Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

25) Chapter 14 ♬

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Chapter 14: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.14)


Translator: Mimi

This sentence of Xuan Lin made Chu Ci felt content, and temporarily threw his thought about the car that Yu Shuyao left behind to the back of his mind. Anyway, he spent most of the time with Xuan Lin, this big shot. The car for him later was certainly new.

At the moment, he was looking forward to their vacation. He need to find a sweetheart for the target first.

Xuan Lin said that they didn’t take airplane ship or train to get there, and the two of them have been sitting in the car for more than three hours.

Chu Ci looked at the more and more narrow road, as well as overgrown sides, outside the window, and felt that something was wrong.

Shouldn’t they take a plane to go vacation to the foreign beach, but their current route was clearly going to the mountain. If they really went to the mountain, wouldn’t his plan be fruitless?

Chu Ci silently shook his head, it must be he thought too much, maybe on this mountain base was a well-known scenic resort by the sea.

However, these illusions were completely scattered when he saw the village that suddenly appeared in front of him.

At the end of the road was a mountain base. A layer of red wooden houses were built along the mountain. Their car drove to the foot of the mountain and then drove around the mountain small road to the top of the mountain. This place was the highest and and also the most quiet.

The atmosphere here was very good, but this place was not where Chu Ci wanted to come.

The car parked in front of the only house on the top of the mountain.

Xuan Lin got out of the car first, and Chu Ci could only follow.

“You go back first.”

After the driver got the order from Xuan Lin, he drove away.

Chu Ci reluctantly followed Xuan Lin to the house.

He looked at the antique and fine decorated house in front of him, and pinched his eyebrows.

The house on the top of the mountain was the loneliest in the whole mountain. There were no neighbors, so how can Xuan Lin knew new people? Could it be that he must drag him to go down every day?

As soon as Xuan Lin entered the door, the innkeeper right away greeted him warmly.

The innkeeper looked at the two people and smiled, “Boss Xuan came earlier this year than usually. I’m never see you looks a lot better for so long. Do you still books two rooms this year?”

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci behind him, and nodded his head, “Yes.”

Xuan Lin took his room card and walked to the direction of his room in a familiar way. Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin that disappeared at the corner, he secretly moved close to the innkeeper and whispered, “Is there anyone else in this building?”

The innkeeper smiled, “Rest assured, we only receive VIPs, so there are fewer people. In the last half month, there are only the two of you. No one would disturb your boss’ rest.”

Chu Ci’s cheeks streaming with tears in an instant. He precisely wanted someone to disturb Xuan Lin’s rest! If there were only the two of them, with whom Xuan Lin should fall in love?

“What are you doing there? Isn’t your suitcase heavy?”

When Xuan Lin who had walked in saw the person behind him didn’t catch up, he started to urge Chu Ci. Chu Ci quickly dragged his suitcase to the direction of Xuan Lin just walked up.

“How long are we going to stay here?”

“Why? We just arrive, and you already want to go back?”

“How is it possible, I’m still your secretary, I can’t leave my job.”

“I brought a computer, you can connect to the internet here, you don’t have to worry.”

Chu Ci placed Xuan Lin’s suitcase into his room with worry expression across his whole face, only then he went to his own room. Their rooms were faced each other.

Even the computer has been brought, it seems that it was impossible to go back in a short time. His mission has not yet reached the safe line, how could he spent this vacation with peace of mind?

He could only find the time to go down the mountain to look around.

When they arrived here, it was already dark. Moreover, after sat in the car for so long, he also felt somewhat tired, so he didn’t plan to go out to wander aimlessly. After dinner, they directly stayed in the house. He had to say that the scenery here was pretty good.

Chu Ci only went to his room to put his suitcase. Afterwards, he stayed in Xuan Lin’s room until the other party was going to sleep.

The Little White-flower never appeared for this whole day.

Chu Ci was angry and anxious. It would be nice if his primordial spirit could heal the heart wound.

At this moment, he desperately hoped that Xuan Lin’s body would recover quickly, and then let that woman deeply regret her decision.

In order to save time, Chu Ci wished he could turn into the dogskin plaster to stick on Xuan Lin’s body, so they don’t need to sleep in separate rooms.

Chu Ci finished his bath before Xuan Lin, then he directly held his pillow and sat on Xuan Lin’s bed.

After Xuan Lin came out of the bathroom, he saw a certain person who still refused to leave and said, “Are you going to sleep with me?”

Chu Ci nodded solemnly and said, “Yes. We are outside and you are a patient, I have to care about your physical condition all the time to be at ease.”

Xuan Lin said, “You know that my body is almost well.”

Chu Ci shook his head and said firmly, “It’s just almost well, not fully recovered. I still have to watch.”

Xuan Lin narrowed his eyes and slowly walked towards Chu Ci.

“Didn’t he tell you to be careful of me?”

Chu Ci thought that Xuan Lin was come over to drive himself out. He immediately lied down on the bed and pulled up the quilt to cover himself, then closed his eyes, to prove by action that he wouldn’t go. At the same time, he muttered, “Why should I be careful of you?”

Xuan Lin said very naturally, “Probably because I like men.” The tone of his speech was as if to say the weather was good today.

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