Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

26) Chapter 39.1 ♬

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Chapter 39: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.14)


Translator: Mimi

“Ah! It’s so empty!”

Chui Yan was offline, and his relationship with Bai Yimeng was hard to recover. Chu Ci had nothing to worry about, he could only relax himself and stared at the World.

People who just got married show their love in the World, and their friends also constantly send blessings.

Chu Ci sighed and unhurriedly sat up from the ground.

He suddenly found that he hadn’t played properly these days when he entered the game. He followed the target all day long and cared about his emotional life. When the target was offline, he would worrying about what to do tomorrow.

Now that things had developed to this point, it was possible that there was no next world. It would be better to cherish his remain time. Anyway, the system said that whether the mission success or not was only determined after the target died, so how long the target lived was how long he could live. He still has such a lifetime remained!

Chui Yan could live to old in this world, that mean he also earned decades of life.

Thinking of this, Chu Ci instantly cheered up again.

He was now in the holographic online game, and many games in the parallel worlds have not yet developed to this point, it was really a waste if he not properly have fun!

Chu Ci got up and looked down at the emerald green dress on his body. It was probably because his mentality had changed, he actually dislike this dress on his body.

Men should look like men!

He opened his bag and found the men’s clothing that had been left in the bag’s corner, and replaced his clothes with it.

Chu Ci stretched out his hands and feet, the whole person felt relaxed.

Sure enough, clothes that match your gender are more comfortable to wear.

After changed clothes, Chu Ci glanced at the remaining Invisible Pellets on the distant cabinet. After thinking, he still decided to not bring it. He has been low-key for a long time. The enmity that he drew before should be gone. Moreover, under the cover of his master, this big shot, there should be no problem. Besides, he was going out to properly make friends and have fun. The Invisible Pellet was not used at all.

Cherish life started with properly playing the game.

Chu Ci strutted out of Bailu building, just like a rebirth ceremony, he took a deep breath of air, before unhurriedly walked to the outside Yangzhou City.

He just walked to the gate of Yangzhou City and found a familiar figure.

Hehe, White Swordsman. Chu Ci remembered this person’s name.

This man tried to hook up the passing girls at the gate as always, but most people were too lazy to care of him.

Anyway, I’m also idle and boring. Chu Ci moved forward and patted him on the shoulder.

“Little Beauty~ How? Are you agree to my propose before?” White Swordsman responded with lecherous tone before turned around.

When he saw who was behind him, he was stunned. But this time he didn’t pull down his face. Instead, he fanned the fan and showed a side of his face to Chu Ci, before said, “Beauty Chu Ci, I heard that the big shot Chui Yan always go offline at 11 o’clock. Are you specially left to find me and reminisce?”

Chu Ci ignored White Swordsman’s words and said, “I know how to hit on girls, do you want me to teach you?”

White Swordsman closed his fan and looked at Chu Ci with doubt and disbelief, “Are you joking, flirt is my specialty. You think I still need someone to teach me this thing that I expert in.”

Chu Ci sized up the White Swordsman’s figure and said, “Really no need?”

White Swordsman shook his head and said confidently, “No need!”

“Okay!” Chu Ci shrugged. He wanted to find something to do, such as reminding the white clothed man that he need to adjust his face again. But the white clothed man doesn’t cooperate with him, he also couldn’t force others. After thinking, he said, “Do you know where the fun place in Dream Back?”

“Do you want to invite me to go on a scenic tour together?” White Swordsman smiled vulgarly and said, “Of course the fun place is the Flower Ocean. Not only because it’s new, the inside is definitely really fun!”

Chu Ci nodded his head and said, “Where is the Flower Ocean?” He stayed in Bailu building for a long time and was not very familiar with the map of Dream Back.

“The Flower Ocean is opened by Chui Yan, you actually don’t know where is it?” White Swordsman said in surprise.

Chu Ci helplessly spread his hands and said, “Well, I have been busy making wedding clothes to earn money recently.” And also to solve the emotional problems for the big shot, so I always haven’t time.

White Swordsman nodded understandingly, “From outside Butterfly Valley, go in to Peach Blossom Forest. As long as you go to Peach Blossom Forest and follow others, you can find it. You can also find it by yourself, just follow the direction of floating peach blossoms.”

Chu Ci said gratefully, “Thank you. I roughly know how to go.”

After finished speaking, he walked to the coachman’s direction.

“Ah, wait a minute!” White Swordsman immediately rushed in front of Chu Ci to block his way, and used his signature action.

“Do you forget that only married couples can enter the Flower Ocean? I see you and the big shot Chui Yan still haven’t marriage yet. Why don’t you get married with me and go there to experience it together?” White Swordsman spoke of his plan as he used the pose that himself thinking perfect.

Chu Ci said this because of White Swordsman’s enthusiasm and felt a little bit of this person’s inner beauty, but he didn’t expect it to collapse before it lasted for a minute.

Does this man haven’t even a bit self-knowledge?

“Vulgar White Swordsman, you indeed dare to tease anyone.” A clear voice suddenly came from the crowd.

Chu Ci looked behind White Swordsman. It was a man in purple-black clothes. He also held a fan, but this person was more attractive than White Swordsman.

When White Swordsman heard this voice, he immediately pointed his fan to other party and said in warning, “Remove the vulgar.”

The man completely unmoved and said, “I remember this little beauty is the little disciple that the big shot Chui Yan supported, Ou Emperor. Do you believe it? If someone records what you do now and the big shot see it, he would definitely hire a bunch of black clothed mans to kill you!”

White Swordsman actually unyielding and said carelessly, “It’s also nice to die under the peony flowers and become a ghost. Moreover, the big shot Chui Yan put a friendly appearance all year round, he certainly wouldn’t move a knife for a woman.”

The purple clothed man shook his fan and said, “That’s not necessarily. Love is not something a single man like you can understand!”

Being said to be support, Chu Ci didn’t want to swallow his voice, he also raised his head and said firmly, “You said something wrong. When it comes to support, I think that I’m the one who support him. If he want anything, I can dig it for him!”

At this side, White Swordsman seemed to have been poked in the sore spot by the purple clothed man, as his face flushed red.

Chu Ci had made a statement, he doesn’t care whether they heard it, as he took the opportunity to slip away to the coachman’s side.

“Go to the Peach Blossom Forest!”


He felt that most of White Swordsman’s words were to fool people. He has to go to the entrance of Flower Ocean to have a look. If those people that come out from the inside said the Flower Ocean was really fun, it was fine to get married. Since he intend to properly have fun in the game, he need to follow the procedures to experience it.

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