Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

25) Chapter 109.1 ♬

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Chapter 109: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.13)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked at Fu Zhi and found that he was already lowered his head to find the item. The issue that the two of them had just discussed seems to have passed this way.

He must be thinking too much.

Chu Ci shook his head to throw that strange feeling out of his mind, and just like Fu Zhi, he focused his attention on finding his own item.

There was no light in the forest at night, and it was almost impossible to see the appearance of the plants a little further away.

The two of them could only look for it at the nearby place with light, and there seems to be no sign of being trampled on here.

This place was certainly the area where only nobles came, and those people must be uninterested in these small things.

Chu Ci’s item was quite ordinary, he immediately found it in a flash.

He grabbed a handful and put it into his storage ring before walked to the side of Fu Zhi, while calling in his mind, “System, help me find something, I remember your eyes can see clearly.”

The Four Seasons Grass was not as common as the Three Lines Grass, so he wanted to help Fu Zhi found one as thanks for helping him constantly.

However, before the system replied to him, Fu Zhi took a grass and said, “I found it, let’s go back.”

Chu Ci wrinkled his face and directly said to the system in his mind, “No need, you are busy with your.”

However, I didn’t expect that this place conditions to be so good. Sure enough, poverty limited my imagination.

Chu Ci followed behind Fu Zhi, he always felt that it was difficult for him to repay him. Moreover, as he continued to interact with Fu Zhi, the more many the favor and he would owe more.

Chu Ci thought about it and only thinking of “devote his life to him” these words. But he was soon excluded it.

He couldn’t let a certain person down.

Chu Ci and Fu Zhi returned to the side of the hot spring pool, where Si Yuan was still soaking.

When Si Yuan saw the two people who ‘stuck together like glue’, he couldn’t help ridiculing, “It’s quite fast, why don’t you stay longer?”

Fu Zhi ignored his words and directly threw the item in his hand to his direction, saying, “It’s time to get up, we should go back!”

Si Yuan’s attitude changed into surprise and said, “Aren’t we stay for a night here?”

Fu Zhi said, “We don’t stay.”

Si Yuan obviously refused to leave, he leisurely leaned on the pool and said, “Don’t leave, anyway, Ye Xin has the teleportation spell, it will be the same to return tomorrow morning.”

Fu Zhi directly pulled up Chu Ci and walked out, “Waiting for you for ten minutes, if you don’t come out, you will go back alone tomorrow.”

Si Yuan stared blankly at that man who forget bros when in love, swearing while stood up from the water, at the same time, he carefully grasped his bath towel so that it wouldn’t fall again.

I thought that Fu Zhi came to enjoy, but I didn’t expect it really just to do the assignment. When was this person so meticulous?

Chu Ci and Fu Zhi waited outside for five minutes, before Si Yuan came out in bad mood. As soon as Si Yuan appeared, he gave Chu Ci a glare, as though blaming him for urging Fu Zhi to go back.

Chu Ci opened the space teleportation, and the three men soon returned to the gate of the academy.

The time was relatively late, but the gate was not at all deserted. Some people appeared at the gate of the academy one after another in various ways. Many people were a little familiar. Almost all of them were new students who going out to find the assignment items.

Because there were many people, the big iron gate was simply opened there, waiting for all the people to enter before closing, and then waiting for the next group.

Early the next morning. When the waking up bell rang, Chu Ci quickly got up from the bed.

He was quite interested in the magic world’s course.

From the corner of his eyes, Chu Ci saw the people on both sides were sitting up. He turned his head to Fu Zhi’s direction, and when the other party noticed that he was looking at him, he greeted him with a smile.

“Good morning!”

Yesterday’s events made his favorable impression for Fu Zhi rose to a new level.

Si Yuan originally thought that Ye Xin would greet everyone, he turned his head to satirize him, but he found that he was only talking to Fu Zhi.

Not wanting to admit that he was ignored, Si Yuan secretly gritted his teeth.

Very good, I’ll let you be proud for a while, anyway, you will soon be driven to the attic.

Three people with different minds went to the classroom with their first assignment items.

The mentor of their first course was the iron-faced female mentor who assigned them the assignments yesterday.

She stood on the podium with her usual flat face.

“Today is your first course, the assignment of this course is to make a potion using the item you got yesterday. The bookshelves around the classroom are all pharmaceutical-related books, which should be helpful to you. You can go to look for the method in the book. If you have any issue that can’t be solved, you can ask me.”

“Let’s begin.” With the mentor’s order, everyone immediately dispersed and went to the bookshelf to find the book they wanted.

Chu Ci remembered that when he was looking for the Three Lines Grass’s book, there was a method to make potion in the book, he went directly to the name of that book.

That book was not hard to find, Chu Ci just glanced at the bookshelf and saw it.

When he reached out to get the book, suddenly another hand appeared.

Chu Ci turned his head to see, the familiar face appeared in front of him again.

Si Yuan who didn’t speak still made him mistaken him for Yu Yuan for the split second.

“I saw it first.”

But that feeling was gone as soon as Si Yuan spoke, and it was accompanied by a double of dislike.

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