tried to keep himself calm and looking at Moqi Sui. Of course Moqi Sui also looked at him, as their eyes met in the air.

Now that Moqi Sui saw him flustered, Chu Ci unconsciously began to shift his eyes.

Moqi Sui didn’t blame him, he remained silent for a while before saying, “Do you like me?” Although it was a question, it had a certain momentum.

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